Date: 20/08/2019

Our favourite honeymoon ideas for Swedish Lapland

Author: Vanessa
Location: Sweden

Swedish Lapland’s pine-carpeted valleys, meringue-shaped mountains, and thundering whitewater rivers are the perfect setting for a wilderness-inspired honeymoon. Add a few genuinely unique boutique retreats, think floating spas, treetop birds nests and rooms sculptured from nothing but ice and you’ll find the perfect ingredients for a mind-blowing honeymoon.

With quite a few compelling accommodation options to choose from chances are that honeymooners fall into the analysis paralysis trap. Luckily, those wishing to broaden the scope of their experience can combine some of our favourite Nordic wilderness retreats.

We’ve selected our favourite honeymoon combinations explaining why they work so well together.

Arctic Retreat & Arctic Bath

Why combine? 

Balance active soft adventures in a traditional luxury log cabin with soul-warming relaxation in Sweden’s latest architectural masterpiece.

As the highs and lows of the wedding planning will still rumble in your head it may be useful to kick-off these early days of marriage with a few active adventures. Snowshoe, paddle, dog-sled or simply get to know your surroundings on a ramble through the woods. With a hot tub and panoramic log cabin views to return to you’ll find out why Swedes swear by the grounding effects of the log cabin. Once acclimatised, we recommend getting serious about relaxation.

At the Arctic Bath, Swedish Lapland’s latest eco-retreat, honeymooners will be introduced to the Swedish spa experience-in the most stylish way possible. Choose from a variety of treatment options inspired by the Nordic spa ritual and locally sourced ingredients. Rround off your treatment with a plunge into the freshwater pool at the center of the circular cluster of cabins.

Please note: We're currently accepting bookings for the Arctic Bath which will open in February 2020. 

Treehotel & Camp Ripan & ICEHOTEL

Why combine?

Both the Treehotel and ICEHOTEL create an entirely unique, immersive experience with Sweden’s outdoors. The drastic change of scenery replaces wedding stress with moments of awe.

The Treehotel consists of a collection of unique forest hideaways. It combines the vivid imagination of a child with thoughtful luxury. Expect a complete change of scenery as you doze off in a UFO, Mirror Cube or Bird’s Nest. Several meters above the Harads forest floor is a picture-perfect place to start dreaming up a future together-if you ask us.

Now, it may be risky to start your honeymoon on such a high note but luckily, Swedish Lapland has a few more moments of awe up its sleeve. However, nefore rushing to the next high-note experience, we recommend taking the time to reflect and relax at Camp Ripan, a cosy hotel with outstanding spa facilities and local food.

In the iconic ICEHOTEL, parts of which are entirely re-build from ice and snow at the eve of each winter, you’ll snuggle up in -5 temperatures. Not to worry, you’ll be supplied with cold-weather clothing and sleeping bags. Previous travelers have described their night as surprisingly invigorating. Part-time museum during the day, you can opt to explore the unique artwork of each room and truly immerse in the surroundings.

Perhaps opt to dine in one of the world’s tiniest restaurants-hosting a maximum of two people at a time. If you prefer traveling in autumn or summer it is still possible to stay in the year-round version of the ICEHOTEL 365.

Treehotel & Arctic Bath

Why combine?

Unwind as you forest bathe in the Treehotel and take a literal plunge in the sometimes freezing, but always invigorating Arctic Bath just down the road.

Start your honeymoon at the Treehotel where soft adventures including wildlife and Northern Lights Hunts. Choose a pace of soft adventure activities that suit the two of you. This could involve tracking moose in the forest, chase the Northern Lights on a snowshoe walk or teaming up on a dog-sledding adventure.

Continue your journey down the road to the Arctic Bath where a wide range of treatments may introduce some self-care routines to continue at home. Now is the time to pamper and relax as you gaze at the river.

Arctic Retreat & High-end glamping

Why combine?

If your honeymoon really is an excuse to tick Swedish Lapland of your bucket list the combination of luxury cabin and high-end glamping will provide a stylish insight into Swedish wilderness culture.

Start your adventure at the Arctic Retreat, where a gentle introduction into Swedish Lapland’s food and outdoor culture awaits. Join a culinary class with the lodge’s very own master chef, followed by a Northern Lights excursion or snowshoe walk. Surrounded by a belt of pristine wilderness you’ll learn about your host’s self-sufficient way of thinking and their genuine passion for the harsh but incredibly rewarding outdoors.

Your next destination, the award-winning Sapmi Nature Camp takes your immersion into the outdoors a step further. On arrival, you’ll note the silence and almost complete absence of modern technology. Sapmi Nature Camp has no electricity but a fascinating Sami heritage to inspire travelers to embrace the simplicity of life in the outdoors. Sleeping in traditional Sami tents heated by a fireplace, you’ll step into the ancient traditions of Europe’s only indigenous people. Far away from the distractions of modern life, you'll find some much needed quality together. 

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