Date: 22/04/2016

Bird's Eye View

Author: Kirsi
Location: Finland, Norway, Sweden

At Magnetic North, we love holidays that soar high above everyday stresses. Special accommodation comes in many forms. One of our favourite is the kind that lets you experience a bird’s eye view and allows guests take in the amazing Nordic landscapes, whether they look like sci-fi masterpieces or treehouse castles. We’ve put together a list of our favourite accommodation offering a bird’s eye view and a chance to immerse in nature from the most comfortable vantage point - your bed!

1. The Treehotel, Sweden

One man’s dream, and probably the most fun assignments the six different architects involved ever have come across. This famous eco-design hotel offers something for everyone, whether you’d like to vanish into the landscape in a mirror-walled cube, sleep in a giant bird’s nest or climb in a UFO. Each room at the hotel is a unique piece of modern Scandinavian whimsical design, yet it’s the hospitality behind the operation that truly makes the experience special.

Treehotel is open throughout the year:

Find out more about our summer break at the Treehotel in Sweden.

Find out more about our winter holidays at the Treehotel

2.  Gränö Beckasin, Sweden

The region of Västenbotten in Northern Sweden is one of the most wildlife-dense in the country. Guests at the bird’s nest accommodation will enjoy a secluded vantage point above the Umeälv-river, giving guests a feel of a bird sitting on a tree branch watching the beautiful Swedish countryside views. Guests may even witness majestic moose strolling through the forest. During the night guests will have a view of stars-filled skies above from their bed.

3. Islanna, Sweden

More like a traditional treehouse (or a castle) from our childhood dreams, Islanna’s “Seventh Heaven” is a true testament of Scandinavian carpentry! Perfect summer escape to the Swedish countryside where breakfast is hoisted up to the treehouse for the guests, consisting of stone-baked bread from the in-house bakery and locally sourced treats. We highly recommend this for a summer road trip vacation for couples and families looking for something magical for the little ones.

4. Eagle’s View Suite, Finland

For the lovebirds we recommend the Eagle Eye suite in Northern Finland - a luxurious and secluded room overlooking rolling fells and neverending forest landscape from the elevated bed built like an Eagle’s Nest.  In the evening lay under the stars and perhaps see the Northern Lights dancing above the night skies from the ceiling window. The location offers all ingredients for a romantic break with a mix of outdoor activities, private fireplace, sauna and jacuzzi.

Visit our itinerary for the Eagle's Nest holiday at Iso-syote.

5.  Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

A mix of untouched nature and futuristic design, this famous filming location offers a chance to immerse in the forest and surrounding mountain landscape just nearby the UNESCO listed Geirangerfjord. The elevated rooms overlook a river and a dramatic gorge and are surrounded by the mountains. Each room is secluded in its own setting with panoramic windows bring the serene nature right into the room.

Find out more about our short breaks at the Juvet Landscape Hotel.

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