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The sea is a great teacher. Forever inspiring and unpredictable, nowhere is Mother Nature more in charge. Respecting the sea is rule number one when joining our expedition cruises in Greenland, Norway, Iceland, Svalbard and Canada. With this in mind, the rest will follow - fun, excitement, spontaneity. Expedition cruises are aimed at travellers looking for a close encounter with the sea or fjords, led by wildlife experts on board smaller-scale ships. From sailboats, schooners to icebreakers, the ships themselves often have years of history covering many thousands of nautical miles in some of the world’s most remote waters. You’ll depart with a plan, but expect to deviate and embrace your inner explorer as you cruise the ice fjords of Greenland, the islands of northern Norway or the straits of the North West Passage.

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A flavour of life at sea

What to expect from an expedition cruise

An adventure with safety as a top priority

Be certain that each cruise will be different - governed by wind, weather and even sea pack ice. Your expert crew will ensure safety is a top priority at all times which will sometimes mean that the route will change at short notice. Joining an expedition cruise requires the ability to be flexible and adventurous. Food and lodging will be included. On the smaller sailboats, you may be sharing a cabin with others offer the option for a private cabin. The cruises will include shore landings, which are an ideal opportunity to stretch your legs and spot local wildlife. Some hikes are more challenging than others, so it’s important to chat to our team about the adventure level you’re looking for. The cruises are socially oriented, so expect to get to know your fellow travellers during the holiday. There’ll also be plenty of chances to hone your photography skills and some cruises have wildlife and botanists on board to interpret the view from deck.


Sailing expeditions

Set the sails to discover the most remote corners of the globe in true explorer fashion.  Travel among icebergs, spot wildlife and experience life aboard of a classic sailing ship. 


  • Overnight sailing expeditions
  • Full board on the ship
  • Small groups

Svalbard weekend wildlife cruise

3 nights

Sail North aboard of the Schooner Linden, Scandinavia's largest wooden ship, to spot Svalbard's wildlife including polar bears, Arctic Foxes and walrus.  A maximum of 14 guests will  travel overnight. 

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Sail Eastern Greenland

7 nights

Join a group of 12 passengers travelling to the remote corners of Greenland's fjords. Watch calving glaciers, surreal icebergs glide by as you look out for rare species like narwhals, polar bears and muskoxen. 

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Winter sailing around Tromso

3 nights

Chase the Northern Lights on a multi-day sailing expedition. Lucky travellers may even spot whales basking under the shimmering light of the Aurora. 

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Exploring with a Norwegian classic

If you gaze out to sea anywhere between Bergen in the south and Kirkenes in the north of Norway, it won’t be long before you spot the familiar black and white outline of the Norwegian Coastal Express, the Hurtigruten. This X strong fleet of ships has been sailing the length of Norway’s coast since 1893 delivering post, supplies and locals in earlier years and more latterly travellers looking for a coastal experience of Norway. The ships are comfortable with private cabins and can be boarded for the full coastal journey taking up to 12 days in length in both directions, or port-to-port, which we can combinen with land arrangements for a fully tailored holiday. There are also expedition cruises to Svalbard, Greenland and Canada on set departure dates which offer wildlife encounters, active hikes and Northern Lights experiences. 

Greenland: A pioneer's delight

Exploring uncharted territory

It is no surprise that the world's largest island sees sailing is a way of life. Greenlanders turn to the water to connect with nature and travel to remote settlements dotting the rugged shore. In fact, sailing might be the best way to explore the mighty Greenlandic wilderness, taking you along calving glaciers, icebergs the size of skycrappers and fjords cutting deep into the craggy mountains. Waking up to a fresh view on the majestic landscape each day is great news to photographers, who can capture the many shapes and ice formations from the comfort of their boat. 

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Whale watching cruises

Whale water ballet

Follow the trail of the whales on a sailing expedition.  Movement patterns vary each season and a multi-day expedition offers the best chances to spot the elusive giants. 

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Regional focus: Spitsbergen

A journey to the top of the world

Spitsbergen otherwise known as Svalbard is Norway's largest island archipelago located just 190 miles (300km) south of the north pole is a stunning setting for cruise expeditions. Witness Arctic wildlife including the elusive polar bear in its natural territory as you immerse in the surreal beauty of the landscape. 

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As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.

Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

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