Spa and relaxation

Inspired by nature and uncomplicated by design, the Nordic countries see relaxation as an experience that simply goes hand in hand with the great outdoors. Whether it is soaking in the mineral rich waters of Iceland’s hidden lagoons, detoxing in a traditional Finnish sauna or joining a yoga session on a frozen river, nature always takes the center stage in the Nordic spa experience.

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Hidden lagoons

Feel the forces of nature work wonders on body and mind in one of Iceland's many naturally heated lagoons. The pools are infused with minerals from the volcanic soils. Both water temperature and minerals are a genuine treat to your skin. 

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The Finnish sauna

It's tradition!

The scent of birch, tar and eucalyptus begin to flare up your nostrils as the body begins to heat up to the mellow heat of the 70 degree room temperature. The session followed by an invigorating dip in a nearby lake rounds off the first cycle of the Nordic sauna experience. The spa routine is usually repeated 3-4 times.  Those who like to go big on tradition can gently whip themselves with a bundle of birch branches to boost the blood circulation. After this physical and mental detox it is time to cuddle up next to a fireplace. During summer this is when you can take in the view of the serene nature surrounding you. In winter sipping a mug of tea in front the fireplace lets you rid yourself from the last bit of stress.

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Yoga on ice

Unwind in Arctic silence

Deep in the winter forests of Swedish Lapland, yogis will find themselves perfecting the downward facing dog on a frozen riverbed. Reconnect with nature staying in traditional, heated lavvo tents. In the wilderness camp you can join personalised yoga and meditation sessions. All sessions can be tailored to individual needs and can be amended with other winter activities. 

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Our favourite Nordic spas

The Nordic spa experience is always one that is close to nature. It is about experiencing the elements in a natural setting. Our selection of spa resorts with a dedicated spa area is only the tip of the iceberg, many lodges and hotels feature a traditional sauna. 

  • Exclusive spa area
  • Nordic-style sauna
  • Additional spa treatments available

Beana Laponia

3 nights

Unwind in a luxurious adult-only lodge located in the heart of Finnish Lapland. The boutique lodge offers an exclusive outdoor hot tub, a traditional Finnish sauna and can be rounded off with a massage. Not a bad way to relax after an exciting day spent outside? 

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Camp Ripan

3 nights

Treat your body and soul to an Arctic spa experience that suits both families and travelling couples. Near the Swedish town of Kiruna a Nordic sauna, infinity pool and outdoor hot tub are a welcome stress detox. 

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Icelandic relaxation

3 nights

Iceland is the land of natural hot springs. The warm waters is infused with natural minerals and offers many delights to travellers who simply want to relax in a stunning scenery. 

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