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Holidays in Manitoba

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  • Polar bears on tundra shore line

    Autumn colours in the land of the Polar Bear

    Discover the delights of the sub arctic in the Autumn, see polar bears, beluga whales from the land, sea and air!

    Family Group (mixed ages), Honeymooners, Travelling as two, Tailormade, Solo traveller £3,015 per person 5 NIGHTS
  • Swimming polar bear

    Frozen lands of the Polar Bear

    A crisp white snow lays across the land and frozen seas stretch across the horizon, it is time to join the polar bears in their natural habitat and marvel at these amazing creatures. Spend nights in a traditional log cabin, swapping stories of your days adventures.

    £4,035 per person 5 NIGHTS
  • Summer wildlife viewing at Lazy Bear Lodge Churchill Canada

    Search for beluga whales and mighty polar bear's across Hudson Bay and meadows of wildflowers. Stay at a unique family run timber lodge, perfectly situated for exploring the summer environment of arctic wildlife.

    Family Group (mixed ages), Honeymooners, Travelling as two, Active Groups, Solo traveller £2,995 per person 6 NIGHTS
  • Polar Bear and Wildlife Watching Holiday in Churchill 

    Travel to northern Canada and stay in a remote lodge looking for signs of wildlife including polar bears and beluga whales. 

    Honeymooners, Travelling as two, Tailormade £7,100 per person 7 NIGHTS