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Feel the nearness of the Polar North on the remote island of Spitsbergen. Also known as Svalbard, this destination has everything to offer adventurers. The summer brings the midnight sun and the opportunity to explore by boat, on foot and by kayak, while the winter is a magical time of the Northern Lights, 24 hour darkness and the opportunity to join a dog-sledding or snow mobile expedition.

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Winter holidays in Norway ()

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  • Colourful Houses in Longyearbyen - photo Eveline Lunde

    Svalbard Winter Sun Adventure

    The unique landscape of Svalbard is a magical choice during the changing seasons, offering an unforgettable winter holiday experience.

    Travelling as two, Tailormade, Solo traveller £1,114 per person 4 NIGHTS
  • Camp Barentz - photo credit Hurtigruten Svalbard / Agurtxane Concellon

    Luxury Aurora Break in Svalbard

    Maximise your chances of witnessing the spectacular aurora borealis during the Polar Nights season in the unique wilderness of Svalbard, high in the Arctic region.

    Family Group (mixed ages), Travelling as two, Tailormade, Solo traveller £609 per person 3 NIGHTS
  • King of the Arctic

    Explore Svalbard's Wilderness by Snowmobile

    Travel to the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago and enjoy the best of both worlds – unique accommodation and great food, as well as the chance to explore the island by snowmobile during a three day adventure.

    Honeymooners, Travelling as two, Active Groups, Solo traveller £2,100 per person 6 NIGHTS
  • Aurora Season

    Svalbard Northern Lights Short Break

    Travel to far-away Spitsbergen during the Polar Night season. Witness the changing colours of the sky and, with luck, the dance of the Aurora. 

    Honeymooners, Travelling as two, Active Groups, Tailormade £699 per person 3 NIGHTS