Torngat Mountains


Summer Wildlife Viewing and Inuit Cultural Holiday Canada

Polar bears, Inuit culture, deep fjords and mile high mountains can be experienced in Canada's newest park, the spectacular Torngat Mountains National Park. Explore the far northern wilderness of Labrador, with mountain peaks over 1,600 metres, deep fjords dotted with giant icebergs and catch a glimpse of the mighty polar bear in its wild home. The dramatic landscape provides the perfect back drop to peacefully watching both Polar and Black Bears patrol the territory and icebergs journey south from Greenland. This once in a lifetime active holiday sees days filled with walking in the mountains and fjords with local Inuit guides. Learn about not only the local culture and Inuit history, but also added unexpected depth to our understanding of the land and the sea. 




Day 1:

Your journey begins with a flight north to the beautiful Saglek fjord. Tonight is spent at the fjord-side base camp where guests can chat with park staff and researchers who are stationed in northern Labrador to develop a better understanding of this remote eco-system. Orientation of the camp is provided on arrival, and a variety of facilities, including kitchen, laundry and washrooms with hot showers are onsite. Each evening hot meals are provided consisting of traditional food, from fresh arctic char on deck at sunset to snacking on traditional plants on wilderness hikes.

Day 2:

The itinerary is the ultimate goal but, needless to say, nature is in control in Labrador more than most places on earth so expect a degree of flexibility. Explore Saglek fjord by boat, hike along stunning mountain ranges or peacefully kayak along the shoreline for those that want to explore in silence. The basecamp is operated by local Inuit bear guides who are on hand to provide logistics and planning support. Satellite phone communication is available for emergencies.

The breathtaking vistas of the Torngat Mountains are home to some of the oldest and richest rock and mineral features on earth. They also preserve textbook evidence of some of earth’s most fascinating and ancient geological processes.

Staying at: Torngat Mountains Base Camp

Day 3:

Today’s schedule follows the same as yesterday's. An important focal point of the Inuit cultural landscape, Sallikuluk on Rose Island is a must see. The site features deeply layered archaeological sites spanning 5,000 years of human history. Sod house villages, burial sites and hunting grounds are dwarfed by the spectacular mountain backdrop. The perfect setting to hear some of the most important stories of the Inuit people and to comprehend our great spiritual association with the land. Inuit culture is deeply rooted in the land with an affiliation with the natural environment. This is intricately reflected in their history, traditions, and language. Inuttitut, the traditional language, is still spoken in communities, and many continue to practise the song, dance, oral history and storytelling of their ancestors. The Labrador Inuit have retained their cultural identity with reverent authenticity.

Day 4:

This morning you will travel further north into the remote landscapes to hike to the site of Ramah. Once the home of a small Moravian mission, Ramah is one of the most significant historical sites in Northern Labrador. It is the only known source of a semi-translucent form of chert – a stone of great spiritual and economic value that was used for precision tool-making as early as 7,500 years ago. Its discovery among remnants of many distinct aboriginal cultures provides valuable information about the trade and travel of ancient North American peoples.

Day 5:

In addition to nights at the official basecamp, nights are also spent in the fjords, surrounded by ancient rock and culture. Today journey further into wild Labrador, aiming for Nachvak. Choose to hike, kayak, or, for the brave, swim along the fjords. Plunge into the icy waters to swim with huge arctic char. Polar bears are known to take a dip in these waters so you may have to wait your turn. Icebergs dot the waters, whilst sharp mountaintops cut into the sky as far as the eye can see.

Day 6:

Travelling through this pristine wilderness you won’t know whether to look up at the surrounding peaks or at the wildflower meadows right below your feet. Amazingly, over 300 species of ferns and flowering plants grow here, along with more than 200 types of mosses that create rolling carpets of colour throughout summer. Ancient archaeological sites provide a base for hiking into the mountains to follow traditional routes where the paths are kept alive by the caribou and bear.

Without a doubt, the Torngat Mountains is polar bear country. These powerful, majestic creatures share this land with an amazing diversity of Arctic life. In spring black bears emerge from hibernation, caribou return to begin the next generation. Wolves, arctic fox and lemmings are on the hunt, while in the fjords are frequented by whales and seals accompanying the drifting ice southward. This is the summer home of harlequin ducks, peregrine falcons and dozens of other bird species. In the Torngats, wildlife thrives in this spectacular, pristine natural environment.

Day 7:

Located south of Torngat Mountain Basecamp, the community of Hebron was first settled by Moravian Missionaries in 1830. Now a National Historic Site, this once-thriving and beloved Inuit settlement has a richly storied past of both triumph and tragedy. While in Hebron be certain to visit the cemeteries of German missionaries and ancient stone graves dating back thousands of years. Whilst trekking the mountains of Torngat try to spot animals scattered about the mountains before the experienced eyes of our guides see them.

Day 8:

Spend your final morning at the base camp before catching your return flight back to Goose Bay. Use your time to soak in the remote wilderness and meet local artists to view their carvings. A four day hiking extension is available for those wanting to explore the deep wilderness.


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  • All meals

  • Ground transportation

  • Use of boats and kayaks

  • Guide, bear guard and bear dog


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Photo Credits: Parks Canada, Heiko Wittenborn

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