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For many, the ingredients to an outdoor adventure are quite simple and usually involve a kayak or canoe. The Nordic countries and Canada are not short of adventurous shorelines for water lovers. Being sat just above the water surface kayakers and canoers can explore the craggy shores, hidden fjords and extensive lake networks. You explore wildlife above and under the water surface and venture into otherwise inaccessible areas.

Explore the hidden gems Mother Nature only reveals to inquisitive kayakers and canoers. 

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Travel tips

Experience the the midnight sun

Midsummer is the time to soak up the sun. In Scandinavia and Canada exploring in endless daylight is an experience that is even more worthwhile when spent on water. Short expeditions range from half day and day tours and are usually suitable for families. Paddle to Sweden’s rocky Weather islands or along waterfalls cascading into the fjords cutting deep into the Norwegian mountains. 


Explore the city

The coastal towns of Gothenburg, Alesund and Trondheim are an ideal setting for city explorers.Put an unconventional spin to your city tour and paddle through the waterways of these Swedish cities. Join a guided tour which are suited to all levels of skill and and can be combined with an escape into the nature surrounding the city.

Multi-day kayaking holidays

Steer the tip of your canoe or kayak towards territories reigned by nature. Paddle down the remote fjords of the Lofoten, relive the journey of the early gold miners in the Yukon or retrace the the trails of Norway’s Vikings. Multi-day adventures are ideal if you like to experience nature first-hand. The trips take kayakers and canoers of all skills levels to different camping spots each night. 

  • Suitable for all levels of skill
  • Tours can be combined with other activities
  • Small groups with experienced guides


6 nights

Paddle deep into the dramatic fjords of the the Lofoten Islands and camp overnight in remote fjords whilst you refine your kayaking skills. This trip is suited to beginners and intermediate kayakers, 

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Explore Sweden's coast on a kayak

3 nights

Dive into the blue and get to know the West Swedish coastline from the perspective of a kayak. Discover the picturesque fishing villages and let the experience come to a close with a little Fika (a coffee and a sweet pastry).


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6 nights

Enter the kingdom of the polar bear on this multi day kayaking expedition just 300km south of the North Pole. This wilderness experience starting at the last human frontier in the Arctic Sea offers great chances to come up close with its impressive wildlife. 

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Canada is the land of the kayaks and canoes. The country's mirror-like lakes, rapid waterways and rugged shorelines clearly call for waterbound expeditions. Regardless of where in Canada you go jumping on a kayak or canoe never is a bad idea. 

  • Guided and non-guided expeditions available
  • Authentic glamping and lodge stays
  • Experience the Canadian way of life

Glamping in Ontario

4 nights

Stay in the heart of Canadian wilderness to join a canoeing adventure exploring the ancient trading routes of the First Nations. Your cosy glamping spot nestled at the shore of Kenogamissi Lake rounds off this close to nature experience.


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3 nights

Set up by a Shuswap native, a Canadian first nation aboriginal, this lake lodge exudes a typical log cabin charme. Your trip to British Columbia is only complete with a paddle across the peaceful lake. 

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4 nights

From the shores of Miminiska lake in Ontario the call of the wild echoes from waters. Explore the untouched wilderness, which can only be reached via float plane. 

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All our tours are bespoke and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Be in touch to learn more.

Explore all our kayaking and canoeing holidays

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Without doubt, kayakers aren't the only ones who enjoy a good splash in the clear water. Local wildlife including orcas and seals tend to be curious about the brightly dressed groups of kayakers. Sometimes they even want to show off and gracefully swim, dive and splash in the water around you. These are the moments that will stay with you for a long time. 

  • Experience the polar night during winter expeditions
  • Paddle amongst orcas and seals
  • Join a guided tour in a small group

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