Elements offers school group holidays in Norway. The classroom is mountains, forests, fjords and seas. Each location offers a unique collection of outdoor adventures based on the principles of Nordic outdoor learning and positive development.



All our trips include flights, transfers, full board, lodging, equipment and guides. We’ll tailor the trip to meet the individual requirements of your group and our team will provide round-the-clock support from proposal to completion of your trip. A co-ordinator from Magnetic North Travel will join you on your trip, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Age group and level

Our trips are aimed at 11-18 year olds.  All trips will be adventurous but carried out with the participant’s safety as highest priority. The experiences will reward participants with stunning natural scenery and wilderness. In return we require all participants to have a good level of fitness and to be prepared for some challenging activity. We will spend a great deal of time talking through the activity level with teachers when finalising a program. In addition to being expert outdoor leaders, our guides are trained to encourage participation and to help participants through more difficult challenges they may encounter.

We aim to make the booking process as smooth as possible providing the information you need to communicate with students and parents. We have material available and will create bespoke materials for your school as well as visit your school to talk to teachers, pupils and parents. We welcome input from teachers and group leaders and we can provide free places on all of our trips.

Health and safety

We undertake vigorous risk assessments at each of our sites and for all of our activities with clear policies and procedures in place to manage risk. These are regularly maintained and reviewed. Our team in the UK is on hand 24 hours a day to respond to any emergencies. At the booking stage, we collect information about each of the participants including any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure that the trip is suitable. We also have access to Norway’s excellent medical facilities and emergency care at all of our sites.


For many Norwegian people, the outdoors is an essential part of everyday life. It is during these moments in nature that friendships blossom, stories are born and curiosity is piqued. A day outdoors is often referred to as ‘friluftsliv’ in Norwegian. Literally translating ‘free air life’ in English, the term captures everything that’s valuable about being outdoors in nature to escape and refresh. Inspired by this we’ve designed week-long adventures for school groups each offering an insight into Nordic learning that cannot be experienced elsewhere.



The Folk High Schools and S/J Mathilde, a traditional schooner sailboat, together provide excellent facilities for our groups. The schools each have communal areas for rest and socialising, along with a canteen, sports hall and en suite. The rooms are modern, clean and comfortable. Each of the high schools is surrounded by great natural beauty. Many trails start directly from the schools and many rooms have awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscapes. Other accommodation options include bunks and hammocks aboard S/J Mathilde, Lavvo (Sami ‘teepees’), tents, bivouacs, snow holes and igloos.

Participants will enjoy freshly prepared dishes using local ingredients where possible. Our chefs can cater for all dietary and religious requirements. Meals will be enjoyed together in the school canteen and students will be expected to help clear up afterwards. Whilst in the wilderness, students will prepare their own meals over an open fire or stove and learn how to cook outdoors using traditional techniques.



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The team at Elements are on hand to deliver your program in Norway. We’re with you every step of the journey to design and execute the perfect itinerary for your group.

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