Date: 18/06/2018

Igloo accommodation in Scandinavia

Author: Vanessa
Location: Finland, Norway

Scandinavia’s glass igloos offer a hyggelig escape for stargazers of all ages. Regardless of whether you’re after a romantic trip for two, a memorable honeymoon or a relaxed Northern Lights experience, there’s an igloo for it.

The Arctic glass igloo not only provides shelter from harrowing Arctic winter conditions, they also score high on privacy. Night sky views are shared between you and your travel companion only. Northern Lights Chases don’t get more laid-back than this (literally)! 

Though each resort offers a slightly different experience, basic igloo cabin features are similar. All igloos are heated, fitted with non-fogging windows and curtains for privacy. All stays come with an ensuite bathroom, some offer a small kitchenette, all offer unadulterated night sky views. 

Below we have picked our favourite igloo experiences we recommend for autumn and winter 2018/2019. 

Levi glass igloos 

Home to Finnish Lapland, Levi glass igloos offer an intimate boutique glass igloo experience. The micro-resort allows guests to switch off, take in their frozen surroundings as active or relaxed as they wish. If you fancy skiing there’s plenty of pow to shred at the nearby skiing resort.  Alternatively, you may also hibernate and simply indulge in the resort’s outstanding local food. 

Each igloo comes with 360-degree sky views, wi-fi, showers, a small bathroom and kitchenette. For a more luxurious experience, you may opt for an igloo overlooking the snow-covered valleys below.  Families can stay in the Superior Igloo offering space for an additional bed for children older than 12. 

How to get there

Levi glass igloos will take you a million miles away from day-to-day life but remain well-connected. Only ten miles down the road, Levi, Finland’s largest skiing resort calls adrenaline junkies. 40 beginner-friendly slopes await locals and tourists during Arctic spring and winter. To get to Levi we recommend flying to Kittila.

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Travel to a glass igloo classic. Kakslauttanen resort invented this quirky stay in Finnish Lapland. The resort welcomes both families and couples who to join a variety of autumn and winter activities at the resort. In autumn foraging blueberries, lingonberries on small guided hikes are a popular pastime. During winter, which starts in late November, dog- and reindeer-sledging are an amazing way to experience the season. The stay in the glass igloo is usually combined with a stay in a traditional log cabin, allowing travellers to experience both, the quirky and traditional side of Finnish Lapland.

How to get there 

The closest airport to Kakslauttanen is Rovaniemi. From there we can arrange transfers to your igloo adventure. 

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Glass igloos near Tromso

Meet the latest addition to the glass igloo family. Within a short drive from Tromso, two ensuite glass igloos pride themselves as Norway’s first glass igloos. The ensuite glass igloo overlooks the Lyngen fjord and comes with a hot tub, a reclining bed and high-speed wi-fi. Far away from any light pollution you can kick back and watch the Arctic night skies in anticipation of the Aurora Borealis. 

How to get there 

The trip is flexible and can be combined with any Tromso tour on our website. Get in touch to start tailoring you glass igloo adventure. 

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Sky View Cabin

What happens when a lofty log cabin meets a quirky glass igloo? A Sky View Cabin is born! The luxurious Sky View Cabin offers the comforts of a classic lodge stay and the panorama of a glass igloo-views you don’t want to miss out on! 200 nights a year the Aurora Borealis emerges above the Finnish adult-only resort. Stay during autumn to immerse in the colourful Boreal forest or plough through knee-deep snow on a dog- or reindeer-sledge during winter. Not to worry there’s a hot tub to warm you up! 

How to get there

A 30-minute drive from Finland’s Kittila Airport transports you deep into Arctic forests to your luxurious retreat. 

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Sky and Light Cabin

Down by the frozen Kalix river in Sweden, a small glass igloo family settles down during the winter months. The igloo cabins consist of a room encapsulated by a glass bubble. This type of igloo scores highest on privacy without compromising on the 360 degrees of the iconic glass igloo.  The cabins are decorated in a minimalist Swedish style, perfectly blending in with the monochrome landscape Arctic winter brings. 

How to get there

A short drive from Swedish Lapland's Lulea Airport takes you to the Arctic resort nestled at the Northern corners of the Bothnian Gulf.  You may also join a short expedition on its frozen waters if you dare! 

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Header: Kakslauttanen

Photo 1,2,4: Levi Spirit Lodge 

Photo: 4 Magnetic North Travel 

Photo 5,6 : Kakslauttanen 

Photo 7: Northern Lights Ranch 

Photo 8: Ice and Light Village 

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