The Nordic Isocation

The “isocation” (isolation+vacation) reimagines travel as we emerge from the Covid19 pandemic and begin to explore the world again. When the time comes, we’ll need reassurance as we navigate social distancing and learn how to be together once again. We believe the Nordic region is the best destination to begin your journey and we are here to help.

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Space and Freedom in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries

You’ll often hear that humans are outnumbered by reindeer, husky dogs or even polar bears in the wild regions of the Nordic countries. These anecdotes are telling, since a low population density plays a key role in creating space and fostering the feeling of freedom.

This is wilderness without restrictions enabled by the Right to Roam ( “Allemansrätten” ) which is practiced throughout Scandinavia and Finland. As a traveller you’ll feel safer here than many tourist hotspots of the world backed up by the world-class healthcare systems of welfare states.

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Social Bubbles

A self-contained retreat in the Nordic region will answer the call of the wild when it comes.

Choose a glass igloo and gaze at the stars, or perhaps the Northern Lights.

Luxury Glass Igloo

Finnish Lapland

Discover a mix of panoramic glass igloos and igloo suites, for ultimate comfort and luxury. Gaze at the night sky from your bed or hot tub, and watch as the Aurora Borealis dances overhead if luck is with you. Explore the empty snow bound trails by day and enjoy gourmet meals delivered to your igloo.

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Mobile Aurora Cabin

Finnish Lapland

For ultimate social distancing, a mobile cabin on a vast frozen lake surely fits the bill. Be transported away from people and light pollution for a secluded experience and the chance to view the lights from your cosy cabin. 

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Glass Bubble

Arctic Sweden

Cosy up in your bubble-encased cabin in Northern Sweden. With views overhead and in front, you'll be inspired by this fabulous Arctic retreat. 

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Shutting out the world is not about turning your back on your surroundings, but rather the opposite: it is seeing the world a bit more clearly, staying a course and trying to love your life.

Erling Kagge, Silence in the Age of Noise

Cabin Hideways

Forest hideaways and fjordside cabins not only help guests to observe social distancing, but offer inspiration and a true Nordic escape. Explore all our cabin isocation breaks at this link.

Loggers Lodge

Swedish Lapland

Escape to the Boreal forests of Swedish Lapland and relax in your private hideaway for two. The only humans you'll come across are your attentive hosts. The other neighbours will be husky dogs or wandering reindeer.

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Varanger Lodge

Arctic Norway

A perfect pair of isolated cabins overlooking stunning fjord vistas. You'll find floor to ceiling windows for the inspiration you need and friendly hosts nearby who'll help arrange Arctic adventures during your stay.

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Laukines Cabins

Arctic Norway

Near to the city of Tromso, but far enough to be secluded from the outside world, this tiny resort of six rorbu cabins is a perfect post-pandemic retreat. Enjoy mountain views and the chance to witness the Northern Lights. 

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Deserted Cities

A normal day in Kristiansand (pictured) would not look out of place among city lockdown photos. With a population density of just 25 per square mile compared to London at 11,760, it’s no wonder the Norwegian city feels calm.


Feel safe and cacooned in a room in the trees. Whether for a winter getaway, or summer vacation, the tree rooms offer a bird's eye view on the Nordic surroundings.


Swedish Lapland

Each room of the world famous Treehotel feels secluded and full of imagination and wonder. In other words, a perfect retreat when adventure and luxury call.

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Birds Nest

Swedish Lapland

Restful silence meets active exploration at Granö Beckasin. Surrounded by verdant forest and pristine waters, this eco-friendly lodge offers a unique and serene escape into Northern nature.

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Eagle View Suite

Finnish Lapland

The spectacular Eagle View Suite at Iso-Syote Resort offers a fell-top romantic hideaway for two. The walls and roof of the spacious Eagle View Suite are made of glass, allowing beautiful views of the starry skies and Aurora Borealis.

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The Road Less Travelled

Whether by bike or by car, isocation can be found on Scandinavia's empty roads. Exploring Iceland's spectacular Westfjords provides an off the beaten path self-drive holiday. Or perhaps embark on a journey from Finland's capital Helsinki passing the Arctic Circle to Rovaniemi. And then there's Norway's many tourist routes which are anything but touristy such as the vast plateaux of the Rondane National Park. 

Island Bliss

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that "no man is an island". But island nations can show us a thing or two about isolation. When the time is right, why not consider an island escape to widen your horizons once again.

Arctic Lodge

Northern Norway

The journey from Tromso takes nearly four hours - a testiment to the seclusion you'll find at Arctic Panorama Lodge on the island of Uloya. Absorb the views and relax in the safe hand of yours hosts.

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Houseboat Hideaway

Finnish Lakeland

The beauty of this luxurious houseboat experience, is that your hosts can transport you to a deserted island for nights of pure isolation. When you're ready to emerge, enjoy adventures and hiking in the surrounding forests.

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Self-guided cycling

Faroe Islands

Explore the remote Faroe Islands by bicycle and experience the awe-inspiring landscapes up close. Discover empty roads and a warm welcome from the locals.

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