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15 October 2018
Author: Vanessa
Location: Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are often overlooked as a Europe destination. Not only does the small island group weather the salty moods of the North Atlantic; it also competes with its two bigger siblings, Iceland and Norway. In the past, it's been mostly photographers and birdwatchers who appreciated the uniqueness of the ‘green desert’. Things are now changing. In the last couple of years, the charm of these 18 island gems managed to appeal to a wider audience including foodies, adventure seekers, and active travellers. The islands remain an unlikely destination but that’s part of their increasingly wide appeal. 

Here are five unlikely activities travellers can join when exploring Europe’s best-kept secret 

Experience Michelin-star cuisine 

In 2017, KOKS earned the islands’ first Michelin star, putting the destination on the culinary map for the first time. The restaurant, lead by head chef  Poul Andrias Ziska, specialises in preparing ingredients home and often unique to the Faroes. The small team of avant-garde chefs, crafts a 17-course menu meshing traditional methods with unusual ingredients. Guided by the Faroese seasons and inspired by the simplicity of life on the Nordic island, guests can expect an unforgettable Nordic dining experience. Any self-confessed foodie should add KOKS to their travel menu, you’re in for a wildly cultured dining experience!  Combine a visit with a short weekend tour

Adventure seekers 

If you’d rather explore Faroese landscapes on your two feet you may still be in for a treat from KOKS. This year the award-winning team fed some of their Michelin-star snacks to hungry ultra-runners competing in the islands first mountain-based trail running festival. These runners were the first to experience the delights of Michelin-star cuisine during an ultra race. A rare treat, inspired by the islands’ open-hearted community spirit. 

If even the prospect of Michelin-star cuisine won’t convince you to battle some of the lung-busting heights of the Faroe Islands-fair enough-you may opt for coasteering or Rib-boat safaris as a more beginner-friendly adventure. Contact us for a tailor-made adventure holiday. 

Active travellers  

The Faroe Islands are sometimes described as a volcanic plateau emerging from the deep sea. Well, they’re a hilly plateau featuring a mix of rolling pastures, steep hills and speedy descends, in other words: cyclists who are keen on a challenge will get a run for their money. During the summer months, the wind-swept islands treat cyclists to rewarding views and the occasional rain shower. If you’d like to take your cycling holiday to the next level, we recommend giving these islands a try. 

Nature explorers 

As a rule of thumb, when the number of sheep outnumbers the human population you may expect amazing scenery and in this case, some stunning ocean views. Add some empty roads, amazing steep cliffs, caves and rugged beaches and you’re in for an amazing self-drive adventure. During summer you may look out for migratory birds, in winter and autumn the Aurora Borealis might make an appearance in the dark skies above. If time is limited we recommend this short break. If you can spare a week or more try this sample itinerary. 

City breaks 

From afar, Torshavn looks like it’s been built from yellow, green and red lego bricks-a quaint collection of houses dropped on a peaceful coastal inlet. Life in the world’s smallest capital is blissfully simple with plenty of green space, harbour views and a nearly infinite supply of fresh fish. The maritime city is a great base camp for day trips to the more far-flung corners of the untamed island. Join this guided tour and start exploring. 

Header: Megan Starr, Photo 1: Megan Starr, Photo 2, 3: KOKS Photo 4: Utiliv Adventure Festival Photo 6: Megan Starr

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