Luxury holidays

Luxury for our clients is often a remote setting, abundance of nature and comfortable lodging. Our up-scale holidays have this and more. Nordic design is known for its pared down, functional style. It’s all embracing ethic aims to comfort and inspire rather than impress and dazzle. That’s where so many high-end lodges across Scandinavia and Canada come into their own. Coupled with a warm welcome and access to nature, luxury is redefined.

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A foodie's retreat

Food plays a big part in the Nordic luxury experience. Experience the best of nature's delicacies in a warm atmosphere. 

Unwind with a view 

The Nordic spa experience is famous for being invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Perhaps give it a try in the spa facilities of your luxury retreat? 

Join a five star adventure

Both during summer and winter our selection of luxury lodges offers the best of outdoor activities. We are happy to advise you on the many options available throughout the year and make sure you return with the biggest of smiles. 

Explore Scandinavia in style

In our wilderness locations and especially in the Arctic region, five star hotels are scarce. Instead we have access to beautiful lodges, cabins and hotels in amazing places all with a five star service and welcoming hosts. 

  • Experience top-notch service
  • Expect gourmet food
  • Join the best activities and experiences

Adult-only in Finnish Lapland

3 nights

The adult-only lodge located at the shore of lake Inari offers access to adventurous and romantic wilderness experiences which are rounded off with the best of Lapland's food. 

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Exclusivity at Logger's Lodge

3 nights

Surrounded by a 5km belt of pure wilderness lies Logger's Lodge an exclusive hideaway for two. Expect top-notch service featuring a private chef, an attentive host and high-quality seasonal activities. 

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Javri Lodge Finnish Lapland

3 nights

In the high north of Finnish Lapland this luxury chalet-style lodge enchants its guests with premium accommodation, quality outdoor activities, fine wine and hearty food. The lodge comes with a traditional Finnish sauna and relaxation area, which guests will appreciate after venturing out in Lapland's deep snow. 


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Explore Canada in style

  • Explore Canada's best wilderness lodges
  • Enjoy the best of Canadian food
  • Unwind in outstanding spa facilties

Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

3 nights

At Fogo Island Inn luxury is a state of mind. It is about experiencing the best of Newfoundland's culture, food, activities and its stunning nature-inspired architecture. The architectural masterpiece  keeps the island community spirit at its heart and invites each guest to become part of its story.


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Bear Claw Lodge, British Columbia

4 nights

Wake up to the sound crystal-clear water rushing downriver. From the spacious room of your eco-lodge you overlook British Columbia's lush forests, there is no road in sight. The upscale wilderness lodge can only be reached by plane, truly transporting guests away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. 

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Skywatch Lodge and Spa, Northwest Territory

3 nights

Escape into a world of pure relaxation far off the beaten track. This luxury spa resort offers high-quality relaxation and stunning views of Canada's snowy backcountry. Lucky travellers will be able to spot the Aurora Borealis from their rooms or on guided expeditions. 

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