Date: 03/09/2016

Three not-to-be missed Nordic sea voyages

Author: Laura
Location: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands

Hurtigruten Coastal Express, Norway

The Hurtigruten Coastal Express has been travelling along the spectacular Norwegian coastline for more than 120 years. The famous sea voyage has been celebrated for its truly unique and authentic experience that no other cruise offers. Its history goes back to 1893, which was a year when Richard With became one of the nation’s maritime pioneers providing a service to connect northern Norway with the rest of the country. For many locals, not only being a transportation option, the ships are also highly valued as a piece of Norwegian tradition and culture.

Carrying the Norwegian history with them makes the Hurtigruten authentic, providing meaningful and unique adventures to its customers from season to season, enabling them to explore Norway’s natural beauty, its local culture and heritage. Moreover, Hurtigruten offers an amazing opportunity to encounter locals, as well as travelers from all over the world.

The journey voyages along the stunning coastline of Norway from Bergen in the South to Kirkenes in the North, making stops at 34 ports along the coast, including smaller ports never visited by large cruise ships. Along with the natural beauty, the stunning fjords and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, some of the coastal highlights include the friendly and lively cities of Alesund, Tromso and Trondheim, as well as the beautiful islands of the Lofoten and Vesteralan.

Magnetic North’s Hurtigruten voyage holidays are flexible, meaning that you can enjoy the entire journey uninterrupted, or opt to include land excursions and accommodation into the mix. Our team has travelled the length of the voyage from top to bottom and would be delighted to share our expert knowledge with you. 

Arctic Umiaq Line, Greenland

Greenland’s towns and villages have emerged in the shadow of the ice cap. The only way to connect between them is by air or ferry since there are no roads and having a car is of little use. The Arctic Umiaq Line is used by locals and travellers alike as an alternative to flying and a way to get close to Greenlandic culture and people. The red ship travels some of the length of western Greenland with amazing views to the Icebergs near the Ilulissat Icefjord through to the stunning coastline of southern Greenland.

The company was founded in 1774 and since then its fleet has been sailing the waters around Greenland for more than 200 years. In the early days this was the Inuit people’s traditional way for transportation and hunting. At this time boats had wooden frames covered with sealskin. The name Umiaq comes from those times, meaning women’s boat since the umiaq was rowed by women.

The ship, Sarfaq Ittuk, sails along the coast, between Ilulissat in the North and Qaqortoq in South, calling at every town and at a few larger settlements. On the magnificent journey while enjoying the changing landscapes, you may also get to enjoy whale watching if you are lucky enough.

Like the Hurtigruten voyages, our team can put together a tailored holiday with some days spent at sea along with land accommodation and excursions. 

Smyril Line, Iceland/Faroe Islands

The only passenger ship, M/S Norröna, operating in the North Atlantic all year round offers a great way to visit Iceland and Faroe Islands from continental Europe (Denmark). Smyril Line was established in 1982.  

On an adventurous journey with Smyril Line, you will experience incredible views over the horizon when crossing the Atlantic to the North, as well as, the possibility to spot diverse species of birds and even whales if you are lucky. The memorable experience continues indoors where you are offered various entertainment possibilities. You can taste some North Atlantic specialities over dinner, do some souvenir shopping or just relax and enjoy the spectacular views.

The Smyril Line experience can be enjoyed as a cruise itself, self-drive holiday or part of the package holiday. At Magnetic North Travel we would be happy to make a tailor made package for you, for example, a self-drive holiday combining Iceland and Faroe Islands to explore both must-see destinations with your own vehicle. 

Get in touch with our team for a voyage of inspiration!

Image credits: Trym Ivar Bergsmo, Bjørn Eide, Jan Holthe 

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