Date: 10/02/2024

Best Northern Lights Lodge Stays for Solo Travellers

Author: Laura
Location: Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Travelling alone doesn’t need to be lonely. Current trends are showing that solo travelers reap the benefit of the best of both worlds: a trip designed with them (and only them) in mind and the chance to meet new people along the way. Travelling alone isn’t just for single people; folks are increasingly leaving their partner at home in favour of a trip that is perfectly tailored to their needs and interests. Memories are being made with complete strangers - whether that’s a guide, fellow guest or a local person you stumble upon - who’ll soon become a friend. 

Here at Magnetic North Travel, we have a growing client base of solo travellers looking for adventure and incredible experiences, that put them at the centre of the planning and open them up to encounters of all kinds. 

Our solo adventurer round-up here focuses on the tantalising goal of witnessing the Northern Lights combined with a cosy lodge stay - and one which welcomes solo travellers with open arms. These lodges have an informal atmosphere and small touches enable solo travellers to feel comfortable and welcome at all times. 


Onga Lodge - Alta, Norway

After a three year program of refurbishment, Onga Lodge reopened its doors again in 2024, with larger rooms all with en suite bathrooms. The lodge is hidden away in the forest, and in a perfect place for Northern Lights viewings. The comfortable rooms are combined with shared Aurora Domes - a place where guests can gather at night to try and spot the Northern Lights. Dinners are family style so there’s plenty of chances to get to know other guests during your stay. Read more.

Mattarahkka Lodge - Swedish Lapland

This tiny lodge in northern Sweden provides comfortable accommodation - all in the pursuit of enabling a good night’s sleep ready for the Arctic adventures which await all guests. With set arrival and departure days, guests mingle on their many adventures which include mountain snowmobiling, dog-sledding and Northern Lights experiences. The host has created a warm hygge atmosphere for all his guests whether travelling alone or with others. Read more

Highland Base - Iceland 

Travel in winter to this remote outpost and you’re sure to meet like minded adventurers - starting with the exhilarating jeep ‘safari’ required to reach the accommodation. By the end of this 2-4 hour journey (depending on snow conditions), you’ll be sharing incredible moments together ahead of your two night stay at the lodge. Activities include hiking and snowmobiling in groups and there’s a hot pool where you can socialise with fellow guests. Read more

Arctic Panorama Lodge - Northern Norway 

Located on the Arctic island of Uloya, this family run lodge is a perfect base for adventures often attracting solo travellers to its doors. Set arrival and departure times are conducive to mixing with fellow travellers and from there you’ll share meals family style and adventures including dog-sledding, Northern Lights hunts and whale watching. Read more

All of our trips can be tailored to solo travellers and we’re happy to help! Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for inspiration.

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