Date: 11/12/2015

Top 5 Nordic Hiking Trails

Author: Kirsi
Location: Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands

Witnessing a beautiful view where light and landscape align perfectly makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Here are our top tried and tested hiking routes in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries for you to consider on your next holiday.

1 . Lysefjord, Norway

Based in the famous fjord area of Norway, one of Norway’s most visited hikes, the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) overlooks the fjord. The hike takes about 2 - 3 hours each way and includes 3 short climbs. At the top the hikers are rewarded with a dizzying view from the 604-meter high Preikestolen cliff, which dives vertically into the Lysefjord.

To beat the crowds, we recommend joining a guided hike in the wee small hours and witnessing the sunrise over the fjord - the most beautiful moment of the day! For the adventurous ones, we recommend a multi-day hike which also includes the Kjerag, a boulder which hangs between two cliffs over the fjord and Florli, 444 steps leading up to yet another breathtaking view.  

2. Lyngen Alps, Norway

Both in summer and in winter the Lyngen Alps offer a stunning natural panorama, to outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. The world famous fjord is located above the Arctic Circle and can easily be reached from Tromso. Whether you’d like to unwind and relax as you enjoy the view over the pristine blue fjords or burn off energy as you either ski, hike or climb fjord, the Lyngen Alps cater for all.

We recommend a visit to the glaciers of the Lyngen Alps which are best explored on a guided tour. At the foot of the impressive moraines you can get up close with the perpetual ice at any time of the year.

Alternatively, you could climb one of the many summits rewarding you with breathtaking views on the fjords from above. A must-do for the determined mountaineer is to conquer the highest mountaintop the Jiehkkevarri which rises staggering 1.834 meters above the fjord. More relaxed hikers can enjoy equally stunning views from the summit of Kavringtinden and Rornestinden, which both can be reached from Lyngeseidet.

3. Menesjärvi, Finland

The one for families, this peaceful area is home to Finland’s largest national park, Lemmenjoki. The round rolling fells are the perfect setting for a first outdoor adventure for children. A day of easy hiking will start with a river boat ride to the Ravadas Falls. The river opens a beautiful view of the Joenkielinen fell before you’ll arrive at a roaring waterfall. Follow one of the hiking tracks for an easy climb and spot the wildlife that has made its home in the national park: reindeer,

Late summers and early autumn is an excellent time to experience the full spectrum of colour - take snack breaks picking berries or simply enjoy the Autumn leaves as all layers from moss to treetops are changing to fiery colours of yellows, reds and oranges.

4. Nordenskiöld, Spitsbergen

Almost at the ends of the Earth, the Nordenskiöld Glacier is a destination for the adventurers and explorers or those wanting to disappear off grid for a while. You don’t need to be an olympic athlete to join a glacier hiking tour - good health and sense of adventure is all that is needed to conquer the wilds of Svalbard.

A particularly superb excursion into the vast wilderness is a visit to the Nordenskiöld national park. Named after scientist and explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, the national park stretches along the coastline of the Southern peninsulas of Svalbard and can be reached from Barentsburg or Longyearbyen. The park hosts the largest ice-free valleys and allows visitors to view the unique species roaming in the lush Arctic landscape. Chances to encounter the Svalbard reindeer are much smaller and furrier species in this part of the island are quite high.

Beware of the bear

As Svalbard is territory of the polar bear and in fact hosts a larger population of polar bears than humans, chances to encounter the otherwise elusive bear are quite high. As encounters with the bear are not only fascinating but can also be dangerous make sure to always stay within close proximity to your guide.

The team at Magnetic North Travel can arrange your hiking holiday in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Faroe Islands. Join a multi-day group departure, daytrips from one location or a private guided tour. Our team of travel specialists are on hand to help.

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5.  Faroe Islands

Hiking through the evergreen landscapes of the Faroes as gentle hills and mellow fjords unfold in front of you will make you forget about the rest of the world in no time. As you explore the primordial beauty of this island group in the North Pacific, time will slow and allow you to appreciate the quirks of the island. Whether you’d like to see the puffin in his natural habitat, spot eagles, or experience the heritage of the Vikings a hike through the Faroes won’t disappoint.

For relaxed hikers a 7km trek from the Faroese capital Tórshavn, over to Kirkjubøur will be an ideal opportunity to enjoy great views over the coast and the surrounding islands. As you walk through the grass-covered fells, you’ll encounter the Faroese most populous and wooly inhabitants. Soon your hiking trail will lead you to a cathedral from medieval times and then reward you with the highlight of your journey: a 11th century farm house home to the local farmer Joannes Patursson. Throughout your entire walk keep an eye out for puffins, razorbills, kittiwakes and guillemots, whose high numbers at this part of the island have been attracting ornithologists, who lay in wait for hours to watch these island inhabitants roam around in their thousands.

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