Date: 14/03/2019

Introducing Deep Sleep Journeys to Finnish Lakeland

Author: Vanessa
Location: Finland

The funny thing about sleep is that whenever we think about it, we mostly think about the lack thereof. Be it the absence of comfort, length or sleep quality in general. A good night’s sleep, on the other hand, seems anything but noteworthy. Unfairly so, modern life has thrown a few challenges in its way. From the invention of the light bulb, late-night emails to the infinity scroll on social networks, each questions the importance of a bedtime routine. It’s good to know you’re not alone,  38 % watch TV, 14% check emails and 12% take their laptop to bed. 

Rather than feeling guilty, it’s worth thinking about scheduling in a reset button. Guilt hardly breaks routines, a change of scenery however does. Nature especially has the power to invigorate the mind and body. It reduces stress levels, so much that Scottish GPs recommend rambling in nature and birdwatching to help tackle illnesses like mental illness, diabetes, heart disease, stress, and other conditions. 

A Nordic destination whose scenery and wellbeing-focussed rituals stand out in terms of sleep-friendliness is Finnish Lakeland. At Magnetic North Travel believe that this is where a good night’s sleep becomes worth talking about.  Here is why:

Slow down

In the land of a thousand lakes, life happens at a slower pace, its rhythm follows the gentle waves of its shallow lakes. Time is measured by the length of a sauna session. Forests and lakes replace the sounds of cars and phone notifications. The combination of rolling hills, island-peppered lakes, and nature-inspired wellbeing make Lakeland a great destination for nature and wellbeing lovers craving a good night’s sleep that is worth talking about. 

Engaging with nature 

Engaging in physical activity to feel sleepy may sound counter-intuitive. Being active provides those fidgety souls, struggling with meditation, with focus and the rewards of a learning curve. The art as always is to hit the sweet spot. Finnish Lakeland’s gentle hills and waters invite for short hikes, SUP-sessions, canoe excursions, or perhaps a ride on an Icelandic horse. 

If you’d like to slow down by another notch, foraging the berry carpeted forests for an afternoon snack or a post-sauna treat. With Everyman’s Right, the right to roam, on your side you’ll find many locals do the same. It’s an activity enjoyed by people of all ages; grandparents are taking their grandkids and groups of young people roam the forest on a cottage break weekend. 

Creative living 

When nature and humans think alike creative solutions are never far away. Strangely, the presence of water seems to amplify this effect. Experience life by the lakes in quirky cottages, colourful lakeside towns like Tampere. Travelling to the westerly fringes of Lakeland, you may find out that Tove Jahonssen’s Moomin Valley. Simply marvel the works of Nordic architects in the design villas or get creative on a cooking holiday in the North of Lakeland. 


The sounds of nature aren’t limited to its flora, big fauna like brown bears roam the easterly fringes of Lakeland. Rather than being bored to sleep, consider feeling fascinated as you drift off. As boredom makes the mind feel prone to worry and stress, we recommend listening to the sound of Finland’s elusive brown bear-whilst being safely wrapped in a bear hide.  


Image credits:  Header, image 1&4: Julia Kivela, Image 3: Wild Taiga Image: 5 Hotel Antalhova Image 6: Staffan Widstrand

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