Date: 11/03/2017

Michelin star dining in the Nordic countries

Author: Vanessa
Location: Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands

2017 has been a star-studded year for Nordic restaurateurs looking for the highest accolade in fine dining. Among the clutch this year is the first ever Michelin star for the Faroe Islands as well as a clutch of restaurants showcasing wild Nordic ingredients to an ever appreciative audience. But hurry, tables at these six newly starred restaurants will be in demand…

KOKS-Kirkjubømúrurin-Faroe Islands 

The biggest smiles probably emerged on the face of KOKS restaurant owner Poul Andrias Ziska who earned the first Michelin star on behalf of the Faroe Islands. Congratulations, even from the minister of foreign trade and affairs were on order. According to Poul Andrias Ziska the recipe for success is bold and simple: “At KOKS, our aim is to create the ultimate dining experience. An experience strongly influenced by our deep-rooted Faroese traditions and the remarkable local produce found at our doorstep. This is our strength, and often our job is simply to let the extraordinary produce speak for itself”.

The fact that the 26 year old head chef sometimes hand-picks seaweed, sea urchins or mussels at the beach stands testament to KOKS humble approach to cookery. As the team works with the seasonal produce, your dish will take you on a journey through time and life on the Faroe Islands. Maybe this is where we can see a little bit of regional pride shimmering through the meticulously prepared marine and meat dishes. If you’d like to enjoy a meal that is simple, exquisite, traditional and innovative at the same time, taking a seat at KOKS will be the perfect experience for you.

How to get to KOKS

Kirkjubømúrurin is situated on the west coast of Streymoy, the Faroese main island. A 15-minute car ride or a 45-minute bike ride from the capital Torshavn will take you to the restaurant. The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 18:30

Re-Naa, Stavanger-Norway

So far Oslo has been on the foodie radar for any Norwegian Michelin star experience. In 2016 a new star rose on the horizon, as Stavanger-based restaurant Re-Naa convinced the jury of its perfectionist, French-inspired haute cuisine. In an intimate atmosphere only amplified by the quaint woodhouse exterior of the restaurant, first-class service and cuisine go hand in hand. The varied dining experience consists of 20 dishes from a tasting menu which features local ingredients consisting of fish, mussels, eggs and fresh vegetables. The bite-sized dishes boiled down to flavoursome perfection burst of creativity and daring combinations. The perfect treat for any foodie, who would like experience something out of the ordinary.

How to get to Ren-Naa

Re-Naa is nestled in a street corner of Stavanger’s old town and can be reached within a few minutes, walking from the city center.


Similar to its bigger brother, world-renowned Noma who switched the Nordic cityscape for the Mexican jungle, 108 offers a creative interpretation of Nordic-inspired food. Using traditional methods of foraging, pickling and fermenting the Michelin star restaurant puts a creative, artful spin on its comparatively affordable meals. The dining experience comes with a view on Copenhagen’s old town and thus creates a bridge between nature and urban environment.

How to get to 108

A visit to 108 is easily arranged due to its prime location at the heart of Copenhagen. As we often arrange trips to Greenland via Copenhagen, we’d be delighted to turn your stop-over into a culinary trip to one of the country's best restaurants.

Ekstedt, Stockholm-Sweden

This Michelin-star restaurant has quite literally pulled the plug when it comes to its approach to cooking. Ekstedt restaurant solely features dishes smoked, baked or pan-fried on a wooden stove (which turns the kitchen into a combination of high-class cuisine and sauna). The radical down-to-earth appeal is fuelled by creative mastery inspired by traditional Swedish cooking in the 19th century. Now as ever, there is an inventive spirit that lives in the simple, yet well-balanced seasonal meals. At Ekstedt you sign up for a culinary journey that takes you deep into Sweden’s thick birch forests.

How to get to Ekstedt

The relatively small restaurant has built its cosy nest right at the heart of Stockholm’s vibrant foodie centered city center. We’d recommend to spice up your city lay-over with a meal at this truly Swedish diner.

Hotel Arctic, Ulo-Ilulissat-Greenland

Once declared as the wildest kitchen in the world, the restaurant Ulo can be found at the gateway to Greenland’s rugged outdoors. If you were to ask the local chefs about why the restaurant has not received it Michelin star yet, they might point out that the Michelin star jury hasn’t quite made to the edge of the world. For the lucky guests who did make it another challenge unfolds; the epic view out of the massive glass window can be quite the distraction! A look at the menu, however, is certainly worth your while. Marine and meat dishes will tickle your taste buds, offering an exquisite take on local Greenlandic food. Is there a better way to start your exploration into the wild?

How to get to Hotel Arctic

A trip to Hotel Arctic is equivalent to a trip to Ilulissat, which is situated at the Greenlandic West coast. It’s a 45-minute plane ride from Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord), and from there it is just 45-minutete flight north to Ilulissat. Alternatively, a trip from Reykjavik will send you to this truly wild dining experience.

KOKA, Gothenburg-Sweden

The competition for the best restaurant is fierce in West Sweden’s foodie capital Gothenburg. The world’s most sociable city is home to a cluster of Michelin star restaurants, making it the perfect culinary playground for adventurous foodies. KOKA is one of the places who managed to drive West Swedish cooking to perfection. Its focus is on creating a unique, harmonic atmosphere delivered through food, design and the perfect wine. Nonetheless, dining at KOKA or its wine and deli bar is still on the affordable side by Scandinavian standards.

How to get to KOKA

When in Gothenburg we’d recommend to book in for a treat. This location is too at the city center and can easily be combined with a post-dinner stroll at the vibrant waterfront.


KOKS: Claes Bech Poulsen, Re-Naa: City Foodsters 108: Mikkel Herriba Ekstedt: PA Jorgenson 


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