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The vast expanses of Canada and Scandinavia's wilderness welcome an abundance of wildlife - some are visitors while others call these landscapes home. Witness a bear crack through the woods, an orca breach the surface of the sea or an eagle circle the air above. Our wildlife holidays are designed to give you the best chance possible to witness some of nature's spectacular species of the North.

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Humpbacks, orcas and beluga whales the most commonly found whales in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Despite their size the gentle giants know how to gracefully bask in the waters and occasionally fool around, too. The naturally curious whales often tend to lounge within close proximity to the whale watching boats. 

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Remote Panorama Cabin

3 nights | £1,105

Tucked away behind the mighty Lyngen Alps and just a stone throw away from the herring-rich fjords awaits Arctic Panorama Lodge. The cosy wilderness lodge can be reached from Tromso and offers excellent whale watching opportunities on small excursions departing from the lodge. 

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Whale watching in Alta

3 nights

Head North to Alta, the new whale watching in Arctic Norway. With views of the stunning Finnmark Plateau and exciting Arctic winter sports at your fingertips an action-packed wildlife winter holiday will keep excitement levels high. 

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Bones Bay Lodge in BC

3 nights

The wilderness lodge sits deep within the fjords shaping the coastline of British Columbia. In the deep waters humpacks, orcas and minke whales feed from the nutrious waters. Lucky guests might even spot one of the whales plunge into the water from one of the rooms. 


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Explore holidays in polar bear territory

Watching the perhaps most elusive and definitely most powerful bear on the planet is a once in a lifetime experience. The mighty polar bear tends to hunt for its prey on the ice sheet of the Arctic Ocean. It can therefore only be seen at certain times of the year. The best chances of seeing the bear is during the summer months. 

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Circumvent Svalbard

9 nights

Around 2650 polar bears roam in the Barents Sea area surrounding Svalbard. Though chances to see the elusive animal are relatively slim this trip offers perhaps the best chances to see the bears in their natural habitat.


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Travel to Polar bear capital

6 nights

The town of Churchill in Manitoba Canada is famous for one thing: its polar bear population. Being nestled at the shores of Hudson Bay sees a great number of bears roam the surrounding tundra. Join a guided expedition for this once in a lifetime experience. 

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Explore the coasts of Labrador

7 nights

Explore the wild home of the polar bear on this once in a lifetime holiday taking you to the Torngat Mountains National Park. Guided by Inuit bear researcher you can learn about the culture and nature of this truly wild place in the North of Labrador. 

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Polar bear watching in winter

In November Churchill in Manitoba turns into a polar bear metropolis. The town nestled at the shore of Hudson Bay attracts great numbers of polar bear waiting for ‘The Big Freeze’. During this two-week window bears are frolicking in the frozen tundra.

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Ornithologists and hobby bird watcher will find a wide array of migratory and resident birds nesting in the coastal regions of Iceland, Newfoundland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Norway. Watch flocks of birds glide along Newfoundland's windly coast or the comical puffin skillfully fish for herring in Iceland. Other commonly spotted birds in the Nordic countries and Canada include the cormorants and kittiwakes and sea eagles 

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Faroese wildlife

4 nights

Huddled safely behind the rocky ledges of the iconic Faroese steep coast puffins, guillemots, fulmars and kittiwakes nest, rest and raise their offspring. For birdwatchers a self-drive holiday provides a great opportunity to watch the diverse birldlife this green the North Atlantic island group has on offer.  


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3 nights

Far off the nearest road lies the Ten-Ee-Ah Lodge whose grand lake offers access to untouched wilderness. Paddle through the water of the lake for close-up encounters with a wide array of Canadian birdlife.  

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Grano Beckasin Sweden

4 nights

Grano Beckasin is a an eco-lodge designed with nature in mind. The treehouse-style accommodationand bird watching facilities make this lodge a prime destination for ornithologists who like to experience Sweden's birdlife first-hand. 

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Especially when it comes to bear watching thinking about hibernation patterns is crucial to the success of your mission. Normally bears hibernate from the end of November till March. During late spring the Mother Bear ventures through the forests with some playful cubs in tow. In late autumn brown bears move to the rivers and streams. Be prepared to witness the bears mouth-feeding themselves on the spawning salmon. 

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Where to watch wolves

The Finnish Taiga located near the Russian border hosts some of Finland’s most elusive animals-the wolf. Different breeds of wolves and quietly prowl through the grassy landscape during dusk and dawn. Wolves can be found all over Canada and are best combined with other wildlife holidays.

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