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The fascination for the Nordic regions lies in the extremes. In the harsh and barren landscapes of the North you’ll find warm hospitality, cosy retreats and a genuine love for the outdoors. The contrast between the freezing cold outside and the atmospheric warmth inside is unique to the high North. Without the experience of inhaling the crisp winter air, the glowing warmth of the fireplace would only feel half as rewarding. Two Nordic lifestyle concepts stand behind this contrast: hygge and friluftsliv.

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Experience the best of Nordic winter

The prospect of guaranteed snow, untouched wilderness and cosy accommodation suited to romantic couples and families is the sound of music in the ears of winter holidaymakers. At Magnetic North Travel we have specialised in picking the best stays and activities for your Nordic winter holiday. Below we selected the best Nordic lodges for those who love to try many different winter holidays. 

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Nellim Wilderness Lodge

4 nights

Tucked away in the heart of Finnish Lapland's winter forests lies wilderness hotel Nellim. Here adventures including dog sledding, snow mobiling and cross-country skiing await. Aurora chasers wil be delighted to hear that Nelim records up to 200 Aurora sightings each year. 


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Brandon Lodge

4 nights

A trip to the family-friendly Brandon Lodge takes guests to the frozen Swedish archipelago. At the doorsteps of this wilderness lodge an abundance of snow-related adventures await including dog-sledding, wilderness walks and snow mobile jaunts to the small islands surrounding the lodge. 

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Ongajok Mountain Lodge

3 nights

Deep in mountaineous Norwegian Lapland lies a cosy mountain lodge featuring a wide palette of cultural and outdoorsy activities ranging from Sami experiences, snow shoeing, dog sledding and snowmobiling. 

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1. See the Northern Lights 

To many travellers the Northern Lights viewing the Northern Lights is a priority. There are many ways of boosting your chances to see them by joining guided tours or by simply choosing a cabin stay far away from the light pollution of the city

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2. Go whale watching 

Since many land locked animals are hibernating during winter time, it is best to turn to the Arctic Sea. In the cold waters around Northern Norway and Tromso humpbacks and orca feed on fish and algae between November and January.

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3. Become a dog musher

To say that your pack of huskies will be eager to dash through the snow with your sled is probably an understatement. The canine bundles of energy are in their element as soon as you, the dog musher, give the signal to mush. 

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4. Go on a snowmobiling expedition 

Pace across frozen lakes, skiing slopes or deserted forest tracks on this adrenaline-fuelled winter adventure. To drive the snow mobiles you need to have a valid driver's licence. Younger children can usually travel by sled pulled by the guide’s snow mobile. The older ones can travel as passengers. 

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5. Shred some pow

Regardless of whether you are a rooky, intermediate or pro on the slope, the Nordic countries and Canada are home to varied skiing terrain, which caters for all needs. 

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6. Meet the reindeer

A reindeer expedition guided by Santa’s eager helpers are a great way to explore the wilderness. Children of all ages can join the journey taking your family through the untouched wilderness. The tours which are often conducted by local Sami people are also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the traditional lifestyle of the semi-nomadic community. 

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Immerse in the Nordic lifestyle

Hygge-the art of living cosily

The Danish concept of living well combines cosiness with homeliness. It is the art of finding pleasure in the simple things like sipping on a steaming hot chocolate. Hyggelig holidaymakers will find cosy cabins or remote mountain lodges to be the perfect setting for a holiday that has quality time at heart. 

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Friluftsliv-connecting with nature

The Norwegian word loosely translating into ‘the love of being outside’ drives Scandinavians outside at all times of the year. It is about connecting with nature by being active outside.  Immersive slow adventures like ice fishing, snowshoeing or dog sledding in the peaceful wilderness are a great way to practice Friluftsliv.

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