The archipelago trail

Cycle Holiday on Finland's Archipelago Trail

Discover the archipelago trail and cycle your way over islands and bridges, through small towns and villages, and where the road ends a ferry will carry you to the next island. The Archipelago trail is easy to explore by bicycle. Quiet roads, stunning coastal scenery and family run accommodation, where a warm welcome is assured. A route is provided for each day but with the flexibility to set your own pace and to stop at places of interest along the way. You really can enjoy the serenity, good food and archipelago atmosphere that makes this part of Finland so special.




Day 1 - Naantali

Arriving into Naantali head to the Hotel Palo in the old town, where you will spend your first evening. This beautiful hotel is of traditional wooden architecture and provides a cozy welcome. After settling into your room it is time to get your bikes and familiarize yourself with them. You will collect them from the Visit Naantali office, who will also provide you with any extra information you may require for your adventure ahead. (Please note that luggage transfer is not provided, you will need to carry in your side bags any items that you require.) The rest of the day is free to explore. You can take a tour in the old town and have dinner in one of the fine restaurants you will find tucked away down alleys and side streets. It is possible to visit the monastery church or just take it easy and chill out in one of the many beachfront terraces.

Day 2 Naantali - Vaihela (35km biking distance)

Departure day for your island hopping biking tour.This beautiful biking route shows you thrilling views of seaside Naantali. The route is 35km long with various up and down hills. From the rocks, before the bridge you can catch the unbelievable views towards Kultaranta Presidential Garden. All along this morning's journey, you can admire green fields, stop and enjoy coffee or refreshments at one of the many cafe’s along the way. Our recommended pit stop is at Rymättyläntie, near the Särkänsalmi bridge.

Your route will take you through some wonderful villages and towns, well worth taking the time to hop off the saddle and explore. One such stop is in Merimasku village centre, where you will find the sixth oldest wooden church still in use in Finland. There are also two restaurants at the beach front, where you can have lunch from fresh local ingredients Your destination on this leg is the town of Teersalo. From Teersalo you will take a yellow ferry (free of charge) to Palva island, it departs every half an hour. There are a restaurant and a shop just next to the ferry departure point.

On arriving on Palva island you will traverse across the island, passing old wooden churches and stunning coastal scenery, until the next ferry (free of charge) to Velkuanmaa. This ferry is going also every half an hour. From ferry harbour, it is a short ride to your overnight home at the Archipelago Hotel Vaihela. Depending on how quickly you made your arrival, you will have time to explore the surroundings; walk the nature path, take a boat cruise, a sauna or have a local dinner in the restaurant. The staff can also introduce their wine cellar for you before dinner. The nature and the environment around are stunningly beautiful, this place really rocks! Big recommendation.

Day 3 Vaihela - Kustavil (30km)

On this day you have two options, either take the 08.00am or 03.00pm ferry from Teersalo to Hakkenpää. Whichever time you choose you need to start to depart from Hotel Vaihela either around 06.30am or 01.00pm. The Teersalo-Hakkenpää ferry takes about one hour and it is free of charge.

From Hakkenpää you take the road to Kustavi town centre and onto Lootholma where you are staying overnight. The apartments enjoy a delightful woodland setting, with some featuring shoreline views. You will have a big apartment with separate bedrooms and a sauna. In Kustavi you can explore the town centre with its nice cafés, restaurants, and boutiques, or you can just stay at Lootholma and enjoy the natural surroundings, take a gentle stroll along the shoreline and revel in the seaside views from your apartment terrace. (Breakfast included from Fri to Sun, during the summer months, if an overnight stay is between Sun-Thu then breakfast is not included but there is a full kitchen to cook for yourself).

Day 4 Kustavi - Inio - Houtksar (23km)

Time for a little island hopping and a few small ferry journeys. Your first sailing this morning is on the ferry from Heponiemi (Kustavi) to Kannvik (Iniö). The boat departs many times a day and is free of charge. You won’t stay overnight in Iniö but you have plenty of time to explore the island. Visit the museum of maritime equipment or go to a silent and “secret” beach to have a swim. There are plenty of marked hiking paths to explore starting near to Norrby village center. Continue your journey with the ferry from Iniö to Houtskär. The ferry takes you from Dalen (Iniö) to Mossala (Houtskär). In Houtskär you will cycle to your overnight stay in Mossala Island Resort, which you will find close by the ferry harbour. Step into the region's heritage exploring Saint Maria’s church, Saint Andreas culture path, Archipelago navigation museum complex, restaurants, Nässby’s midsummer flagstaff and mill, Hyppeis is one of the most beautiful villages in Houtskär. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Ahvenanmaa (Åland). If you leave early in the morning from Lootholma, there will be enough time to explore both islands, Iniö and Houtskär.

Day 5 Houtskar - Korppoo (37km)

Savour a restful morning, enjoy an easy breakfast at Mossala Restaurant before starting your day outside. Spend time exploring more of the island, before you go to the ferry harbor in the afternoon, ferries (free of charge) go approximately one per hour in the morning, fewer in the afternoon and evening. It is recommended that you spend most of the day in Houtskär. After the ferry, you can take your belongings to the Archipelago Centre Korpostrom, where you will spend the night. This modern hotel sits on the harbour front, providing each of the rooms with wonderful views. Having tucked away your belongings spend time visiting some of the mysterious places of Korppoo, including the grey stone church that dates back to the 1200’s. There is also the possibility to see a wide variety of animals as you travel around the archipelago, including fox, swans, sea eagles, seals and roe deer.

Day 6 Korppoo - Nauvo (31km)

After the breakfast you can continue exploring Korppoo a little, before taking the ferry from Korppoo to Nauvo, which departs every 15 minutes and is free of charge. Nauvo centre and beach front are idyllic and busy. This small village gives you the cosmopolitan feeling of a south European coastal town. Plenty of restaurants, boutiques and cafes to enliven the atmosphere. In Nauvo there are a few must see spots. Jatulintarha at Finby is a small rock labyrinth formation dating back hundreds of years, no one knows when and by whom it was built. Overnight at Martta’s Inn, one of the oldest and most famous guesthouses in the whole of Nauvo.

Day 7 Nauvo - Naantali (33km or 74km)

Your final day in the saddle and, depending on how fit you are feeling as your holiday nears the end, you can choose from a variety of routes and distances. You can take the M/S Östern ferry from Nauvo to Hanka. From Hanka, Rymättylä, the distance to Naantali is about 33km. The way is more comfortable compared to via Parainen, but there are a few more hills. You can stop at Rymättylä center to have lunch or coffee. Restaurant Pohjakulma serves delicious local food so that is a good place to stop before Naantali. If you take this route you don’t have to rush that much to be early back in Naantali.

The alternative route goes from Nauvo through Parainen, Kaarina and Turku, before arriving into Naantali, a distance of approx 74km. This option is a bit longer so it is a good idea to start out a little earlier from Nauvo. There is one ferry from Nauvo to Parainen that departs every 20 minutes, which is free of charge. First stop could be on Sattmark Café in Parainen, there you can have lunch or coffee. After that you will ride towards Turku. An interesting stop is the Kuusisto Castle’s ruins. Finally, you will arrive at Turku where you find so many things to see and do that you will need extra days to cover it. For example, visit the Turku Cathedral and have a meal in one of the many riverboats. After spending some time in Turku continue onto Naantali and the end of your cycling trip around the Finnish archipelago.


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