Date: 09/03/2017

Canada's happy places

Author: Vanessa
Location: Canada

From Magnetic North's doorstep, the view is of rolling English countryside and endless green meadows, loved by the team and our office dog Otto alike. We often find our minds drifting north though, thinking of our friends in the Arctic to whom we send thousands of clients each season. What might our hosts be up to now? Are they busy preparing for arriving guests or are they immersing themselves in their natural surroundings on a rare moment of downtime?

Especially when approaching lunchtime thoughts about the Inn on the Lake in the Yukon are a little dangerous.The taste of amazingly fresh locally-sourced food is only amplified by the Yukon’s vast and inviting views. Yet, we couldn’t resist the temptation of asking for a little update on what our hosts at the Inn are up to. Just as expected we received some scrumptious foodie photos to share with you and a small glimpse of the eating experience awaiting guests.

As the smoke ascends from the fireplace, anticipation levels rise. Once the big pan with freshly-caught salmon begins to sizzle over the outdoor fireplace, mouths begin to water. Carson - Yukon Inn on the Lake 2.jpg

Out in the crisp air your hosts are busy preparing fresh vegetables and salads to accompany the scrumptious main. For guests, this will be one of life’s most memorable meals.

Carson - Yukon Inn on the Lake 3.jpg

Out in the crisp air your hosts are busy preparing fresh vegetables and salads to accompany the scrumptious main. For guests, this will be one of life’s most memorable meals.

Carson - Yukon Inn on the Lake 1.jpg

The outdoor lunch is followed by an equally memorable dining experience in the cosy dining room of the Inn. Here scrumptiously prepared food is presented in a meticulous artful manner.

Looking at your platter full of local goodness, the borders between food and art definitely begin to blur. But before we get carried away and start frying up our own salmon in the backyard, here we’ve shared a short interview we had with Carson about life at the lodge:

Behind the scenes

When did you open your doors to the first guest?

March 1997

During all the years that you have been running this hotel, what is an experience that really stuck in your mind?

The Final Wish: The final wish tells the story of Nakai, a Japanese woman whose last wish was to view the Northern Lights, which she referred to as the ‘dancing curtains’. Make sure you read up on the story!  

Welcoming guests in such a remote area can be a challenging venture, what makes the experience so rewarding?

People’s excitement for the land and food of the North, their appreciation and excitement

When you first visited the area what impressed you the most?

“Born here” so I can’t remember!

What is your favourite thing to do during summer?

Canoe on a lake, watch the sun slowly set

What do you love doing most in the winter months?

The clear skies day or night, the crispness. Also the preparation required to not get sidelined by the weather to gives a sense of accomplishment.

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