Date: 01/02/2015

Five lessons dog mushers learn from their dogs

Author: Laura
Location: Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden

Training your dog can be one of life’s toughest challenges. But what about when the tables are turned and we let dogs teach us a thing or two?

Nowhere in the world is this more apparent than in the Arctic where husky sledding is a way of life for many. For many dwellers of the Arctic the relationship to their loyal friend not only allows them to survive under the harsh conditions of the frugal Northern lands. For centuries the symbiotic relationship between musher and dog has turned into a friendship of deep and mutual appreciation. For humans their companion the dog has turned into a source of inspiration, which inspired us to write about the five most defining ways in which a dog has inspired their musher. 


1. Sled dogs are the most motivated individuals in the world

2. Sled dogs teach us the meaning of companionship, loyalty and happiness and how to work in a team.

3. By giving us feedback trough their actions they teach us how to be fair and motivating leaders.

4. When driving the dogs and caring for them, you’ll tie close bonds to them and learn about them. But even more you’ll learn about yourself.

5. The dogs will teach you to really appreciate life.

While the dog develops with his training under the guidance of the musher, it is almost inevitable that the musher learns about himself. Adapting to the different personalities in each dog, reading the dog's reactions and understanding his needs is a duty as well as a privelege some mushers are more than keen to share.

If you want to learn about the art of dog sledding and the basics of dog sledding we're operating several tours either solely focussing on dog sledding or integrating it as an element of your trip.


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