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Mobile Aurora Cabins

A million star accommodation

The Mobile Aurora Cabins are a clever re-working of Finland's cabins on skis which are pulled by snow mobile across frozen lakes. To make the most of the flexbility, each  journey onto the frozen surface of Lake Inari is tailored to the Aurora forecast that night. 

Sleep Well

Traditionally used by Finnish famillies to carry luggage (and children) to their summer houses in winter time, these cabins have experienced an upgrade to include a double bed, chemical toilet and safe heating system.  There are large windows surrounding the bed to offer comfortable night sky gazing and there is a basic lighting system installed in the cabin. 

Play Well

Arctic silence is best appreciated by experience. Wander across the frozen lake, and immerse in the barren beauty of Lapland's largest lake.  

Be Well

Round off this quirky stargazing adventure with a mobile hot tub and sauna experience at an additional cost. 

Tailor Make Your Trip

Allow our team of travel specialists to craft the perfect itinerary at Mobile Aurora Cabins and beyond. We'll design a trip that reflects your travel style and budget.

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