Friluftsliv: Knowing and doing in nature

At Magnetic North Travel, our philosophy is based on the Norwegian idea of 'Friluftsliv'. Translated literally as 'Free air living', it inspires people to value their outdoor life through learning from traditions and seeking enjoyment in nature. It’s a simple but powerful philosophy that originates in the Magnetic North, and Norway in particular. It’s helped generations of families to explore their surroundings and to breath and live with nature – together. Our landscapes are home to communities – some have come and gone – but they all provide endless tales that capture the imaginations of our guests, young and old alike. We weave these stories into our holidays and use traditional ways to explore nature – at nature’s pace.

Like many philosophies and ways of thinking, friluftsliv takes on different meanings to different people. And we at Magnetic North Travel aim to be as faithful as we can to its original significance. There are many friluftsliv elements that come together within our tours. The many regions of the Magnetic North also add their own local flavours, characters and settings.  

Our holidays are based on a deep synthesis between nature and people. We immerse our guests in awe-inspiring environments with the cultural guidance of local people. They’ll lead you in learning about how their traditions from the past and present sustain them into the future.


Our friluftsliv inspired holidays

We ran our first friluftsliv learning experience in December 2012 near to Tromso in Northern Norway. The context of the trip was for guests to live and work with a practising dog musher and teacher of friluftsliv. We made a video about the trip below. If you'd like to experience this unique trip, click here to find out how.


Finding Friluftsliv // a documentary from Charlotte Workman on Vimeo.

Where to find out more about Friluftsliv - recommended reading

We'd like to grow awareness of Friluftsliv as we think it has an important place in modern society. We'll be adding some blog posts over the coming months to share ideas about this inspirational movement. For now, take a look at the reading material below where you can find out more.

Nature First: Outdoor Life and Friluftsliv Way by Bob Henderson (Author, Editor)

Nature First: Outdoor Life and Friluftsliv Way
This book is the best introduction to friluftsliv in English. It features chapters by selected Norwegian and Canadian writers looking at the orgins and developments of friluftsliv to the present day. It takes a global and local approach and explores some of the ways we can use the idea of friluftsliv within educational and recreational contexts.

"Private outdoor recreation or friluftsliv offers an opportunity to become master over one’s time and body, to reflect over one’s own social trajectory, and, hence, to gain a sense of spiritual and physical wholeness and control in the midst of social turmoil." Odd Gåsdel


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