Date: 05/05/2013

Inside the Volcano in Iceland

Author: Laura
Location: Iceland

One of our lovely clients, Cathy from the UK, has kindly provided us with some feedback about her recent trip Inside the Volcano during her short break to Iceland.

“A recent trip to Iceland with Magnetic North included an experience so unique that, at the time of writing, more people have climbed Mt Everest. Inside the Volcano tour begins with a short hike (3kms) over lava fields amidst stunning scenery to the dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano.

By the time walkers reach the base camp, comprising one hut, generators, safety gear, portaloo and lots of impressive mechanical equipment that all had to be helicoptered in to the site, one?s knowledge of volcanic geology has been healthily bolstered by the very friendly and articulate guide.


It is here one dons a helmet and harness to make a short walk across a narrow bridge over the vent, before descending 120 metres into the magma chamber in a cage very like the ones used by window cleaners for skyscrapers.

Inside the Volcano

To have a crater of this magnitude still standing is a rare exception as normally the liquid rock in the chamber would find a way to the surface – causing an eruption. Then the crater is usually closed by cold, hard lava. Here, for some unknown reason, the magma seems to have disappeared – either solidified in the walls or retreated somewhere deeper.

<p>Whatever the answer, the phenomena has created the only place on the planet where humans can descend into a volcano.

Once lowered onto the chamber floor, groups have about 45 minutes to take some photos, clamber about and study the incredible colours of the rock face. The quiet grandeur of the chamber itself is a humbling experience and one never to be forgotten.

Once back up to the surface, bowlfuls of delicious hot lamb soup are served along with tea and coffee. All the guides are incredibly friendly and professional and health and safety matters are high on the agenda. £200 for a 5/6 hour trip may seem a little steep at first, but actually it is worth every penny for such an amazing adventure.”

Inside the Volcano

If you would like to follow in Cathy’s footsteps and visit the Volcano during your next visit to Iceland, just get in touch with us to find out how. Cathy and friends enjoyed the Wellness Short Break which includes three spa experiences and we arranged the Volcano tour as an extra daytrip.


Magnetic North arranges tailored holidays and short breaks to Iceland throughout the year. You can visit inside the volcano during the summer months (May-September).

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