Magnetic North Travel Referral Program

If you’ve travelled with us in the past, you can be rewarded for referring your friends or extended network to Magnetic North Travel.  

Our gift incentive program is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

1) Share our website on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and tell your contacts about your experience with Magnetic North.

2) If any of your contacts get in touch with us resulting in a confirmed booking, you can choose from one of the gifts below. Make sure to tell your friends to quote the reference MNT-REF and your surname when enquiring. 

3) If you refer 5 or more bookings, we’ll give you a free holiday or vouchers worth up to the value of £500 per person 

To become a referrer you must have gone on holidays with Magnetic North Travel since April 1, 2010 or have confirmed your booking for your next holiday.  

Gifts to choose from

Cash gift or Amazon voucher to the value of:   £50 / USD 80 / EUR 60 

“ICEHOTEL – a warm story about a cold place” - a book by Anna O¨hlund, photographer and sculptor from northern Sweden. The book tells the story of the ICEHOTEL -  a magical place in the far north of Sweden. This beautiful book celebrates the ICEHOTEL’s 25th season and is filled with beautiful  photography and captivating stories. 

ICEHOTEL Book A Warm Story about a Cold Place by Anna O¨hlund

APPLE IPOD Shuffle (2 GB) with Square Portable Speakers 

If you have any questions about the referral scheme, please do get in touch with us at referrals {at} 

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