Date: 16/09/2019

New ways to see the Northern Lights Winter 19/20

Author: Vanessa
Location: Finland, Norway, Sweden

As the Aurora season has emerged on the horizon we're excited to introduce the latest and most innovative ways to observe the bucket list phenomenon. This year, visitors drawn to the Arctic Circle can embrace boundary-pushing architecture at the Arctic Bath, unplug at a Northern Norway detox lodge, glamp on the frozen Baltic Sea or marvel the Aurora at eye-level. 

Launching February 2020: The Arctic Bath, Sweden 

The long-anticipated Arctic Bath, a floating eco-spa retreat in Swedish Lapland, is now accepting bookings for February 2020. Similar to its sibling, the nearby Treehotel, the circular cluster of treatment chambers pushes boundaries by taking lessons from nature. Architect Bertil Harström and Johan Kaupp took their inspiration from Sweden’s timber floating era and designed a nest-like structure, resembling a jam of floating timber. The spa features 12 private treatment chambers, hot and cold baths and a variety of Nordic saunas. Sheltered from Arctic climes travellers can scan the skies for the Aurora Borealis from the spa's open-air center. 

Make it a journey: New: Taste and unwind in the Arctic 

Combine play and relaxation on this new twin-center itinerary stopping at the Arctic Retreat and the Arctic Bath. Embrace the wilderness cabin lifestyle at the Arctic Retreat, a collection of luxurious, panoramic log cabins. Join the lodge’s Masterchef for a private cooking session to learn about the surprisingly exquisite Arctic Cuisine. Then rejuvenate body and mind at the Arctic Bath. Here, guests can choose to stay in the spa’s riverbank or floating lodges, each celebrating the minimalist ingenuity of Nordic architecture. 

Launching 6. January 2020: Sleep and dine on top of the Baltic Sea, Sweden

Travel miles away from civilisation onto the frozen Baltic Sea. With zero light pollution and well above the Arctic Circle, travelers have a good chance to observe the Northern Lights in the most unusual setting. A red-timber cabin pulled onto the ice with a snowcat will serve as a private restaurant. Outside the mobile cabin, a private chef will prepare a mouth-watering meal on an open fire. After a hearty meal, travelers will retreat to a candle-lit lavvo-inspired tent featuring skyview windows. Perhaps this is the most romantic spot to watch out for the Aurora Borealis?

 Make it a journey: Arctic dining and outdoor adventures 

Keep romance levels high and combine the one-of-a-kind experience staying at the nearby Treehotel. Stay in a UFO, Mirror Cube or Bird’s Nest and chase adventure and or the Northern Lights on a dog-sled or snowmobile. 

New itinerary: Arctic elements-a romantic luxury adventure, Norway

Kirkenes is an Arctic frontier in many respects. Nestled at the shores of the Barents Sea and a stone-throw from the Russian-Norwegian border, travelers will experience life at the northeastern edge of Norway. Start the journey with a digital detox at Varanger Lodge followed by two nights at the Kirkenes Snowhotel. At Varanger Lodge, a luxury glass-fronted retreat perching over the rugged fjords, guests will unwind in a wi-fi-free zone. Get a taste of local life and join host Edgar, a fisherman by trade and passion, on a king crab safari. Taste the sumptuous crabs minutes after catching them. Then continue the journey to the Kirkenes Snowhotel where a menu of soft adventures and warm and cold accommodation choices await. 

Launching 1. December 2019: Take to the skies from Rovaniemi, Finland 

Seeing the Northern Lights at eye-level from an airplane’s window is one of the most magical ways of seeing the Aurora Borealis. An added perk of flying to see the Northern Lights is the reduced the risk of clouds obstructing sky views. This winter ambitious Aurora Hunters can board a two-hour flight to track the elusive Northern Lights. 

Make it a journey: Wilderness cabin stay and Northern Lights 

Go beyond Rovaniemi’s obvious Santa appeal and stay in a wilderness cabin far from the city’s merry bustle. Choose to join a variety of outdoor activities including snowshoeing, dog-sledding and (e-)snowmobiling. With direct flight connections from Manchester and London, this Rovaniemi itinerary makes a perfect wilderness getaway for time-conscious travelers. 

Header: Wild Nordic Photo 1: Graeme Richardson Photo 2: Arctic Bath Photo 3: Anders Blomqvist Photo 4: Nordguide Photo 7,8: Wild Nordic 

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