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There is an ineffable magic in seeing the Aurora Borealis swirl in emerald greens, ephemeral purples and fiery reds in the sky above. We're yet to find the best words to describe this inexplicably wondrous experience. Until then, our team of experts will be at hand to help Aurora Chasers from all corners of the globe find and (re)capture their own sense of wonder.

Expertise that inspires

As specialists in the Nordic Countries and Canada we'll help you tailor an unforgettable trip based on your interests, preferences and budget requirements. Travel smoothly with our client-only travel app, 24/7 concierge line and a decade of experience in your corner.

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The Magnetic North Difference

We're passionate about travelling to the Nordic countries in search of the magical Aurora Borealis. We've covered all of the Nordic destinations during our many adventures and are constantly discovering new and amazing experiences to share with our clients. Your journey begins with speaking to a member of our expert team. We're here to listen to your brief and understand what makes a perfect vacation for you. We'll hand-pick experiences and stays to suit your preferences and travel style and design a tailor-made itinerary to inspire you. Ahead of your trip, you'll have access to a personalised travel app, which will contain your travel documents, itinerary, useful information and access to our local guides - available wherever you are 24/7. We're here to help if things don't go to plan or if you have any last minute questions. And we'll give you the very best chance of viewing the Northern Lights during your trip, matching you to the most successful guides and the best experiences.

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Northern Lights Experiences

To give Aurora Searchers the best possible chance of seeing the Northern Lights, we're selecting our cabins based on a remote location within the Aurora Belt, a lack of light pollution and the option to join a guided tour. 

Here's a hand-picked selection of our favourite lodge stays. 

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Aurora on Ice at Lake Inari

3 nights | From £1390 | 1790 USD

Tucked away between Narnia-like winter forests and Lapland’s largest frozen lake lies stunning Inari Wilderness Hotel. Located in Sami heartland guests will be able to delve into Lapland's culture and immerse in Lapland's untouched, and untamed wilderness. 

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Nellim Nights

4 nights | From £1,495 | 1931 USD

Arctic outdoor adventures and cosy log cabin vibes meet at wilderness resort Nellim. Combine an adrenaline-peppered a la carte adventure menu and cabins ranging from Aurora Bubbles to snow-topped log cabins to make the most of your journey to Finnish Lapland. 

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Tromso Fjord Cabin

3 nights | From £635 | 820 USD

Far from light pollution but in close proximity to Arctic adventure hub Tromso a set of colourful, self-catering timber cabins overlook the water's edge. Surrounded by nature's drama and cabin calm, guests can choose from a wide range winter activities including the chase for the celestial Aurora Borealis.

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Romantic Northern Lights

If romance is high on the agenda we recommend combining your epic adventure with a stay at an ice hotel an adult-only lodge in Finnish Lapland or an unforgettable dog-sledding adventure

The itineraries below provide a flavour of what your journey could look like. 

  • We can help with proposals, ice weddings and honeymoons
  • We'll keep it a surprise!
  • Trips can be tailored to your budget

Arctic Bath and Treehotel

4 nights | From £2765 | 3575 USD

Ideal for special occasions, the floating Arctic Bath and iconic Treehotel embrace stylish relaxation in Swedish Lapland's wilderness. Embrace in Arctic silence on a yoga session and enjoy nature-inspired treatments at the one-of-a-kind nest-like spa bath. 

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Muotka Winter Adventure Week

6 nights | From £1910 | 2465 USD

Get a flavour of life above the Arctic Circle on this winter adventure week at magical Muotka. Staying in a stunning Riverside log cabin, fell views and a cosy log cabin atmosphere round off this spectacular stay. 

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Treehotel and ICE Hotel

5 nights | From £1280 | 1645 USD

The Treehotel and ICE Hotel combine the best of both worlds when it comes to quirky, irresistibly romantic places to stay in Sweden.

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Our approach to Northern Lights trips

We create Aurora experiences based on your preferences

As destination specialists we know that seeing the colourful ribbons of the Aurora Borealis dance in the night sky is a soul-stirring experience, and we're here to maximise your time in the Aurora Belt based on your personal preferences. Whether it is stunning Aurora accommodation in Finnish Lapland, the prospect of a hot tub with a view, unforgettable Aurora experiences or a stunning backdrop that feature in your daydreams, our team of travel experts will help you turn your travel dreams into a personalised experience. 



Spectacular locations

To see the Aurora Borealis against the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands, 300km south of the North Pole, Iceland's volcanic coastline or Finnish Lapland's rolling fells is an experience that will stay with you for a long time. Perhaps you fancy looking for whales during the day and the Aurora at night?

With a wide range of sceneries and unique wildlife experiences to choose from we're here to help you find the best location across Scandinavia, Iceland and Canada. 

  • Personalise your Arctic adventure
  • Combine regions and countries
  • Follow Arctic wildlife

Lofoten Lights

3 nights | From £475 | 615 USD

Tucked away in a refurbished fisherman's cabin the view outside the wood-framed window could hardly be more dramatic. Mountainous islands rise sharply from the sea and there is a good chance that the sky above is ablaze with colour. 

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3 nights | From £949 | 1225 USD

Svalbard is one of the few places on the planet where travellers can see the Aurora during the day and also in the south. For a truly unique Northern Lights chase you travel to the last human frontier of the North Pole, here warm hospitality and unique landscapes await. 

See all Svalbard trips

Lake Inari Sleeps

3 nights | From £1,260 | 1625 USD

Stay in a one-of-a-kind glass igloo hidden away on the frozen top of Lapland's largest lake. The cosy cabin offers stunning view of the nightskies above and come with a kitchenette, small bathroom and access to a sauna on the shore. 

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Northern Lights stays in Finnish Lapland

Inspired by George Clarke's architecture and design show 'Amazing Spaces'? Here's where he went on the Northern Lights edition of the show.

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Chase the Aurora from your bed

Combine luxurious design with wonder and catch a hyggelig night's sleep in breathtaking glass accommodation. Surrounded by soothing views and dark skies above, a night in a glass igloo is a unique way to embrace Nordic nature in style. 

Discover our favourite glass igloos in the Nordics and beyond or perhaps you fancy a Northern Lights hot tub holiday

Our team of experts has tested many of the hotels first-hand and will be able to help you decide on the most suitable option based on your budget and preferences. 

  • Combine wow-factor stays
  • Upgrade options available
  • Ask us about hot tubs

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos


Travel to the birthplace of the glass igloo in Kakslauttanen, Finnish Lapland. The resort offers a wide range of igloos to choose from; a cabin igloo hybrid, a standard igloo or a Queen Suite with an outdoor jacuzzi. 

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Levi Glass Igloos


Nestled on top a felltop 360-degree views from the luxurious boutique igloos invite to snuggle up and immerse in the far-reaching views of Lapland's Boreal forest. 

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Northern Lights Ranch


Tucked away in Finland's forest, seclusion meets panoramic skyviews. The panoramic cabins celebrate a combination of log cabin cosiness and innovative design-making the cabins a perfect hideaway for special occasions. 

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Adventurous Northern Lights Holidays

Ambitious Northern Lights hunters might like to boost their chances of seeing the Northern Lights by joining one of the many activities we offer. The tours are hand-picked by our expert team and are guided by Northern Lights specialists. By closely monitoring the Aurora forecast, the guides will travel with you to the hotspots with the highest levels of Aurora activity. 

  • Activities suited to all levels of skill
  • Hand-picked soft adventures
  • Experienced guides

Snowmobiling Northern Lights Chase

3 nights

Only 300km south of the North Pole, Spitsbergen certainly is nothing short of an adventurous place to see the Northern Lights. In fact, it is one of the few places where the lights can be seen during the day. 

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Aurora Ranch holiday

3 nights

Enter the rugged terrain of the Yukon to be greeted by the warm hospitality of your Canadian hosts. On this ranch-style holiday, you can join a number of winter activities before dipping into the hot water in the outdoor hot tub.

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Horseback riding under the Northern Lights

3 nights

Adventure-loving Aurora Chasers can enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Iceland on a two day horseback riding adventure. The trip taking you into Iceland’s wilderness offers great chances to see the Northern Lights in an area completely free of any light pollution. 


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How we work

At Magnetic North Travel we believe that that each trip should start with a conversation and end with a story to tell.

We also believe that it is impossible to write a good story about everything, that the magic lies in the detail. As destination specialists our focus can match your Nordic or Canadian travel goals with experienced local knowledge. We start with ideas to inspire, hands-on advice and offer guidance along the way, so you can focus on what matters-the storyline.

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Prepare for a surprising first impression

Often the moment the Northern Lights emerge is of a sudden, magical magnitude.


Discover the stories behind the light

Did you know? The Sami People are Europe's only Indigenous People, their tales about the Aurora date back centuries and vary between charming, dark and bizarre. Join a Sami Storytelling experience to learn about their take on the magical phenomenon, and perhaps take their advice to not whistle...


What the colours mean

The common green light is the result of an oxygen reaction at up to 150 miles above the surface. Less common are the red rays resulting from a reaction over more than 150 miles above earth. Purple and blue streaks of light indicate a nitrogen reaction. At 60 miles blue colours show at 60 miles of the earth purple streaks emerge. With a wealth of passionate guides to choose from we can help you uncover the astronomics behind the Aurora.

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