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Cycle touring in Scandinavia is one of the best ways to experience the region. At the end of days spent in the saddle, retracing your journey brings a sense of satisfaction as you replay the hills conquered, the landscapes you’ve passed and the empty roads ahead. Coupled with long hours of daylight, abundant wildlife and quiet roads, the bike certainly beckons. So whether you’re navigating picturesque coastal towns around Stockholm, dramatic fjord landscapes in the Lofoten Islands or the dreamy, wind-swept Faroe Islands, you’ll be sure to experience Scandinavia up close. Summer is the best time to cycle in the Nordic countries. Temperatures range between 12-20 degrees Centigrade and bikers who carefully layer their clothes will make the most of their experience.

What to expect from a cycling holiday

A note on the weather:

The mild summers in the Nordic countries and Canada are ideal for active outdoor adventures. There is plenty of daylight, which allows you to travel at your own pace. To make the most of your cycling tour preparation is key. Multiple layers, a waterproof jacket and a hat to fit under the helmet are essential travel companions even during the summer months. 


When to travel

Temperatures in the Lofoten Islands range between 12-20 degrees during the months of June and August. Though dry conditions can never be guaranteed, the month of May and June tend to see the least rainfall. Bikers who would also like to see the midnight sun should travel between June and July.

Temperatures on the Faroe Islands vary between 10-15 degrees and sometimes peak at 21 degrees between June and August. The best time for Faroese cycling adventures is June or July. 

Cycling in Sweden 

Sweden is fast becoming a cycling destination with its miles of empty roads and picturesque routes. Island hopping by bike is a relaxed way to enjoy Stockholm’s archipelago which comprises of more than 30,000 islands. 

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Cycling in the Lofoten 

A cycling holiday in the spectacular Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway promises dramatic backdrops and impressive coastal views. Despite its jagged peaks, cycle touring holidays are relatively relaxed and suitable for bikers of all skill levels. Pedal to deserted sandy beaches, drop in for lunch at one of the quaint fishing villages or simply marvel the coastline as you cycle by.

Photo: Baard Loeken
Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

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Cycling in the Faroe Islands

Our cycling holidays in the Faroe Islands are ideal for those seeking a more challenging ride. The island’s position in the North Atlantic brings with it contrasting weather conditions and rugged, often hilly terrain. Each day offers high quality riding, new sights, and undoubtedly, new weather conditions. But you’ll be among a small number of intrepid travellers taking on the dramatic scenery and rewarded with spectacular views that encompass waterfalls, green landscapes and abundant birdlife.

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Explore Scandinavia on a bike

The call of the open road is a strong in the remote regions of Scandinavia. Truly take in the view as you explore empty roads meandering along fjords, mossy forests and fells. The trips are best enjoyed during the summer months, but autumn trips are possible, too. 

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  • Luggage transfer included

Norwegian fjords by bike

4 nights

Tick off UNESCO world heritage sites as you pedal through Norway's stunning fjord region. Watch waterfalls of over 100 meters tumble in the salty fjord waters and navigate through valleys cutting deep into the mountains. This Norwegian classic requires a moderate level of fitness. 


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Oslo to Tromso by bike and boat

14 nights

Go on an epic bike and boat trip taking you from capital city of Oslo to the Arctic city of Tromso. Discover the best of Norway's pituresque cities and grand scenery on this active outdoor holiday. 

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Cycle around Stockholm

6 nights

This trip balances between adventure and cosiness, culture and nature. Depart from Stockholm to explore the many tiny islands surrounding the archipelago. 

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Explore the Nordics and Canada on a bike

It only takes two wheels and an adventurous spirit to reach the best hidden corners of the high North. Discover the destinations off the beaten track for an original outdoor adventure with a view. 

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Bike the Faroe Islands

7 nights

Fancy a holiday that comes with a dash of adventure? The dramatic, wind-swept Faroe Islands are not only a hidden gem in the North Atlantic, they also happen to be a cyclist's paradise. Discover the rugged steep coasts from the empty roads of this thinly settled island. 


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Cycle the Lofoten Islands

7 nights

What once was Viking territory is now a secret biking hotspot in the far north of Norway. Despite jagged peaks rising high from the sea, the terrain is undulating and ideal for bikers of all levels of fitness. 

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Explore the Yukon

3 nights

Venture out and about from your wilderness ranch nestled in the heart of the Yukon. Explore the tundra, rest at the shore of untouched lakes and simply get a feel for the vastness of the place as you pedal further away from the ranch. 

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We had a lovely break in beautiful surroundings. We were not regular cyclists but were fit, so the long rides were not a problem.

Frances, travelled to the Lofoten Islands with MNT

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