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The Magnetic North is the destination of changing seasons, fresh air and captivating stories. Join us on a group tour or a family holiday to seas, mountains, fjords, and forests - where people and nature have a story to tell. 

Our Nordic-inspired adventures draw upon the Norwegian philosophy of ‘Friluftsliv’, or ‘Free-air life’ – the importance of being in remote places and enjoying simple things together. Our experiences will reward you with lasting memories and stories of people – past and present. You'll gain wisdom and knowledge from living within natural settings. And you’ll return home with renewed vigour and stories of your own to tell.

Under our feet we use traditional ways to transit, with skis, kayaks, sailboats, snow shoes and walking boots. We’ll help you to experience the rhythms and patterns of the Magnetic North guided by local traditions and people. Our pan-Nordic regions include Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

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Why travel with us?
Our guides in each of the destinations are local people. They live within and intimately know the landscapes in which you’ll travel. We demand of them a high level of customer care and professionalism. They instinctively know how to bring to life the human stories which are so important to our tours as well as providing uninhibited and safe access to Outdoor Life. It’s what makes our tours unique and the memories so lasting.

We also take the stress out of organising your holiday. We have access to the finest accommodation, the best guides and the most memorable experiences. We would like to share these with you and take the burden of organising all these elements yourself. We're with you every step of the way and provide a first-class experience before and during your holiday.

A group experience

Our holidays, and indeed the philosophy of friluftsliv emphasise the importance of being together as a family or as a group of companions in nature. There'll be time to enjoy nature together, and time to be with your own thoughts. We would like to see our guests weaving their own stories into the rich tapestry that is the Magnetic North.

If you'd like to travel as a family, have a look at our Family holiday page for some ideas.

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All of the trips we offer can be tailored for invididual groups and couples. We can take the elements that interest you the most and create a unique and seamlessly organised holiday itinerary. Please email us at yourstory@magneticnorth.travel or telephone +44 (0) 845 5195 242 to talk about your trip.


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