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Berry picking and sorting in Sweden & Norway - a great family holiday activityYoung people have fewer opportunities than ever to venture outside. With the best will in the world, very often distractions, demands of work and fear prevent us from having time away from modern urban life. So we’ve created a selection of family holidays that give you a chance to spend time together and to return home with some special memories that will last forever.

These experiences will give you precious time to explore new places – pristine lakes, rugged hills, seas, fjords and forests. Spending time in fresh air surroundings will give you the chance to refresh – together. Holidays can also be a great chance to learn, and who better to teach than those living in those places and working within nature. We’ll introduce you to all sorts of people: from foragers and felt-makers, to fishermen and kayakers.

Our trips can be tailor-made to suit your group or family.




Image: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway


Especially intense is life in the northern winter; after all, everyone has a summer, but winter is the privilege for the few.

Nils Olof Vikander

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