Date: 14/05/2020

The Nordic Isocation

Author: Laura
Location: Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands

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2020 will be the year the world learnt how to social distance to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Until a vaccine is secured, these changes in our lifestyle and behaviour will be here to stay. When it’s time to leave lockdown, we may feel both a sense of freedom and apprehension. But when the time is right, we believe that many travellers will be seeking the best places to spend their holidays which offer a sense of isolation and space, or “Isocation” (isolation+vacation).

I set up Magnetic North Travel 10 years ago attracted to the Nordic destinations for the feeling of space and the ability to escape. 10 years later, and in entirely different circumstances, that same sense of freedom is calling stronger than ever before. I am predicting that travellers will be looking for reassurance from the travel industry to help them feel confident to board a plane and venture overseas. Travelling to the Nordic countries is a great first step out of the pandemic and into a new way of exploring the world.

Here are three reasons why you should choose Magnetic North and the Nordic countries for your next isocation:

1. A small population density and miles of wilderness

The Nordic countries have low population sizes in comparison to their land areas. For example Finland has 16 people per square kilometer, compared to England at 430 per sq km and Norway at 17 and Sweden at 23. The region has an abundance of space which provides ample opportunities for outdoor experiences away from crowds.

2. Discover remote self contained bubbles

Many of our signature stays are remote hideaways: a lodge on an Arctic island, fjordside and forest cabins, treetop rooms, glass igloos, mobile cabins on vast lakes, houseboats and more. All of the properties we work with are observing government recommended guidelines for social distancing whilst offering amazing experiences. Explore our many suggestions for remote Nordic isocations at this link or get in touch with our team to start planning a much needed adventure in Winter or Summer 2021.

3. Feel safe

The Nordic region, on the whole, has managed to contain the spread of the pandemic having taken early steps to initiate lockdowns. Sweden’s alternative approach to lockdown has resulted in more cases of COVID-19 than the rest of the region and it remains to be seen if this strategy was the correct one to take. However, the Nordic countries are consistently ranked highly for their quality of life and well being, with continual public investment in infrastructure, healthcare and other public services. Visitors to the countries can access emergency treatment if needed offering high levels of pre-vaccine reassurance.

We’ll be bringing you isocation inspiration over the coming weeks and months to ensure you have the opportunity to escape, switch off and benefit from a secluded and stress-free break.

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