Date: 10/06/2019

Our review of Sapmi Nature Camp in Swedish Lapland

Author: Annie
Location: Sweden

With a whole world to discover the modern traveler often falls into a common trap, the need to rush, cram, and juggle. The wish to recharge turns into the obligation to rush. FOMO is real, as the kids say. Sapmi Nature Camp takes an entirely different stance. The eco glamping adventure encourages travelers to deepen their relationship with Swedish Lapland’s soothings wilds. This is a place to slow down, immerse and learn from those who have learned to thrive in the raw beauty of Swedish Lapland. Other than warm clothes a sense of curiosity is the most important item to bring.

The camp is run by Sami herder Lennart, and throughout my stay, I learned about his passion and respect for the nature he is surrounded by. Above all, Lennart’s commitment to sustainability has stayed with me the most. As the camp is surrounded by a belt of unspoilt nature, travelers can learn a thing or two about self-sufficiency. Even for the modern eco-traveler, it is amazing to think that the Sami have lived on these lands without leaving any visible trace. Still, Lennart’s work has not gone unnoticed, Sapmi Nature Camp has earned the Grand Travel Award for Best Swedish Ecotourism 2019, and one of the ‘world’s best ecolodges’ by National Geographic in 2017. 

What is deemed award-worthy, has been second nature to the Sami people for centuries. Freshwater is sourced from the river, firewood from the forest we’re surrounded by. On camp, there is no running water, wi-fi, nor electricity. Still, the level of comfort has come as a surprise. An attentive host, a cosy lavvo retreat and a wide range of activities to choose from kept us warm in all ways possible. If all else fails there is a barrel-shaped sauna, too! Dozing off with the vague anticipation of being woken up to see the spectacular Northern Lights does feel quite special. Those who share my initial concerns about warmth will be glad to hear that one of the first things you’ll learn about is how to keep your glamping tent toasty throughout the night. 

The most soul-warming part of my visit was the food. Food, wherever possible, is sourced from your surroundings allowing guests to put a taste on the landscape. The forest floor and river is a source for lunch. Reindeer, a Sami’s most important asset are a source of food, fur, and tools made from bones. Nothing is being wasted. At the lodge, we tasted the catch of the day, Arctic Char, reindeer sausage alongside potatoes and asparagus. Again, simplicity done well made our camp dinner amazingly memorable. 

If you fancy a hands-on experience you can join Lennart on his day-to-day work with the reindeer, a trade he has learned from his parents. Alternatively, you can join other outdoor activities. Lennart recommends playing these activities by ear. It’s always good to have a plan but being flexible is just as important when it comes to making the most of outdoor experiences. To allow for enough time to truly immerse I recommend staying for 2-3 days. 

Does Arctic glamping sound like you? Then do get in touch with the team and we’ll be delighted to arrange a stay at Sapmi Nature Camp for you. The trip can be combined with other similar glamping adventures nearby. Or perhaps a stay at the iconic Treehotel or the magical ICEHOTEL?

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