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Friluftsliv is a Norwegian lifestyle concept inspiring outdoor people from all corners of the globe. It is about being present, reconnecting and learning from the nature that surrounds you. Hiking is one way to experience and develop a relationship with the outdoors.

Jagged peaks and endless sunlight 

Make the most of the midnight sun and join a late evening hike during your time in the Lofoten. Views of ocean and surrounding mountains are the stunning reward of this adventure. 

Photo1: Kiristian Nashoug Photo2: Baard Loeken 

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Hiking in Canada

  • Join a self-guided hiking tour with detailed instructions
  • Option to transfer luggage
  • Discover wildlife

Midnight sun hikes in the Yukon

3 nights

The Yukon’s untouched wilderness is the perfect backyard for hikers who want to explore the alpine landscapes of the Yukon. Follow the trail of the early gold miners and join this tour. 

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Hiking and Foodie Group tour in Newfoundland

6 nights

Experience Newfoundland's Gros Morne national park with all your senses. Hike and discover in the morning, dine in style in the evening. Hikers who like to phantasize about high-quality food en route won't be disappointed by this foodie-inspired hiking adventure


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3 nights

Join a guided hike with Gary Zorn otherwise known as the 'Bear Whisperer'. On this remarkable hiking adventure you'll retrace the tracks of the mighty Grizzly Bear. Experience the raw wilderness of British Columbia as you hike across mountain ridges and thick Boreal forests. 

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Glacier hiking

  • Guided expeditions
  • Full and half day options available
  • Equipment will be provided

Explore Greenland's mighty ice cap

4 nights

Explore Greenland’s mighty ice cap and perhaps stay overnight next to the calving glacier on this four night adventure taking you to Greenland’s East coast in Kangerlussaq. 

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Discover Svalbard's marvels

6 nights

Svalbard is often described as the last human frontier before the North Pole. This summer glacier hiking expedition uncovers frozen landscapes, glassy blue fjords and Arctic wildlife. 


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Explore Norway's glaciers

3 nights

The Lyngen Alps are an adventure playground for active travellers. The region hosts its own glacier and adventurous hikers can join a guided glacier tour including ice climbing.

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What to expect

Hiking in the Nordic Countries

In Scandinavia, hiking is actively encouraged by the freedom to roam law also known as Allemannsretten. Whether for a short stroll in the nearby countryside, or a multi-day trek, Allemannsretten allows citizens and visitors unfettered access to wilderness areas of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Meaning you can pick mushrooms or berries, set up camp next to a lake or look out for wildlife as long as long as you leave no trace. Send your mind on a stroll with our hiking holidays in Scandinavia and Canada which promise adventure in abundance.

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Hiking in Canada

The small trails snaking through Canada's national parks are a great way to experience the vastness of Canada's diverse nature. Discover the extraterrestial landscapes of the Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, the vast lands of the Yukon or the thick rainforests at the British Columbian shoreline. Sometimes overlooking the untouched nature might be reminiscent of the time when the first explorers discovered Canada's impressive landscape one step at a time. 


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Go glacier hiking 

Frozen in time yet constantly changing, glaciers are the jewel of a mountain plateau. Turning a corner and viewing a tongue of ice appear in between the rocks in the height of summer never fails to inspire. Look into the ice and imagine the history as far back as prehistoric times. 

Photo: Raven Eye photography 

Discover a frozen force of nature

Equipped with crampons and picks you can climb on the glaciers of Norway, Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland from June until August. The glacier to end all glaciers - the mighty Ice Cap of Greenland - can be explored all year round whether a day hike or overnight camping expedition. And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be inside a glacier, then a visit to Langjokull in Iceland is a must. 

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