Date: 30/06/2016

Five top travel tips for exploring West Greenland

Author: Victoria
Location: Greenland

Magnetic North’s Victoria recently travelled to Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat in west Greenland and gives her top travel tips for enjoying the best of the region.

Witness colourful and contrasting West Greenland, one of the most exciting Arctic destinations and a must visit for anyone who wants to “discover the undiscovered”. Enjoy the mesmerizing silence and the nature around. Here are some of the top things to do in Kangerlussuaq and Ilulisat in summer that I was lucky enough to enjoy:

1. Visit the point 660 and hike on the Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq
For those who are into hiking and discovering places by foot - join a 6 hour hike on the Ice Cap and enjoy a beautiful landscape where time stops and unusual tranquillity makes your mind let go of all intruding thoughts.
2. Join a sightseeing flight over Ilulisat Ice Fjord
Join the amazing experience of discovering Ilulisat Fjord and flying above the glacier in a 5 seater plane. This tour will be flying at a very low altitude (some places less than 500 feet) which opens an amazing view on breathtaking blue water and the huge glacier that produces over 10% of icebergs of Greenland.
3. Enjoy a midnight Cruise to the Ice Fjord
If the sightseeing flight makes you realise how small everything is when discovering it from the birds view, the midnight cruise will display the Icebergs from another mesmerizing angle. The impressive and monumental Icebergs, some the size of Manhattan will be shining  with all their greatness exposed to the hypnotizing midnight sun in front of you on this cruise.
4. Hike in UNESCO designated Ice Fjord
Enjoy a relaxing hike to Sermermuit that has a history of 3 different generations of old Inuit Cultures starting their journeys here. This is one of the places where you see how Greenlandic people treasure and look after their nature. Take in the epic scenery and enjoy the fresh crispy air.

5. Board the Sarfaq Ittuk coastal ferry service
Why fly when you can voyage by sea along Greenland’s glorious west coast. Travel from Qaqortoq in the south to Ilulissat in the north stopping off to admire some of the country’s villages and its capital city Nuuk. Enjoy a cabin on board the ship and plenty of places to watch the scenery pass by.

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