Life of a Dog Musher Easter Expedition

This enchanting week in Arctic Norway will give you a unique insight into life with husky dogs led by a practising dog musher. You’ll be part of his team caring for the dogs as you help them train, build their trust and earn their respect. In return you’ll be rewarded with incredible sledding experiences in a pristine winter wilderness and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. This trip is a one-off chance to learn about the Nordic philosophy of ‘friluftsliv’ - uncomplicated, everyday encounters in nature. PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK FOR 2013/14 DEPARTURES:


Dog-sledding and tending
Camping in lavvo tents
Snow shoeing
Cabin life in Norway


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  • Photo credit: Sarah McWilliam
  • Photo credit: Jim Blackburn
A short film from the Winter Solstice trip in December 2012



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26 March – 1 April 2013 - BOOK YOUR PLACE


Husky dogs are working animals and have a year round training programme so they can compete with professional dog mushers. Their strict routine keeps them safe, contented and able to triumph on race day. Behind them is a man or woman who cannot achieve success and reward without dedication to their animals – day in, day out. Theirs is a life rooted in nature based on a symbiotic relationship between man and dog. 

This trip offers the chance to be close to this routine for one week with long dog sled journeys in the Dividalen National Park. Because you will have built a mutual respect with the husky dogs living as a musher, you’ll enjoy the right conditions for the most rewarding dog sledding possible for yourself and the animals. 

You’ll be sleeping in a lavvo tent and learning how to live successfully in cold conditions under the guidance of Norwegian husky musher Stian and his partner. Traditions and modern living go hand in hand at our camp. We believe in mixing them up to help people understand what it is to be human, now, and to explore what the future holds and why the Norwegians strive to protect their natural resources. We’ll use snow shoes and skis to move through deep snow. These are ancient techniques that have helped Arctic people survive. 

A dog musher lifestyle isn’t always easy. So your ability to adapt to this setting will be both your challenge and reward. 


You’ll need to be comfortable with the idea of staying in a large Sami lavvo tent or cabin with up to 12 other guests. A camp fire will never be far away where we’ll keep warm, chat with others and cook our meals. At night we’ll be warmed by the heat of the fire as well as thick Arctic sleeping bags and reindeer hides. You’ll be asked to help out with cooking and tending to the dogs, but you’ll also have time to sit and contemplate, and to get to know your compatriots.  Life in the camp will be relaxed and supportive. We’ll need time to absorb the atmosphere and to stare at the skies. If luck is with us, the Aurora Borealis may show her colours at night. A warm cabin is available at all times for meals and socialising. The final night of the trip will be in the city of Tromsø where we’ll have time to   re-acclimatize before departing the following day. However the last night isn’t mandatory and of course, you are free to go on your onward journey.


The Camp is located about one and a half hour’s drive from the Arctic city of Tromsø in Dividalen National Park. At 69 degrees North, the park is a real wilderness zone with steep peaks and wooded valleys. Here appearances of the Northern Lights are plentiful, benefiting from its location within the Aurora belt and no light pollution from the city. 

You’ll need to fly to Tromsø or Bardufoss and join the Camp on the 26 March 2013. Airport or city pickups are included at allotted times. Flight schedules (if needed) and detailed instructions will be provided. 


You will be led by a local qualified guide who runs the busy dog-kennel and teaches Friluftsliv and dog-sledding for his job. He also has a team of assistants. 

Price: £1045 per person excluding flights.

The Camp price includes:
  All transport and transfers to the Camp from Tromsø  
  Guides (English speaking) 
  All food and accommodation at the camp
  Warm outer clothing
  Final night in Tromsø with breakfast (sharing two to a room)
The Camp price excludes: 
  Flights to Norway 
  Mandatory travel insurance 
  Tips and incidental spend 
  Single traveller supplement - £60

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 “Highlights: The long sledding day - when we got above the treeline, above the Devdessjavri lake on the sleds alone with the just the dogs pulling, unbroken snow, the pink-orange-blue skies above, and wind stinging my face and the most magnificent views in every direction.  It was calm, energising and eye-wateringly beautiful all at the same time and I think it was one of the moments of the trip when it finally clicked what "authentic friluftsliv" may possibly be.  I've thought back to that period of about half and hour so many times since we got back and can't shake the feeling that it was something pretty special to experience… thanks again for the trip of a lifetime.” Jim (Dec 2012) 
“I really did have such a great time, a superb break. I keep thinking about it so often. I'm already dying to go back! The hightlights were the long trek day, when we were coming back over the frozen lake, with all the deep powdery snow, and the red and orange sky, and the mountains shining pink, with the moon in the sky. We stopped, and even the dogs were quiet as we marvelled at a green stripe across the sky - the Northern Lights. Breathtaking! Working with the dogs also. I've never had a dog, or even a pet, but working with those intelligent animals was amazing! Building up such a bond with my own team of dogs - getting to know them, earning their respect. It was beautiful to build such a relationship, and I was so very sad to have to say goodbye. They are beautiful, fascinating, and delightful animals to be around.” Julia (Dec 2012) 
“I think the main highlight and certainly the main reason we booked this trip above others, is the all round experience you got of a dog sledder. You fed the dogs, got them ready for the sledding and most importantly put them to bed at the end. I think being allocated a team of 6 dogs which we handled continuously was great as it's hard to make a connection with 40 dogs but you can achieve it easily with 6. Obviously the northern lights were great too but in case they didn't make an appearance, you really felt like you'd had a marvellous holiday and a lack of northern lights, whilst sad, wouldn't have been the end of the world. The overall activities and our hosts really made the trip what it was and it'll go down as an amazing time in my life and I'd love to one day do it again. Really thank you for organising it - I'm not sure any holiday will ever compare. And please thank Stian and Nieske because their personalities really complimented each other, they made us feel so welcome and I was actively sad to say goodbye to you all.” Pippa (Dec 2012)


26 March - 1 April 2013


Winter Northern Lights

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