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The Treehotel


Artistic creativity and natural serenity combine at the renowned Treehotel in Harads, near the Lule river in north Sweden. Atop a tall pine forest, these individually-designed treetop rooms offer an extraordinary adventure in the great outdoors under the astounding Aurora Borealis.

Sleep Well

The tree rooms, suspended up to 10 metres above ground, are unique feats of creative architecture, from the camouflaged Mirrorcube and Bird's Nest, to the quirky UFO and Blue Cone, and the spectacular, spacious 7th Room. There are also 12 beds in the guesthouse.

Eat Well

In the guesthouse, chefs serve up gourmet cuisine featuring local seasonal delicacies, like home baked bread, reindeer, moose, lemon sorbet, and hand-picked forest berries. Special dining experiences, including a bear dinner with Sami bear ceremony, can also be arranged.

Play Well

Explore steep cliffs, verdant forests, and serene lakes on a hike, go rafting, horse riding, canoeing, biking, ice fishing, dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling, visit a Sami family, and see moose, bears, and reindeer, all under the amazing Northern Lights.

Be Well

Guests can relax in the Tree Sauna and Forest Spa, take a yoga class in the fresh forest or on a frozen lake, enjoy a sauna meditation session, get a workout along the running trail, experience a chilly snow bath, and slow down with a traditional Swedish fika.

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Allow our team of travel specialists to craft the perfect itinerary at Treehotel Sweden and beyond. We'll design a trip that reflects your travel style and budget.

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