Gliding through Lapland’s winter forests, Greenland’s dramatic ice cap, or Canada’s open wilderness on a dog sled is an experience that will stay with you for a long time. Working in harmony with animals is a rare pleasure that until you experience it, is hard to describe.

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Dog-sledding in the Nordic countries

The relationship between dog and human

It’s hard to imagine life in the North without husky dogs. For centuries, they have helped to sustain lives in some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable lands. They are working dogs by nature. Despite this they are affectionate animals and thrive off positive relationships with humans. For this reason husky dogs have adapted well to working with not just one master, but many temporary ones, enabling guests from all corners of the globe to embrace their inner musher - for a day, or perhaps longer.

Dog sledding today

We work with husky farms across the Arctic region where we believe the dogs are cared for and guests can enjoy their company. Installing a sense of discipline among animals with wild instincts is not easy. But a good husky farm owner will know each and every personality among the dogs - their strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Every dog is named and has a place in the farm’s history and musher’s memory. Our husky sledding holidays give you a brief chance to experience the life of a husky musher.

What happens on a husky sledding tour?

The dogs will be excited to see new guests arrive at the farm knowing that their run is imminent. They will be harnessed in teams of 6 to 8 dogs per sled. There will be one leader dog - not always the biggest - but always the most intelligent. There will be some powerful dogs strategically harnessed and others with stamina that thrive on longer expeditions.

Then there’s the moment when you stand on the sled, the dogs are pulling at the ropes keen to get going and you wonder how you’ll control this crew. The moment of doubt soon disappears when the anchor is released and the dogs set off. And then silence except the thud of paws on snow and the quickness of breath as they work together to pull the sled. You’re in charge now. 

Our team has visited many of the husky farms across Scandinavia and Canada and can offer tailored advice based upon your adventure level. Some tours give you a short insight into life with huskies and you can ride as a passenger, while others will put you on the sled as driver. Often you’ll ride in pairs with the chance to switch drivers, but it’s also possible to ride a single sled on longer expeditions. For the ultimate insight into husky sledding, a multi-day trip is a chance to get to know your husky team in depth. You’ll stay in tents or basic wilderness cabins and your route will be determined by weather and snow conditions. Guest blogger Andrew shared his insights of an overnight husky expedition he did in Svalbard which you can read here.

What to expect

When can you go husky sledding?

Husky sledding needs good quality snow and minimal ice to be safe. Holidays in November and December at the start of the winter season can risk being too mild with unstable snow conditions which can result in cancelled trips. By January the snow has usually stabilised but temperatures can be at their lowest so some of the day trips can be colder. Evening dog-sledding adventures bring the chance to view the Northern Lights. By February there are more daylight hours meaning more opportunities to join longer expedition tours right until early May in some areas. Get in touch with our expert team who'll help you select the perfect tour for you.

Can children go husky sledding?

Children can go dog-sledding. We can recommend a range of family-friendly husky tours which last anything from half an hour to a full day. Babies and toddlers can travel as passengers, and kids can drive usually from the age of 8 depending on the terrain and dogs. Visiting a husky farm is a remarkable learning experience for children and inevitably they will love petting the adorable husky puppies.  

Embrace your inner musher with our husky sledding holidays in Norway, Finland, Greenland, Sweden and Canada.

Just before you get going

Overnight dog-sledding adventures

Master the ancient art of dog mushing as you and your pack of excitable huskies brave the elements on a multi-day dog sledding adventure. On this soft outdoor adventure you'll learn what it takes to look after your furry friends. Stay overnight in wilderness lodges or cosy lavvu tents and experience the Arctic lifestyle first-hand. 

  • Animal welfare always is a priority
  • Hand-picked suppliers and high-quality adventures
  • Comprehensive travel advice and packing tips during your trip

Engholm Northern Lights Lodge, Norway

4 nights

In the far north of Norway lies a warm and welcoming husky farm led by Sven and Christel Engholm. Driven by passion and professionalism, they are keen to teach dog mushing newbies about life as a dog musher. This trip sending you into wilderness of Northern Norway is an experience our previous clients keep as a warm memory. 

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Birk Husky, Norway

3 nights

Just a stone throw away from the Russian border, Trine lovingly looks after her own pack of huskies. Her expertise, hospitality and love for her pack of huskies makes this activity an experience that scores high on animal welfare and authenticity. At the farm you have the chance to join an overnight adventure or treat the dogs to a spa day. 



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Glamping dog sledding, Norway

3 nights

This dog-sledding adventure is designed to experience the very best of Northern Norway's wilderness. View the mountaineous region around Alta from your dog sled during the day, relax in cosy wilderness accommodation during the night. 


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Child-friendly dog-sledding adventures

Our travel experts at MNT have been travelling the Arctic regions with their own children and like to think of the dog-sledding experience as one of holiday highlights for the entire family. Not only is the journey through the frozen winter forests a magnificent adventure, being responsible for your own pack of huskies is a confidence-boosting learning curve, too. Be in touch for our individual recommendations for your family. 


  • Children can join as drivers or passengers
  • Half and full-day options are available
  • Small group tours only

Dog-sledding in Tromso, Norway

3 nights

Just outside of the Arctic city of Tromso city families can join full and half-day dog-sledding expeditions. This tip offers the comfort and ease of city life and the thrills of unspoilt wilderness no more than 20 minutes outside the city. Tromso can be reached via direct flight. 

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Camp Ripan, Sweden

3 nights

Just outside Kiruna, snow-craving children find an exciting outdoor playground and stress-plagued parents a relaxing spa. In the family-friendly cosy cabin a great number of snow activities including dog-sledding await. Pace through the wilderness on a half or full-day adventure. 

Image: Bjorn Wanhatalo


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Birk Husky, Norway

3 nights

Families who like to take a walk on the wild side will enjoy this trip taking them to the Arctic borderlands between Norway and Russia. Join a day tour or perhaps treat your pack of huskies to a spa day. 

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Picture credits: Lyngsfjord Adventure, Birk Husky Farm, Trasti Og Trine
If you are looking to try a variety of Arctic winter activities please be in touch and we'd be happy to help you add a half or full-day dog sledding adventure to your travel itinerary.

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