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There's a deep-seated human fascination with whales which goes beyond the sheer size of this engrossing creature. Seafarers past and present are in awe of their ability to cross oceans, adapt to ever-changing climate and feeding patterns and appear as if from nowhere and perform their acrobatics. Though tales from the sea may suggest otherwise, the physical strength of whales defies their often gentle nature. A childlike playfulness is not lost on the largest living species in existence. Every now and then the whale’s joie de vivre takes over. When it happens you may witness an amazing display of acrobatic water ballet rounded off with the occasional tail splash into the sea.

Our whale watching vacations

We keep a close eye on the movement of the whales in the Atlantic and Arctic region and are in constant contact with whale tour providers we know and trust. Based on their feedback, we plan accommodation and prioritise tours with the best whale watching opportunities.

Whales you can see in the Nordic countries

Whale watching in Norway and Iceland

The Nordic countries offer two seasons of whale watching. 

In winter, between November and late January is the best time to spot whales in northern Norway. During this time orcas, humpback whales and pilot whales move into the fjords to feed on the herring. 

In summer whales are best spotted in the Vestaralan Islands where sperm whales, pilot whales, minke whales, humpbacks, dolphins and orcas feed in the waters.

In Iceland whales can be spotted all year round.  Minke, fin, blue, humpback, sperm and killer whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises can be seen on whale tours all around the coast. 

Your chances of seeing the whales

Much like the Northern Lights, it is hard to predict the whales’ exact movement and location. Technology is a reliable aid and a degree of flexibility is essential for any whale watching adventure.

Norway and Iceland offer the highest viewing chances during the winter months. In both countries, whales feed in the coastal inlets and fjords boosting your chances of seeing them on an expedition.  Since wildlife is unpredictable by nature we recommend covering as many bases as possible and join tours from more than location. In Norway, our preferred whale watching destinations are Alta and Tromso. In Iceland, we recommend joining a tour from Huvsavik or Reykjavik. 

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Whale watching in Norway

These holidays offer good chances to see the whales in Northern Norway. You may be lucky and spot the whales from the lodge or you can join a day tour by boat.

Arctic Panorama Lodge

3 nights | £1,105

Tucked in between the mighty Lyngen Alps and the herring-rich fjordwaters Arctic Panorama Lodge beckons with cosy lodge accommodation and thrilling wildlife watching opportunity. Excursions depart straight from the lodge and some lucky guests may even spot the whales from the dinner table. 

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Whales watching in Alta

4 nights | £1,225

Head to recent whale watching hub, Alta. The self-proclaimed 'City of Northern Lights' offers adventure, awe and unforgettable, ethical wildlife encounters. Chase the Aurora, meet the local Sami herders and join a small group whale watching excursion during your stay.

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Alta Adventures

3 nights | £1,559

Retreat to a cosy log cabin lodge near Alta, Northern Norway's new whale watching hub. Nestled in between the stunning Finnmark Plateau and glassy fjord water lies Alten Lodge, your spacious Nordic cabin stay. With both water and mountains at your fingertips Arctic outdoor adventure and whale watching excursions will increase excitement levels for both couples and families. 

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Summer whale watching in Canada

Canada’s marine backyard is home to many enormous creatures, the largest of them being the gray whale. On both the Atlantic and Pacific-facing sides, whales feed on shrimp, krill and small fish during the summer months. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland offer the best whale watching opportunities on the Atlantic side. The West coast of British Columbia has long been a welcome destination for whales and wildlife enthusiasts. Our in house wildlife experts will be happy to guide you in designing your whale watching holiday to Canada.

Whale watching in Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland’s shores are home to the greatest diversity of whales in Canada and one of the best spots to see whales. 22 different whales species, amongst them the humpback, orca and minke whales, feed close to the shore. Each year 10,000 humpbacks pass Newfoundland's shores, making it one of the best whale watching destinations worldwide. If you choose to travel at the end of May you can see them bask amongst house-sized icebergs.

Lighthouse whale watching

3 nights

The North of Newfoundland is one of the best whale watching destinations on the island. Watch whales bask among icebergs in May and June, all from the comfort of your quaint lighthouse overlooking the wind-swept shoreline. 


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Fogo Island Inn

3 nights

Combine a luxury break at Fogo Island Inn with a whale watching holiday. The award-winning hotel perches over Fogo's rocky shore and is a great starting point for whale watching expeditions. 

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Self-drive holiday Newfoundland

13 nights

Newfoundland's windy roads boast dramatic coastal vistas, lush forests and quaint little townships. It's the perfect place to explore on a self-drive holiday and perhaps add a whale watching excursion to come up close with Newfoundland's supersized locals. 

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Whale watching British Columbia

In BC humpback, grey whales and orcas travel through the labyrinth of small islands in between May and October. We recommend going off-the-beaten-track and stay in a wildlife eco-lodge from which you may join a variety of tours and activities.

Wilderness lodge

3 nights

Venture off the beaten track and explore British Columbia's truly wild islands on this eco-adventure equally focussing on wildlife and culture. You might get lucky and spot the magnificent humpback from your floating lodge accommodation! 

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Kayaking with whales

4 nights

Join an active multi-day whale watching adventure around Vancouver Island which is renowned for its wildlife-rich waters.  Sea kayaking amongst humpbacks and orcas is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience. 

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Spirit Bear Lodge

4 nights

Travel to an eco-lodge nestled in a quiet bay in BC's Great Bear Rainforest. The remote lodge is a prime location for whale and bear watching, your savvy guide will also fill you in on legends surrounding nature and wildlife. 

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Check our wildlife holiday page if you like meet moose, polar bears, Arctic birdlife or black and brown bears on your adventures.

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