Date: 25/09/2018

The best foodie destinations in Scandinavia

Author: Vanessa
Location: Finland, Norway, Sweden

Timing is of the essence when searching for the finest flavours a region has on offer. While booking a foodie-inspired trip to  Scandinavia is always a good idea there are a few things to consider when searching for West Sweden's marine treasures, Lapland's berry bounty or the best cinnamon buns out there. Bearing in mind that there is a reason (mouth-watering foods galore) and a season for everything we summed up our favourite foodie seasons in the Magnetic North.

Berry season-get involved 

If you’d like to roll up your sleeves and venture into the woods late August and September is the best time to search Lapland’s rolling hills for seasonal produce including mushrooms and berries. Berry season is a great time to explore sub-Arctic forests displaying all riot of reds, oranges, and yellows. Once the precious cargo is safely delivered to your wilderness lodge you may witness your basket of lingonberries into a refreshing juice and your mushrooms turn into a creamy side dish-potentially accompanying a moose steak.

Crayfish season-when fresh seafood is on top of the menu

In Western Sweden, the return of the crayfish sparks a flurry of garden parties, spiced up with one or two shots of local schnapps. The saltwater species can only be caught at the beginning of August and is unique to West Sweden. Accompanied by crisp bread, salads and aioli the main event is devoured during a merry, relatively spontaneous get-together only complete when wearing a crayfish-party hat. If the locals go cray-cray about it, it’s well worth travelling for. 

King crab safaris-a foodie-inspired winter adventure 

King crabs are the stuff dreams are made of, nightmares about eight-legged ocean creatures emerging from the frozen water hunting for their prey-or if you’re a foodie a scrumptious seafood dish made from juicy crab meat. Since king crabs are considered an invasive species to Norway’s shores-foodies can enjoy the crab guilt-free. The crab itself is best enjoyed with a glass of white wine and a dash of mayonnaise. King crab safaris can be enjoyed throughout the year but we recommend travelling during winter since it coincides with the icehotel and wildlife season. 

Cinnamon buns - celebrate cinnamon bun day

On 4. October, Scandinavia celebrates cinnamon bun day. The sweet treat sitting in the front row of any Nordic bakery is the perfect autumn treat. Add some Scandic coffee and a friend and you’ve got yourself a little moment of Fika. Though cinnamon buns are morale-boosting hiking companions, we think that the early days of autumn are best experienced during trip that balances between city bakeries and nature vistas. If you fancy a spa experience we recommend this Helsinki break, or perhaps Stockholm’s rocky islands look like a good backdrop to your bun? 

Scandi street food-explore the Christmas markets 

The Nordic Countries are in no short supply of creative and traditional winter warmers. Foodies with a penchant for the winter season will know that Christmas markets are the perfect place to try winter soul foods and drinks. On top of the list you’ll find glog, traditional mulled wine and Christmas-inspired street foods inlcuding pinnekjøtt (dry-cured ribs of lamb),  ribbe (pork ribs or pork belly, bone in), but lutefisk (cod cured in lye).

Credits: |Header Carolina Romare, Visit Sweden, Photo 1,  Kraler Flo-Lyngen Lodge, Photo 2, Kopikartano, Photo 3 Carolina Romare, Visit Sweden, Photo 4 MNT staff, Photo 5: Visit Oslo 








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