Date: 30/10/2018

Where to see whales in Northern Norway in winter 2019/20

Author: Vanessa
Location: Norway

There’s been much speculation over where in Northern Norway the population of orca whales might return after their unexpected migration further north last winter season. We now know that a pod of orca has been spotted last week in the fjords of the Lyngen Alps enabling us once more to design trips to view them undisturbed in their natural environment. 

For several years, there were regular sightings of orca whales in the waters near Tromso where they were feeding on the rich population of herring. In November 2017, the whales followed their food to the fjords of the Lyngen Alps closer to the city of Alta than Tromso. This meant that whale watching tours were only possible on board faster and bigger vessels from Tromso - not the kind of close-to-nature experience we might hope for. Many clients diverted their trips to Alta to enjoy a chance to spot the whales rather than travel for a day on the larger cruise boat.

Wildlife enthusiasts can follow their dream of spotting orca in Norway’s Arctic region and the team at Magnetic North can help make that dream come true. Alta is now the go-to hub for whale watching in winter in Northern Norway and luckily there are many ways to enjoy a spectacular winter adventure in the Finnmark region. Here’s where to start but get in touch with our team who’ll help you to design the trip that’s perfect for you.

The best way to observe the whales in Northern Norway is to stay in one of our wilderness lodges and cabins. Last year, a few lucky clients were able to spot the whales feasting from the comfort of their breakfast table! It looks like the whales kept the lodge in good memory, as they returned to the same spot a few days ago. From the lodge, travellers can join a variety of small excursions including small boat safaris, designed for non-intrusive, close-up encounters. Learn more about the tour. 

Alta is home to an ice hotel and a large skiing area overlooking its dramatic fjords, so why not add a cosy cabin stay or a magical night in a room made from ice and snow to your journey? You can also search for the magical Northern Lights in this dark-skied region as a wonderful bonus. 

Get in touch with the team to learn more about winter whale watching in Northern Norway. 


Photos: Header, photo 1,2,3: Visit Lyngenfjord photo2; Sorrisiniva Icehotel, photo 3: Arctic Panorama Lodge photo 4: Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

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