Snowmobiling Holidays

In the Arctic the snowmobile is an essential means of transportation. It is a means to supply food, a hunting vehicle or just simply a fun way to go off-road and explore the vast nature at your fingertips. Being aware that for most visitors, this is the first time on a snowmobile, guides are keen to tailor the expedition to your level of skill, always keeping in mind that safety comes first.

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First-time snowmobiling?

Here's what you need to know

Before you embark on your first-time snowmobiling adventure, you will be given a snowsuit and a helmet. After a brief safety instruction, explaining functions and anticipatory driving you’re good to go. The snowmobile is yours and if you’re lucky you might even be able to turn on a hand and foot heating.  Please keep in mind that only holders of a full driver’s license are permitted to drive a snowmobile. Children can join expeditions either holding onto the driver or sit on a small cart in the back. 

When is the best time to go snowmobiling?

Stable conditions can be expected in winter and early spring

Your snowmobiling adventure is subject to snowfall and weather conditions, which are usually stable from the end of December until mid April. Conditions however vary by region. 

Snowmobiling in Finland and Sweden

Thrill-seeking in dreamy forests and open plains

Sweden and Finland offer flat frozen lakes to pace on or rolling hills to conquer. Pace past abandoned summer cottages, snow-ladden winter forests and take in the wide, monochrome landscapes adorned by a pastel coloured winter sky in the back. 


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Snowmobiling in Norway

Snowmobiling on the roof of Europe

Norway’s mountains challenge with steep ascends and reward with amazing fjord views. Travel up the the mountain tracks around Tromso to enjoy exclusive views of the Arctic city. If you prefer to go further off the beaten track there is plenty of opportunity in the Lyngen Alps. Tucked away in a remote lodge you can explore Norway’s dramatic mountains and marvel its wintery pastel skies from your snowmobile. 

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Did you know you that you can chase the Northern Lights on a snowmobile?

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