Among Icebergs

Greenland Fjord Sailing Holiday

Uncover the spectacular remote Eastern fjords of Greenland on board a wooden sailing ship guided by expert expedition crew. The Scoresby Sound consists of the longest network of fjords calving its way 350km inland from the Greenland coast. Witness glacier tongues, towering jagged peaks and massive floating ice bergs during this week-long adventure. The calm fjords are home to rare species such as narwhals, polar bears and muskoxen. You’ll also visit some of the world’s most remote settlements only accessible by boat. This is a unique opportunity to venture into remote territory in a small group of up to 12 passengers.




DAY 1:

Departure from Reykjavik on a flight to Constable Point in Greenland, a small airfield on the west side of Hurry Inlet in the remote Jameson Land in Eastern Greenland. After arrival in Greenland you’ll meet your expedition guides who’ll carry out a thorough briefing on board the ship, your home for the week! You’ll be accompanied by an experienced crew, who will show you all the safety features of the ship before you set sail towards your first stop, the Inuit village of Ittoqqortoomiit, likely the most remote village in the world. You’ll spend the evening with the locals, your first insight into what life is like in Arctic Greenland.

Ittoqqortoormiit was settled in 1925 by people who came from the Ammassalik Island. This is the single most northerly settlement on the east coast of Greenland. The 450 inhabitants make up the community, mostly hunters and their families. The quaint village consists of small and colourful wooden houses which dot the rocky slopes of south Liverpool Land with spectacular views of Kap Brewster and the Volquart Boons Coast to the south, only a taste of what’s yet to come.

Staying at: Schooner Opal and Sailboat Donna Wood

DAY 2:

Today you’ll sail west and to the longest fjord in the world, Scoresby Sound. The waters in the fjord are calm and sheltered. Here you’ll encounter entire palaces of icebergs that gently drift under the influence of the currents in the Arctic waters in the mighty fjord Scoresby Sound, after calving from their parent glaciers.

Today anchors will be lowered at Hekla Havn, on Denmark Island, the site of an old Inuit settlement and wintering camp of the first scientific expedition to Scoresby Sound over a hundred years ago. A short evening walk exploring Hekla Havn, and the surrounding area.

DAY 3:

Today you’ll set course west through the narrow Føhnfjord and uncover the scenery of the majestic basalt mountains of Gåseland and towering sheer granite cliffs of Milne Land.

After being up close to the peculiar looking Red Island with its red sandstone shore, the tour continues north through Rødefjord which is often filled with large icebergs and ice crust from icebergs that are breaking up. You’ll arrive in Harefjord in the late afternoon where anchors are set for the following two nights.

DAY 4:

On shore today, you’ll disembark at Harefjord and scout for muskoxen, snow hare, grouse, geese and other wildlife which often graze on the south facing slopes. You may even spot the elusive narwhals swimming in the fjord or a polar bear hunting for seal.

You’ll be accompanied by your guides on a 6 - 7 hour hike, of easy to moderate terrain - a fantastic opportunity to explore the untouched terrain of Greenland by foot and photograph the incredible scenery.

You’ll make a stop for lunch at the top of a ridge with a breathtaking view over Harefjord where the glacier tongues reach out to the sea. Those who’d prefer an easier day can stroll at the coast or stay on board enjoying the views. In the evening you’ll enjoy a barbecue dinner by a warming bonfire on the rocky beach.

DAY 5:

Today the sailing voyage continues east through the awesome Øfjord. This is one of the most scenic parts of the trip. Sharp jagged mountain peaks and granite walls tower 200 meters up from the sea. The midday light sea breeze in the Øfjord usually allows the crew to set the sails. Here you’ll have a chance to get a closer look at some of the most amazing cliffs and glacier fronts with ice bergs. Today concludes when you set the anchors in Jyttes Havn Bjørneøe in the late afternoon.

DAY 6:

Today is spent hiking on Bear Island and arguably one of the most picturesque anchorages in Scoresby Sound. You can choose between a longer or a shorter hike on the Bear Islands, or on the northernmost tip of Milneland, a short zodiac RiB ride away.

For the intrepid, Jytteshavn is the place to brace the Greenland Sea by swimming at 71°N. Temperatures can be as surprising as 13°C in the summertime. In the evening you’ll enjoy a hearty meal with a warming bonfire on the beach.

DAY 7:

Today you’ll uncover the channel between the Bear Islands and Milne Land with views of the spectacular archipelago. As you sail into the final evening of the trip it is likely that you’ll experience the largest and most fascinating icebergs so far. This provides a fantastic opportunity for photographs of the majestic and impressive icebergs that are often found in this particular area. When you wake up the next morning the ship will be anchored at the airstrip at Constable Point.

DAY 8:

This morning your farewell breakfast will be an opportunity to share contact information with your fellow travellers and to record your thoughts in the ship’s diary. Then it’s time to disembark and board the aircraft at Constable Point and return to Keflavík, Iceland.

Life on board the ship

This pioneering trip offers a unique chance to visit one of earth’s most remote territories, where you can be truly off grid and immersed in the surrounding nature. No previous sailing experience is required for the trip as you will be accompanied by a specialist expedition crew.

The atmosphere on board will be relaxed and friendly. The trip is not meant to challenge passengers physically, but good regular health is needed to join this tour. If you wish, you are more than welcome to help the crew and learn about sailing during your adventure. The hikes on land will be moderate to easy.

There are hot showers on board the ship, however water supply may be limited. The accommodation on board the ship is traditional style expedition cabins, but in clean and new bunk beds. Due to the limited water supply, you will be asked to avoid cleaning your clothes on board. If anything gets wet during the trip, the engine room is very warm and can be used as a perfect drying place.

Meals during the expedition include breakfast, lunch and dinner, with water and soft drinks included. Alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine can be bought onboard the ship.

Due to its remote location, Scoresby Sund does not have any harbours, therefore there are no gangways and access to land will be operated on zodiac boats. The trip offers a complete off-the-grid experience as no internet or phone coverage. There is phone coverage in Constable Point and Ittoqqortoormiit. If urgent, passengers can make a phone calls with one of the ship’s satellite phones or send e-mail, sms or fax via Inmarsat, (the ship’s satellite communications system).

The weather and sea in the fjord remains calm due to its sheltered location and the long lasting high pressure over Greenland. The area is known for very little rain and you can expect temperatures of 2 to 12 Celcius. Departures at the end of August and through September give you the chance to witness the magical Northern Lights.

The team at Magnetic North Travel will be pleased to extend your trip with flights and tours in Iceland to start or end your adventure.


From £5225 per adult and from £4100 per child (7 - 15 years old) excluding flight to Reykjavik

This roughly converts to: 6,009 EUR | 6,845 USD

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7 nights


Greenland Fjord Sailing Holiday


Greenland was amazing, the schooner Opal was a delight, and the crew looking after us and sailing the ship were brilliant. The weather was perfect. We had clear blue skies 24 hours a day with very little wind, and often not really that cold (0 - 15C) for the whole time we were there. The constant sunshine added to the stunning scenery of ice, water, sky and mountains. The variety of ice, on land and floating in the fjords was incredible. We had tilted, coloured, indented, jagged, etc. icebergs. Some had holes in, some had rocks imbedded. Quite a lot turned over as we passed. We saw some big icebergs calving off a glacier and creating a wave which flipped many bergs over. There were some interesting rock formations too: basalt columns, huge cliffs, caves etc. The ship was powered by a quiet electric motor. Sometimes we could hear the sound of the ice moving and 'popping' as the bubbles of frozen-in air melted and released the pressure; at other times there was just silence in which to appreciate the wonderful scenery we were passing. Each day went ashore in Zodiacs for guided walks to explore the environment. The catering was good. Our chef produced some excellent meals from the tiny galley. One evening we had an enjoyable barbecue ashore. Also we had a meal with an Inuit family in the village of Ittoqqortoormiit (population 450), the furthest north settlement on the east coast of Greenland and so isolated that the nearest inhabited place is in Iceland!

by Andy & Rosy Smith, Hope Valley, Derbyshire on Aug 13 .


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