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The call of the cosy cabin is strong in the North. It’s no surprise that adventurers and homemakers have crafted their dwellings from wood. The cabin offers safety and warmth, a break from the outdoor elements, using nature to create an indoor retreat as pure as nature itself. A simple fireplace, a sauna or inspiring view create a calming and restful environment, whether in the depths of winter or during the endless days of the midnight sun.

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Family-friendly cabin holidays

Finding an uncomplicated family adventure is a challenge the MNT team has been taking on our own trips to the high north. One of the basic ingredients we find is a stay in a cosy log cabin. The cabin can be self-catering or part of a resort promises quality time and cosiness for children of all ages. 

  • Family-friendly hosts
  • Suitable to children of all ages
  • Can be tailored to your requirements

Cosy cabin, Norway

3 nights

Relax in a cosy seaside cabin near Tromso. Tucked away in a remote fjord lucky travellers might spot a few maritime visitors basking in the freezing cold water in front of the cabin. Activities at the lodge include whale watching, Northern Lights hunting, snowshoeing, snowmbiling and many more. 


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Kakslauttanen, Finland

3 nights

A log cabin holiday in the heart of Finnish Lapland is a winter classic that never fails to work its magic. Far off the beaten track, the Kakslauttanen resort offers a great number of outdoor activities ranging from reindeer sledding to snowmobiling. If lucky you might even come across Santa! 


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Brandon Lodge, Sweden

4 nights

Deep in Sweden's Boreal forest lies Brandon lodge, a family-friendly retreat with outdoor education at heart. Choose from a wide range of activities as you reconnect with nature. 

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Adult-only lodges

Nothing quite takes you away from the unpleasantries of daily life than an escape into the wondrous wilderness of the Arctic. Nestled deep in the woods or fjords romantic lodges welcome travellers in high need for a change of scenery. Inside the lodges warm hospitality, scrumptious local food are the perfect warm-up after an exciting day outside. 

  • Luxurious lodge accommodation
  • High-quality local food
  • Be as active or relaxed as you wish

Nangu, Finland

3 nights

At the shores of the vast expanses of frozen Lake Inari sits Nangu, a luxury retreat offering the best of Lapland's cuisine and outdoor activities. Truly unwind as you chase for the Aurora on the frozen surface of the lake. 


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Beana Laponia, Finland

3 nights

Beana Laponia loosely translating into 'the dogs of Lapland' is a luxurious lodge accommodation that comes with all the bells and whistles attached. Master the ancient art of dog-sledding, simply explore the unspoilt outdoors and eventually rest in the spa facilites inside the lodge.  


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Loggers Lodge, Sweden

3 nights

At Logger's Lodge luxury meets rustic log cabin charm. Swap the bedroom TV for a crackling fireplace, snuggling up under a warm woolen blanket. 

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A quintessentially Finnish experience

There’s something pleasing about seeing logs piled lengthways to form a simple, but strong and insulated wall both from the inside and out. In Finland timber is grown and sourced sustainably to create inviting log cabins hidden away in the forest. 

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A taste of life by the sea

Along the entire length of the Norwegian coast fisherman sought comfortable retreats after days at sea. Their cabins built at the water’s edge and often on stilts were painted red with fish blood. Today they are still painted in red, and many of these cabins have been lovingly restored and converted to accommodation for guests. The fishing villages of the Lofoten Islands are famed for their neat collections of Rorbu cabins many of which offer sea and mountain views.

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