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Hello and a warm welcome to our guests from the United States. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy browsing our range of inspirational vacations and short breaks in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. We have helped hundreds of clients from the US enjoy winter and summer vacations throughout this region. We'll come up with an itinerary customized to your requirements and budget and answer all the questions you may have about your trip. Whether you'd like to search for the Northern Lights or enjoy a visit to the fjords of Norway, we're on hand to ensure that your adventure runs smoothly and you receive a first-class service throughout. Our holidays don't include flights and have flexible travel dates meaning that you can choose the dates and flights that suit you. Please get in touch with us to book your next custom-made adventure. We also work with travel agents, so please contact us for more information.

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Fjord NorwayThe Magnetic North is the destination of changing seasons, fresh air and captivating stories. Magnetic North specialises in travel to the region of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries - Norway (including Svalbard), Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland, from 60° latitude and above. Join us on a group tour, honeymoon, vacation or a family holiday to seas, mountains, fjords, and forests - where people and nature have a story to tell. 

Our Nordic-inspired adventures draw upon the Norwegian philosophy of ‘Friluftsliv’, or ‘Free-air life’ – the importance of being in remote places and enjoying simple things together. Our experiences will reward you with lasting memories and stories of people – past and present. You'll gain wisdom and knowledge from living within natural settings. And you’ll return home with renewed vigour and stories of your own to tell.

We’ll help you to experience the rhythms and patterns of the Magnetic North guided by local traditions and people. Our trips are led and co-created by craftspeople, fishermen, foragers, story-tellers, thinkers, walkers – people who’ve learnt to respect nature and live according to its rhythms. And who’re all able to pass this wisdom and experience on to others. 

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Preserving the art of tour operation

Our holidays are created with our guests in mind and we offer a service that's personal to you. We have many years' experience crafting holidays and are passionate about the regions we travel to. We believe the art of tour operation is alive and thriving in the 21st century when it consistently offers value above and beyond simply providing access to information. We founded Magnetic North Travel to provide access to Nordic destinations that inspire us and to help you create memories with the people you love through holidays that matter.  We hope you will join us soon.

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Informed recommendations

We take pride in understanding our customer needs.  Every conversation and email is an opportunity to learn and share insights.  Our itineraries are tailor-made because we want you to enjoy the Nordic region as much as we do.

Regional insight

At its core, the art of tour operation is about matching your plans to the range of possibilities the region can offer. Our team is committed to travelling extensively to research the Nordic region. To date we’ve clocked thousands of miles to view the vistas; shelter in the most comfortable accommodation; sample the delicacies and immerse ourselves in the culture and ecosystems so we can provide deep regional insights. 


Modern life is stressful enough already and travel should provide an antidote and escape. We believe a tour operator should provide reassurance as well as inspiration. We’re committed to responding to your needs and solving problems pre, during or post-trip. Booking with us means you can devote your energy to enjoying the experience of travelling. Most importantly, your money is fully protected from deposit to balance. 


Download our Scandinavia brochure at the link below (pdf) for inspiration or contact us for a copy to be sent in the post.

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By paying attention to the experience of generations past may we develop our abilities to familiarize ourselves with nature.

Nils Faarlund

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