The Magnetic North is the destination of changing seasons, fresh air and captivating stories. Magnetic North specialises in holidays to the region of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries - Norway (including Svalbard), Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Canada, Russia, Faroe Islands and Iceland. Join us on a tailor-made holiday, group tour, honeymoon, vacation or family holiday. 



The country that welcomes all ages, Finland is the soft adventure capital of the Nordic countries. With its gentle fells and inviting lakes, Finland is the perfect destination for mild adventurers. Don't forget to explore Finland's design scene and hunt the Aurora Borealis high above the Arctic Circle.

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Sami country

Although fewer in numbers than in Sweden and Norway, the Sami people of Northern Finland have created a distinct culture of reindeer husbandry and handicrafts. Visit the village of Inari where you'll find Sami craftspeople and the Siida museum - an excellent insight into the nature and people of the Arctic.

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Arctic Finland

During deepest winter, the snow hangs heavy on the trees of Arctic Finland creating white figures in the sparkling landscapes. Adventures await - whether dog-sledding, snow mobiling or hunting the magical Northern Lights. And in summer the wildlife lives in abundance.

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Lapland (Santa)

If your children still believe in Father Christmas, and you're not keen to join a charter holiday, then we may have the answer for you. We'll get the balance right - cosy cabin accommodation, soft adventures for your kids and a meeting with Santa that they'll remember forever. All this and no crowds or conveyor belt excursions.

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There's a vast area north of Helsinki which hides some of the country's richest wildlife populations including the bear. Here you'll experience lakes and forests and, of course, the traditional Finnish sauna.

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With influences from the East and West, Finland's capital city has plenty to occupy you during a short break or stopover. Experience Helsinki's design legacy and excellent shopping opportunities along with its more traditional monuments and the unique Suomenlinna sea fortress.

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Aland archipelago

Stay in a log cabin on one of Aland's 26,000 islands and enjoy a holiday during the white nights of summer. Feel energised by the long days and take to a bike, kayak or enjoy a leisurely walk.

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Visit once and you'll be hooked. The fjords, the mountains and the long coastline undergo changing seasons and changing skies - from the midnight sun to the Northern Lights. Immerse yourself in Norway's powerful nature and discover a holiday destination like no other.

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Feel the nearness of the Polar North on the remote island of Spitsbergen. Also known as Svalbard, this destination has everything to offer adventurers. The summer brings the midnight sun and the opportunity to explore by boat, on foot and by kayak, while the winter is a magical time of the Northern Lights, 24 hour darkness and the opportunity to join a dog-sledding or snow mobile expedition.

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Imagine hiking on azure blue ice one day and cycling past six tumbling waterfalls the next. With two national parks to its name, there is no shortage of adventures on offer in the Hardanger region of Norway. Enjoy a tailor-made self-drive holiday exploring the fjord and mountains of the Hardanger.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Norway's most spectacular sights, the Geirangerfjord is flanked either side by sheer-drop mountains which somehow are home to the most precarious of mountain farms. Although visited by large numbers each year, the Geirangerfjord region hides some quiet and remote accommodation gems for those looking for a memorable self-drive holiday.

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The Sognefjord and its offshoot the Næroyfjord offer miles of spectacular scenery whether you're travelling on the water by boat or driving along the fjord roads by car. Accessible by train from Bergen and Oslo, the Sognefjord offers a year-round destination for travellers.

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Oslo city break

Facing competition from its Nordic neighbours, the city of Oslo has stepped up to the challenge of attracting discerning travellers. With high quality cultural attractions, galleries, hotels and restaurants, Oslo is perfect for a city break or a pre-Arctic stopover.

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Arctic Norway

Where the country narrows to just a handful of kilometres Arctic Norway begins. In this vast area visitors are rewarded with endless coastal landscapes, high mountains and the elusive Aurora Borealis. Stay in one of the ice hotels and enjoy some of the best dog-sledding adventures on earth.

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Sami country

Experience the Sami heritage in Northern Norway where modern life and traditions live side by side. Visit Karasjok, the Sami capital and experience the life of the reindeer herder living on the Finnmark mountain plateau.

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Lofoten and Vesteralan Islands

It's easy to mistake the clear blue waters and the white sandy beaches of the Lofoten and Vesteralan Islands for warmer climes. But make no mistake: this picturesque, light-infused archipelago provides endless inspiration for artists, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

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Enjoy the cultural buzz of Sweden with its perfect balance of city life and outdoor life. Whilst the two can be inseparable, Sweden has vast expanses of wilderness to explore as you venture further north. Whether its the islands of the archipelagos or the mountains of the Arctic North, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your perfect holiday in Sweden.

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Sami country

There are approximately 20,000 Sami people living in Northern Sweden. Here you can experience a snapshot into their lives living with reindeer herds and try some of the local delicacies. Stay at the ICEHOTEL in Kiruna and spend a day with a local Sami family.

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Arctic Sweden

Travel to the high latitudes in Arctic Sweden and you can combine downhill skiing with viewing the Northern Lights. You can also go swimming or hiking under the midnight sun. Sweden is known for its innovation. They came up with the idea of the ICEHOTEL where you can enjoy a short break during winter as well as a stay at the unique Treehotel.

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Glittering lakes and red cottages characterize the popular summer destination of Dalarna in southern Sweden. Family-friendly and easy-going, Dalarna is the place for a lazy summer break. Enjoy gentle hikes, bikes and kayaks during your stay.

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Gothenburg city

Giving Stockholm a run for its money, Gothenburg has its fair share of fine dining restaurants, excellent cultural events and access to an archipelago of adventures. Don't miss the giant cinnamon buns and the buzzing fish market for a taste of the local seafood.


Stockholm city

Everyone has a favourite bit of Stockholm. Whether it's the independent bars and shops of Sodermalm, the ornateness of the Old Town, or wandering in the footsteps of Stieg Larsson's characters, Stockholm is sure to please. Visit in the Summer and join the hazy days of midsummer or combine your Arctic winter holiday with a stopover in the city.

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Stockholm archipelago

Extend your holiday in the city and jump on a ferry to one of the islands of the Stockholm archipelago. Book your own private island or stay in one of the classic hotels whilst enjoying excellent restaurants, seafood and outdoor adventures.

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West Coast

Head west to Sweden's picturesque coast. Enjoy island hopping by sea-kayak and climbing over granite rocks where red cottages perch. See pretty fishing villages and try the local seafood or better still, join a lobster safari.

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On the Arctic fringe, Iceland is a country that frequently witnesses the drama of nature. Its volcanoes, glaciers and geothermal sites offer something for the senses that you'll only find in a country that is home to landscapes in continual transit. Our holidays in Iceland include group tours, self-drive adventures and city breaks.

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Reykjavik city

A visit to Iceland isn't somehow complete without a stay in its capital city even just to say ‘Hæ' and to enjoy a tipple in town. The life-affirming warmness of the locals coupled with their ability to surprise makes Reykjavik a city to return to time and time again. Holidays in Reykjavik can be combined with an escorted tour, self-drive itinerary or a stay in one of Iceland's countryside locations.

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Feel the power of Iceland's nature and see its volcanoes up close if you can. Visit the Eyjafjallajökull centre and learn about the eruption that brought the world to a grinding halt. Drive a snow mobile on one of Iceland's glaciers or take a helicopter ride above a volcano for a bird's eye view.

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Bask in geothermal waters that have the power to revitalise and re-energise. Visit the famous Blue Lagoon during your holiday or travel to the North of Iceland to the less-frequented but equally soothing Myvatn Baths.

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Leaving southern Canada and heading north into Arctic Canada is a prospect that fills many with excitement. Superlative wilderness coupled with Arctic adventures and remote lodges makes Canada a perfect winter holiday destination to compliment our range of Nordic destinations.

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Faroe Islands

Be original - travel to the Faroe Islands, a tiny collection of rocky islands amid the vast Atlantic ocean. Windswept, rugged and wild but with a warm welcome from the local people, the Faroe Islands are the destination of choice to discover a true sense of remoteness, excellent hiking and self-drive tours to remember.

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See Greenland for yourself and you'll have nowhere to compare it to. Where else can you view a constantly shifting glacial landscape amid towns that are pushed to the extremes of a vast landmass linked only by ship or air. Our holidays to Greenland ensure that you'll uncover the true Greenland and its people.

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