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The Northern Lights are on top of many photographer’s bucket list. Truth be told, the lights often look even more stunning through the lens of a camera. On the photography tours, passionate, hand-picked guides will take small groups to the best places to shoot the Aurora.

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Northern Lights photography

To once caption the Aurora Borealis is probably the number one bucket list item that turns photographers into avid Aurora hunters. To offer the best chances of seeing and of course shooting the elusive light show, we recommend joining a tour starting from your wilderness accommodation. 

  • Join Northern Lights workshops
  • Join a photo tours
  • Travel to Northern Lights hotspots

Lake Menesjarvi, Finland

5 nights

After joining a photography workshop at the wilderness hotel, Aurora hunters venture out to the frozen lake Menesjarvi. Here photographers can position their tripod at their own time and wait for the lights to appear in the night sky. 

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Photography holiday Tromso, Norway

3 nights

Venture out into Tromso's stunning wilderness on various photography expeditions. The options range from a Northern Lights photography tour, a cruise or perhaps a snow-shoe walk, we are happy to tailor an itinerary based on your individual requirements.


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Lyngen Lodge, Norway

3 nights

Tucked away in the Lyngen Alps lies the Lyngen Lodge, a luxurious Norwegian mountain lodge. The lodge offering photography workshops lies in a good Northern Lights location and photographers can join a guided Northern Lights hunt. 

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Tips to photograph the Northern Lights

Before you go

1. You will need a sturdy tripod. A remote is also helpful, but you can set your camera on a timer if you don’t have a remote.

2. Practice with a long-exposure setting before going to the Arctic! When you arrive to snap the northern lights, try starting at an 8 second (3200 ISO) and adjust accordingly once you evaluate the shots. The best type of lens to have is something wide-angle up around 24mm. 

3. Dress warm! The weather will feel no pity on you while you witness what will be one of the most phenomenal experiences of your life! 

On the trip

4. The lights often appear as a white streak to the naked eye. Once you’re trained to notice what they are, you will recognize their presence easier.

5. Turn off your flash! You will not catch the northern lights with it and you will likely irritate those around you.

6. If you want to photograph yourself in the pictures, you will likely need a light source to light your body up for the photo. If you are hunting with a guide,they will do this for you, most likely!


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