On the trail of Marimekko in Finland

March 5th, 2015

Marimekko is a Finnish fashion company known for it’s brightly coloured printed fabrics and simple styles, used both in women’s clothing and in home furnishings.

Marimekko cushion

Founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia, Marimekko is one of Finland’s most successful businesses. Even though the company was found in 1951, Armi Ratia already had a clear idea of the future few years before starting Marimekko.

Marimekko received international recognition in 1960, when the wife of the president of the United States of America, Jacqueline Kennedy, wore a Marimekko dress on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. In the mid 1960s, the US retailer Crate & Barrel began a long-standing partnership with Marimekko, which continues to this day, utilizing their designs on textiles sold in their stores.

In 1964 one of the designers, Maija Isola, painted the glowing Unikko (Poppy) and so doing defied Armi’s ban on flower patterns. But as it turned out, she created one of Marimekko’s best and most loved prints of all time. After that Maija Isola has designed a lot of iconic patterns for Marimekko, all inspired by natural landscapes such as Kaivo (Well), Seireeni (Siren), Kivet (Stones) and Lokki (Seagull).

Marimekko design holiday


If you’re traveling in Finland and are interested in browsing Marimekko products, you’re in luck. There are over one hundred stores that sell Marimekko and they can be found all around Finland. Travel to Rovaniemi in Lapland, and you’ll find one store right in the heart of Santa Claus Village.

Or if you want to stay in the Finnish capital, you can join a tour through the design district. The design district of Helsinki is the heart of Finnish design with its shops, galleries, museums and design styled restaurants. On the tour you’ll find some of the Finnish classics like Marimekko and Artek, and also some up-and-coming designers. Helsinki also has the most stores that sell Marimekko in Finland, 15 in total. Why not go shopping in shopping center Kamppi and visit one of the Marimekko stores there.

Marimekko Shop Finland holiday   marimekko2_4497_2

We’ll be happy to help you if you’re interested in combining your Lapland holiday in Finland with shopping for design classics.

Here are two of our Rovaniemi holidays:

Winter Wonderland Family Holiday at Santa’s Village: www.magneticnorthtravel.com/tour/details/winter-wonderland-family-holiday-at-santas-village

Winter Cabin Holiday in Rovaniemi: www.magneticnorthtravel.com/tour/details/winter-cabin-holiday-santa-rovaniemi-lapland

National Sami Day – 6th February

February 6th, 2015

The Sami people live in the Arctic region of Sápmi, which includes parts of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Kola peninsula of Russia, and the border area between south and mid Sweden and Norway. They have their own fascinating and beautiful language, known as Sami, which is divided into ten distinct Sami languages. All of them are different and because of this, the Sami people in the North can’t understand the language of the southern Sami people. The languages belong to the Uralic language family and are linguistically related to Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian.

Sami Holiday Norway  (1)

National Sami Day is celebrated on the 6th of February to commemorate the first ever Sami conference which was held in 1917 at Trondheim, Norway. The conference marked the first time that Sami people from different countries came together crossing their national borders to find answers and solutions to common problems.

To celebrate this special day, the Sami people usually dress up in their national garment, known as Gákti, and sing their national anthem and fly the Sami flag. In Oslo, the capital of Norway, the Sami people are honored with a flag raising ceremony while the city hall bells play the Sami national anthem.

Sami Holiday Norway  (2)

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sami people and their culture during your vacation, please check below for information about some Sami adventures we can provide you as part of a tailored holiday in Norway, Finland and Sweden:

Reindeer Herder Day – Menesjarvi, Finland

Join the reindeer herder as he drives you to his reindeer farm with his snowmobile while you relax on the sledge and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. On the farm you’ll get a chance to observe these peaceful animals while feeding them with the herder. Truly a wonderful experience. You will also have the chance to witness how Sami art takes shapes and colours from the surrounding nature and how the Sami mother has clothed her family from head to toe with traditional Sami clothing.

Family wilderness holiday Finland Lapland Korpikartano

Book the holiday!  www.magneticnorthtravel.com/tour/details/winter-activity-holiday-in-search-of-the-northern-lights-finland

Tromso Sami Herder visit, Norway

Try reindeer sledding, the oldest means of transportation in the north, on the beautiful island of Kvaloya. It’s the perfect place to see the northern lights due to the islands low amount of artificial light. And don’t worry that you might miss them because you had to leave back to the city, stay and spend the night in a traditional Sami lavvu (tent), sleeping on reindeer skins in winter-insulated sleeping bags.

Sami Holiday Norway  (3)

Book the holiday:  www.magneticnorthtravel.com/tour/details/northern-lights-short-break-in-troms

Sami Herder Visit, Northern Sweden

Combine your stay at the unique Treehotel with a visit to a Sami family in the village of Flakaberg. Learn about the Sami culture and visit the family’s reindeer pastures. Join the family for a typical Sami lunch in the cabin or around a campfire in a teepee like “kåta”, depending what time of the year you arrive.

Book the holiday: http://www.magneticnorthtravel.com/tour/details/treehotel-and-the-northern-lights-sweden-short-break-holiday

Sami herder visit Sweden holiday

Here at Magnetic North Travel, we can arrange tailored holidays to Northern Sweden, Finland and Norway to include authentic encounters with Sami people. Some are daytrips while others are longer herding expeditions – a once in a lifetime opportunity to assist a herder in the annual reindeer migration (around April each year). Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Sami Holiday Norway  (4)


Terje Rakke/Nordic Life – Visitnorway.com, Johan Wildhagen – Visitnorway.com, Treehotel Sweden,

Ex Machina Filmset Location and the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway

February 3rd, 2015

From the director Alex Garland (28 days later, Sunshine) comes a psychological thriller Ex Machina. Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) a 24 year old coder at the world’s largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a retreat belonging to the company’s CEO, Nathan (Oscar Isaac). Much to Caleb’s surprise, he has to take part in a fascinating experiment with the world’s first artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot woman, Ava (Alicia Vikander).

Ex Machina Filmset location Norway Juvet Landscape Hotel 1

The film location of Ex Machina is meant to be Alaska, but the actual filming takes place far away from Alaska, in the beautiful landscapes of Norway. Director Alex Garland was looking for spectacular landscapes to match the power of the CEO and he felt that Norway had it all, also reminding him of his Scottish roots.

The filming took place in Valldall, a valley in the fjord region, near to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Geirangerfjord. The stunning Juvet Landscape Hotel was chosen as the retreat location. The individual glass-fronted rooms create a wonderful juxtaposition of man-made and nature in lush valley scenery.

Ex Machina Filmset location Norway Juvet Landscape Hotel 3

If you book a room in Europe’s first landscape hotel, the beautiful Juvet Landscape Hotel, you’ll also have the chance to visit some other locations where the film took place, including the Nigardsbreen Glacier and Grondalen Waterfall.

Juvet Landscape Hotel isn’t a typical hotel you see everywhere, instead of stacking all the rooms on top of each other, the 9 individual houses are spread out in the landscape, all of them unique. Each house has one or two walls that are entirely built in glass but don’t worry, none of the houses faces each other so you’ll get to enjoy everything in privacy. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes changing with the season, the weather and time of day.

Ex Machina Filmset location Norway Juvet Landscape Hotel 2

The hotel is located at Valldall, near the town of Åndalsnes in north-western Norway. The tourists that pass through are attracted by the spectacular waterfall in a deep gorge near the road, Gudbrandsjuvet.

If you’re interested in spending a holiday at the Juvet Landscape Hotel, please feel free to contact us here at Magnetic North Travel!

Please view the link below for more details:

http://www.magneticnorthtravel.com/tour/details/a-room-in-the-woods-landscape-hotel-in-the- geirangerfjord

Film image: www.exmachinamovie.co.uk

Hotel Review – Hotel Korpikartano, Menesjarvi, Finland

January 20th, 2015

We left England for a family holiday in Finnish Lapland in mid-January. Celebrating a landmark birthday for the grandparents and a chance to introduce our three year old daughter to the Arctic, Hotel Korpikartano seemed like an obvious choice for three generations travelling together. Having visited only in the midnight sun months, I was keen to experience wilderness hotel Korpikartano during deepest winter.

Keeping an eye on the temperatures in northern Finland before we left made me a little nervous as the mercury was struggling to move above minus thirty degrees. Luckily by the time we arrived, the temperature was more like minus ten which seemed like less of an Arctic shock for the first timers – my parents and small daughter. I had carefully selected a wide range of adventures for all to enjoy at the hotel along with time to relax and experience a wonderful wilderness setting far from the commercial hotels that Finnish Lapland can also be known for. We weren’t disappointed.

From the moment we arrived at Ivalo Airport, we were greeted by Anne and her partner Timo who ensured that we had a comfortable stay and put my parents at ease from that moment on. This really was a different world to what my family were used to. It wasn’t just the temperatures, but also the deep snow and special Arctic light bereft of sun during the polar night.

We settled into our apartment room and enjoyed a late lunch before heading outside for some snow fun. The sleds at the edge of the path were waiting for us to grab and go and make use of the hill that descended down towards Lake Menesjarvi. The men amongst the group made the most spectacular descents and, of course, obligatory wipe outs in the snow when they lost control. My daughter enjoyed the sleds and even went down unaided a couple of times. It was a fun-filled start to the holiday and created some special memories. Anne and Timo once ran an activity company in nearby Inari before they bought Hotel Korpikartano in 2011. This really is a major part of the stay and they have a great way of organising the excursions and the equipment which is top quality. The overall suits, boots and various accessories really are some of the best standard I’ve seen.

Family wilderness holiday Finland Lapland Korpikartano

Each guest receives a program on arrival of their pre-booked activities and timings which helped us to know what was happening and when. A nice laid back breakfast at 9am ensured that the day’s adventures were never rushed and there was also plenty of time for making our own adventures using the hotel’s equipment. The excellent guides (especially Sebastian) had an incredible ability to instil confidence in all of us to use the equipment whether or not he was with us. This led to an impromptu solitary circuit of Lake Menesjarvi in the dark by my husband who had a natural ability with cross-country skis as it turned out. In fact all of us were able to follow the well-groomed tracks around the lake even with no previous skiing experience. It was also a pleasure to see my daughter on skis for the first time and she was very proud of the progress she made with the help of our guide Sebastian.

Family holiday Korpikartano Finland Lapland

Lake Menesjarvi is a beautiful setting for Hotel Korpikartano. It is also perfect for those who would like to try their hand at a few Arctic adventures but not pushing themselves to any extremes. The terrain is flat and the snow is good which lends itself to fantastic adventures whether you go alone or with a guide.

At the end of busy and adventurous days, the hotel is cosy and comforting. The rooms are clean and functional and of traditional Scandinavian design with wood panelling. The apartment rooms are well suited to family groups particularly those in the main hotel building. There are further rooms in the hotel’s second building just a few metres away.

Hotel Korpikartano apartment 14

The food served in the restaurant is buffet style, all freshly prepared using local ingredients where possible. We decided to share a special celebration meal together in Inari for which transfers were arranged to Hotel Kultahovi. The taster menu at Hotel Kultahovi was spectacular and the chef Heiki has reached new levels with his ideas influenced by new Nordic cuisine along with the fantastic ingredients of Lake Inari.

Returning to Hotel Korpikartano, our final evening was marked with a relaxing sauna and a nice display of the Northern Lights. Timo had provided some guidance about the Aurora during the evening before the guests moved outside to try to spot the wisps of colour in the night sky. At around 11pm we were rewarded and my parents were able to see the Northern Lights for the first time.

Hotel Korpikartano is a wonderful destination for families looking to spend their holiday in a quiet setting and amongst respectful guests and welcoming staff. Anne and Timo have created a truly magical place to stay and to enjoy the luxury of simple living and outdoor adventures.

Magnetic North Travel offers a range of winter and autumn family activity holidays at Hotel Korpikartano. Please view the link below:


Family wilderness activity holiday Korpikartano Menesjarvi Finland

Ten Best Arctic Lodges to view the Northern Lights

October 23rd, 2014

The wooden lodge symbolises warmth, retreat and comfort in the cold climes of the North.

But what makes a great lodge? Here at Magnetic North, we spend a lot of time thinking about it (perhaps too much time).

  • DESIGN: Nordic design lends itself perfectly to a warm Lodge atmosphere – from soft felt slippers, to gently scented candles and chunky knit throws.
  • LIGHT: Light is also key when designing a lodge to make the most of any daylight, which can be scarce in winter and, of course, to view the Northern Lights from the comfort of a cosy lounge. Lanterns, lamps and candles are essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • PEOPLE: But a lodge is nothing without its hosts and the people who care enough to put their guests’ experience first and to give them a holiday to remember. A great lodge is run by hosts who intuitively pre-empt their guests’ needs whilst giving them time and space to relax and feel at one with the natural surroundings.
  • FOOD: Food should be local, and prepared with care providing guests with a taste of the landscape whether it be from fjord, mountain or field. Most lodges have a communal way of serving food which should permit social interaction without being overwhelming.
  • ADVENTURE & RELAXATION: Lastly, a great lodge allows guests to choose their winning combination of adventure and relaxation. Activities should be close by and easy to book in advance. They shouldn’t be extreme but should allow guests to enjoy the landscapes whether it be by dog-sled, snow shoe or ski.

We think our selection of lodges below fit the bill…

1. NORWAY – Lyngen Alps
The Arctic Panorama Lodge in northern Norway stands on an island in a fjord. Needless to say, the remote location and full view of the surrounding landscapes and mountains provides guests with ample opportunity to witness the streams of colour of the Aurora Borealis. Our Northern Lights short breaks at the lodge include all transfers and meals and your selection of winter adventures including dog-sledding and snow mobiling. There are just six rooms in the lodge so it’ll feel more like a secret than a mass tourist destination. From £610 per person.

Arctic Panorama Lodge

2. SWEDEN – Brandon Lodge
Also on its own island is Brandon Lodge, with its coastal aspect overlooking the Luleå archipelago. In winter the tall statues of pack ice create an amazing wintry landscape and we particularly like the hovercraft on pack ice tour as a day trip to remember. Families will love the accommodation and activities on offer at the lodge and the chance to view the Aurora in a remote spot away from the city. From £1279 per adult and £468 per child.

3. CANADA – Blachford Lodge
Only accessible by ski-plance in winter, Blachford Lodge is a true wilderness destination. Located next to the Great Slave Lake, the accommodation is top notch and there are plenty of adventures to suit all levels of thrill-seekers. The lodge has lots of nooks and crannies to view the Northern Lights including a panorama lounge. And if you think that this would make a great Northern Lights honeymoon, then you are in good company as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited during theirs in 2011. From £1765 per person.

4. NORWAY – Trappers Hotel, Svalbard

Boutique hotel meets rustic hunting lodge, Trappers is one of our favourites located on the distant island of Spitsbergen in northern Norway. The log cabin atmosphere and trappings of a bygone era combine to great effect. The lodge is a perfect base for a winter Northern Lights adventure, whether you travel on expedition by snow mobile or dog-sled, or stay in Longyearbyen for the duration. Our winter spring break is a flexible way to design your own trip. From £880 per person.

5. NORWAY – Lyngen Lodge
OK, so this one should go first but we’d be accused of favouritism. We admit to having a complete love affair with Lyngen Lodge and all that it stands for. Great service, excellent Nordic style accommodation and fantastic adventures – all rolled into one short break. Just book before the rooms disappear!. From £995 per person.

6. NORWAY – Stengelsen Lodge
Fishermen of Northern Norway secretly like a little luxury and kept this lodge to themselves for too long. Now it’s open to winter bookings and offers a cosy and comfortable stay for those looking for husky sledding and a chance to stay at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel which is just down the road. Trine, the wonderful hostess has a talented chef partner who delights his guests both at the Lodge and elsewhere in northern Norway. A short break in combination with the Igloo ice hotel starts at £985 per person.

Stengelsen Lodge Alta

7. NORWAY – Birk Husky Lodge
The Arctic borderlands between Russia and Norway provide plenty of scope for long dog-sledding adventures. Such was the thought of hostess Trine, when she set up her husky lodging near to the city of Kirkenes. The rooms of the lodge are comfortable and inviting and Trine’s home-prepared meals are simply delicious. The stars of the show are undoubtedly the husky dogs who inhabit the kennels nearby and are ready to take guests out on long husky sledding adventures. From £465 per person.

8. NORWAY – Engholm Husky Lodge
Another husky farm-turned lodge is Engholm Lodge near to Karasjok in Northern Norway. Sven Engholm is a man of many talents having built the design lodges himself by hand as well as being a champion husky musher. The rustic lodges all have a unique style and the newly built Raktu lodge is just stunning. Sven you’ve nailed it! Our 4 night dog-sledding and Northern Lights holiday has been popular already, but you can also tailor your stay with shorter and longer dog-sledding tours and cabin stays.

9. SWEDEN: Abisko Mountain Lodge
Its location next to the ever-popular Abisko Sky Station means this lodge is never short of guests. Rooms are modern and functional and the menu has all sorts of Swedish delights. Combine your stay with a visit to the ICEHOTEL at Jukkasjarvi or perhaps Camp Ripan in Kiruna.

10. ICELAND: Hotel Ranga
Lodges in Iceland are more like ranches, where sprawled farmland gives way to guest accommodation. Hotel Ranga is one such location in an isolated spot in southern Iceland. The suites are the pride of the hotel, and should be reserved for a special occasion. The restaurant gets lots of great feedback from our guests providing a taste of Iceland.

To arrange your holiday at a Nordic Lodge, please get in touch with us here at Magnetic North Travel and we’ll be pleased to put together an itinerary to fit your requirements.

As destination specialists for the Nordic countries, we’re able to offer a completely tailored experience, selecting the accommodation and adventures that suit you.

Autumn into Winter and the Northern Lights

September 9th, 2014

Special Offer

Long Weekend Cabin and Northern Lights Holiday Near Tromso in Norway

Enjoy a long weekend or mid-week break in northern Norway relaxing at your fjordside cabin and searching for the Northern Lights. With direct flights from London Gatwick, it’s never been easier to enjoy a weekend getaway to the Northern Lights zone.

A short distance from the city of Tromsø, our cosy cabins overlook the fjord where in winter time, the Aurora treats guests to spectacular displays over the water and mountains, unperturbed by city lights. You’ll be warm and cosy in your cabin whatever the temperatures outside. This package can be tailored to suit you with your choice of adventures including whale watching (Nov 15th onwards), dog-sledding, hiking and fishing.

Dates are available for October Half Term. Please get in touch to find out more.

Cabin Holiday Tromso Norway Kattfjord


DAY 1: Friday
Direct flight from London Gatwick to Tromso:
16:05 London Gatwick – 20:35 Tromso (September and October departures)
16:20 London Gatwick – 20:50 Tromso (November and December departures)

Arrival in Tromsø and transfer to your cabin at Kattfjord. Your private transfer takes around 40 minutes and includes a stop at a local supermarket so you can pick up supplies on the way. Alternatively we can arrange car hire if you prefer.
Look to the dark skies for appearances of the Northern Lights at night time.

Cabin Holiday Tromso Norway Kattfjord

DAY 2: Saturday

Our holidays to Tromsø and the cosy cabin are completely flexible meaning that you can choose your own combination of excursions and activities. There are plenty of local walks near to the cabin along the quayside and in the mountains. If you are travelling after 15th November, join a whale watching excursion from near to the cabin (£145 per person). Very recently hump back whales, orcas and porpoises have been feeding in the fjord next to the cabins which is a wonderful sight. They usually arrive between November and mid-January.
In the evening, why not join a guided jeep safari to search for the Northern Lights into the early hours of the morning with your local guide (£195 per person).

Cabin Holiday Tromso Norway Kattfjord (2)

DAY 3: Sunday

Today is another day for adventures.

We can arrange a transfer to the city of Tromso, so you can enjoy a visit to the city to explore the many attractions, restaurants and enjoy a stroll along the harbour.

If it is wilderness you are craving, we can arrange a guided horseback riding tour, dog-sledding (if snow has arrived) or a snow mobile excursion. Or why not enjoy a bird’s eye view of the hidden lakes, valleys and wildlife of this remote and unspoiled landscape with a helicopter tour.
In the evening, enjoy your final chance to search for the Northern Lights.

DAY 4: Monday
Enjoy a leisurely morning, checking out of your cabin before midday. In the afternoon you’ll enjoy a guided tour by car of the island of Kvaloya, before transferring to the airport in the early evening for your return flight. You can also transfer earlier to the city of Tromso if you wish to spend some time there before your flight.

21:20 Tromso – 23:50 London Gatwick (direct flight)


Based on minimum two guests travelling.

1 September – 7 November

  • From £799 per adult
  • From £329 per child (sharing with min 2 adults)

8 November – 12 December

  • From £899 per adult
  • From £399 per child (sharing with min 2 adults)

Please book early to benefit from the prices above. Mid-week breaks are available (Mon-Fri). Group discounts are also available.

The price includes:

  • Return flights with Norwegian Air from London Gatwick to Tromso including baggage check in and seat reservation
  • Airport transfers
  • Three night’s accommodation in a cabin on a self-catered basis
  • Three hour guided tour by road of Kvaloya Island
  • Electricity, bed linen, towels and end cleaning
  • ATOL Financial Protection (licence number 10706)

The price excludes all further activities and adventures and mandatory travel insurance. We’ll put together a price quotation based on your travel dates, and choice of adventures (please see the list below).


– Helicopter ride: £560 per trip (maximum three guests, 30 minutes)
– Fishing boat hire: From £230 per day
– Photo Safari by boat: £155 per person (3 hours)
– Guided hike: from £95 per person
– Self-guided cycling tours: please contact us

– Helicopter ride: £560 per trip (maximum three guests, 30 minutes)
– Car hire: please contact us for a quote
– Return transfer to Tromso: £150 each way
– Guided hunt for the Northern Lights by jeep – £195 per person
– Guided hunt for the Northern Lights by mini-bus – from £105 per person (excludes transfers to Tromso)
– Northern Lights on horseback: £155 per person (excludes transfers to Tromso)
– Evening Northern Lights Dinner Cruise from Tromso: £165 per person (excludes transfers to Tromso)

– Whale-watching: £145 per person (from 15 November – 15 January)
– Helicopter ride: £560 per trip (maximum three guests, 30 minutes)
– Car hire: please contact us for a quote
– Return transfer to Tromso: £150 each way
– Guided hunt for the Northern Lights by jeep – £195 per person
– Guided hunt for the Northern Lights by mini-bus – from £105 per person (excludes transfers to Tromso)
– Northern Lights on horseback: £155 per person (excludes transfers to Tromso)
– Evening Northern Lights Dinner Cruise from Tromso: £165 per person (excludes transfers to Tromso)
– Dog-sledding (mid-late-November): from £165 per person

This holiday is available for the Northern Lights from September through to April. Please find out more at this link.

About your accommodation 

Your hosts Andreas and Hanna are third generation owners of the six fisherman cabins which perch on the water’s edge in a perfect position to view appearances of the elusive and beautiful Aurora.

Each cabin has a large outside terrace. All the cabins are allergy-friendly, so no smoking or pets are permitted. Each cabin has a total area of 100m2, over 2 floors.

Ground floor: fully equipped kitchen, dining area, TV lounge with satellite tv/radio/CD player, bathroom with shower/wc and 1 bedroom (single). Also outside storage room and drying room.

First floor: 2 large bedrooms (3 beds and 2 beds), bathroom with shower/wc.



Five Enchanting Kid-friendly Places to Visit in Scandinavia and the Nordics

July 24th, 2014

Trolls, fairies, wolves, forests, witches. Images which conjure up magic and mysticism among the young and old alike. Scandinavia is a region that loves to tell tales from Viking sagas to witches and fairies. We think it’s a great place to let the imagination wander and to hear stories which will stay with you for years to come. Here is our pick of three unique and wonderful places where enchantment is all part of the experience.

MoominWorld, Finland
Based on the world-famous Moomin books by Tove Jansson, MoominWorld is located on a tiny island next to the fishing village of Naantali in Eastern Finland. Crossing the bridge, you’ll leave one world behind as you enter into the marvellous and magical world of the Moomin Trolls. Pictures from the story books are brought to life as you wander the forest paths of the MoominWorld meeting the characters and enjoying the many activities on offer.

How to enjoy a holiday at the MoominWorld

Get in touch with us for your family holiday to Moominworld. We suggest a visit to Finland’s Capital city of Helsinki, followed by an enjoyable train ride to Turku. Here you’ll stay for a couple of nights during which time you can enjoy the cultural city and the chance to hop on the bus to Naantali to visit MoominWorld. Naantali Spa Hotel offers great accommodation if you’d like to enjoy more.

The Enchanted Forest, Sweden (Trolska Skogen)
Hidden away in the forest in mid-Sweden, the Enchanted Forest is a living fairy tale that takes you on some magical adventures. Our three year old daughter was utterly entranced by the characters we met along the way – the elves, the witch, the slumbering dragon to name a few. The natural setting deep in the forest along with atmospheric music heightens the feeling that fairies are never far away. Their little rope walkways disappearing into the undergrowth are simply amazing.

How to enjoy a holiday at the Enchanted Forest

A family holiday to this area of Sweden (around two-three hours north of Stockholm) brings you to wild, beautiful places where you feel like you are holidaying with the locals. Magnetic North Travel will arrange a stay for you starting in Stockholm where the kids will enjoy the islands, city life and the famous Gröna Lund fairground. You’ll then continue north by car where we will arrange luxury Nordic-style chalet accommodation at the seaside resort of Holick where you can be based for a number of days whilst you visit the Enchanted Forest and other local sights. We also recommend the axe museum and factory at Gransfors as well as an overnight stay in the fantastic Jarvso wildlife park en route back to Stockholm. Here you can sleep in a hotel within the wolf enclosure, which is a unique experience in itself and one which the children will always remember.

Yule Lads at Dimmuborgir, Iceland
Unlike the cuddly and friendly Santa we are used to, the Icelandic Yule Lads have a rather dark, more intriguing side. Always looking for well-behaved children, those who fall short are punished with rotten potatoes in their stockings. You can visit the Yule Lad’s home at a mystical rock formation in Dimmuborgir in northern Iceland where if you look carefully you’ll see the heads of the Yule Lads in the rock. In winter and at Christmas time, you may also see the Lads come to life in a ritualistic event not to be missed if you are in Iceland.

How to Holiday at Dimmuborgir

We’ll help to tailor your holiday in Iceland. You can stay in the city of Reykjavik and do a day trip to the North or stay overnight in the town of Akureyri. Here you can enjoy a visit to the amazing waterfall at Dettifoss and bathe in the soothing lagoon waters at Myvatn Nature Baths. You may also view the Northern Lights between September and April.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
Tivoli in central Copenhagen is a nostalgic theme park that harks back to a bygone era of fairground amusement which was all about theatre, delight and dreams. Kids and adults enjoy the simple and old-fashioned fairground rides designed for pleasure rather than fear. The night time illuminations are an experience in themselves as are the different areas of the park inspired by various themes from around the world. Tivoli is a relaxed theme park in a relaxed city and well worth taking the children during a weekend break.

How to holiday at Tivoli Gardens

The team at Magnetic North will be delighted to arrange a weekend short break in Copenhagen and can advise you on hotel accommodation, other sights to visit and ways to extend your holiday in Denmark. Surely a visit to Legoland would be a fantastic way to enjoy more during your stay.

Santa’s Resort, Kakslauttanen, Finland
A less commercial version of Santa’s Village in Rovaniemi, Santa’s Resort at Kakslauttanen is every bit a magical with less of the crowds. The wooden resort in this winter wonderland in Northern Finland is a perfect place to bring the children to meet Santa and his busy elves. You’ll step inside Santa’s Cottage where you’ll enjoy gingerbread and a chance to meet his reindeer. The resort is really magical and combines well with a cabin or glass igloo stay at Kakslauttanen Resort.

How to holiday at Kakslauttanen

We’ll arrange a winter holiday for your family staying in traditional log cabins and less traditional glass igloos. You can choose from a range of winter adventures to combine with your visit to Santa’s Resort. Please click here for more details.

Contact the team at Magnetic North Travel to arrange your tailored family holiday or vacation in Scandinavia.

Hotel Review: Trappers Hotel Svalbard

June 10th, 2014

When we arrived at The Trappers Hotel, the town of Longyearbyen was cast in the dark blue hue of the Polar Night. The white fields of snow reflected the moonlight and Northern Lights were dancing above the peaks of the mountains around the Longyear Valley. Needless to say our first visit in the northernmost permanently inhabited town felt otherworldly already at first glance.








Before travellers began to arrive to the islands of Spitsbergen in search of unique winter adventures, the archipelago was mainly inhabited by trappers, or hunters, who lived in their cabins isolated in their work for extended periods of time. Sometimes they brought their families to join them. The boutique Hotel is decorated with Russian driftwood, seal skins, slate as well as objects and pictures which illustrate the time when many modern comforts were not present on the island. The luxury of Trapper’s Hotel combines a rustic and cosy atmosphere with a back drop of the local history.

The standard rooms come with twin or double beds with private bathrooms and views towards the mountains or the town. For families we can recommend the triple rooms or perhaps staying in one of the two suites which are more spacious. Breakfast is included for all guests although dinner is not available at the hotel. However, the hotel is conveniently located very close to all the shops and restaurants with a selection to suit most budgets from champagne tastings to a pub dinner. All Magnetic North clients receive an up-to-date recommendation list of places to eat in Longyearbyen in their trip notes.

Typical to Scandinavian hospitality, hot drinks such as coffee are available for guests at the lobby as well as a small library. Whilst there are no televisions in the rooms, there is a cosy Cognac Lounge where guests can relax after a day outdoors and meet other travellers or simply enjoy one of the books from the library. This is also a perfect spot for the final gazes for any Northern Lights appearances through the panoramic windows stretching across the ceiling before retiring to bed.








For whom is it suitable?

If you are thinking about taking the kids, we suggest 10 years and up if you are planning on outdoor adventures. Otherwise the hotel is suitable for everyone with a desire to explore one of the most unique destinations in the world – get in touch with Magnetic North to find out activities that fit your travel goals.

When should I go?

Just like rest of the Arctic, Spitsbergen witnesses the extremes from the dark blue darkness of the Polar Night to endless days during the Midnight Sun season – only here they can be witnessed longer and more extreme than at lower latitudes. Below are a few of our tips.

For Northern Lights hunters the polar night might be the most suitable time to go as Northern Lights can be witnessed even during day time due to Spitsbergen’s location in the high latitudes. Polar Night season lasts from October to early February. Magnetic North Travel has a three night Polar Night short break in Svalbard which celebrates this special season.

If you are looking for a longer expedition or an overnight trip in search of local wildlife, travel during Spring (mid-Feb to May) when the sun rises above the horizon and longer trips outside the town’s limits become available. Please note that spring time excursions get fully booked earlier than Polar Night.

Trappers Hotel Triple Room Svalbard









If you are looking for something completely extraordinary: After mid-April you can experience the Midnight Sun yet still go husky sledding and snow mobiling on the snow until the end of May!

Which Ice Hotel is best for me?

June 2nd, 2014

As destination specialists for Scandinavia here at Magnetic North Travel we offer a huge range of holidays, short breaks and honeymoons to the ice hotels and beyond.

Since the original IceHotel was first constructed in Sweden in 1990, others have since joined in Norway and Finland offering a choice of styles, Arctic adventures and hospitality. We’ve visited them all and work with all the ice hotels on a daily basis. Consequently, we know what each one offers, who they are best suited to and when’s best to go.

This short guide will help you to decide on which ice hotel is best for you. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll make all the arrangements to ensure that you have the best holiday in the Arctic possible.

ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi, Sweden











In a nutshell:

A slick, well-oiled ice machine, with years of experience behind it. Never short on wow factor and becoming more-and-more in demand and therefore, exclusive. This one is a sure bet for honeymoon couples and the art suites need to be booked early as they go quickly. The adventures are expensive in comparison to other providers in and Kiruna but they are all very highly regarded and enjoyed by our clients.

Great for:
Honeymoon couples
Romantic adventurers

Don’t go if:
You are on a budget
You are bringing the kids
Book with us

Snow Hotel, Kirkenes, Norway

In a nutshell:
A very different but equally slick operation based on a more personal approach. Visiting the Snow Hotel gives you a lovely warm feeling inside, mainly down to its wonderful hosts (and our friends) Anne and Ronnie. Their hospitality is truly memorable and hasn’t faltered even while the Snow Hotel continues to grow and offer even more capacity and choice of adventures. It feels more like a group experience rather than individuals arriving independently. The carvings in snow are very different to ice rooms and particularly enjoyable for the younger ones.

Great for:
Families and family groups
Romantic adventurers who like socialising with others
Combining the trip with the Hurtigruten Coastal Express

Don’t go if:
You like to travel independently and don’t like to feel like you are part of a group experience
Book with us

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway










In a nutshell:

Romantic and small scale, Sorrisniva has a certain magic to it being tucked away near the forest. The rooms are all similar in style and not as elaborate as the other hotels but the ice bar area and chapel are really beautiful. The restaurant is top quality and definitely the best of all the ice hotel restaurants offering seasonal and local produce on the menu. The husky sledding provider nearby is also wonderful and our short break with the husky sledding and Igloo Hotel is a great combination.

Great for:
Honeymoon couples and winter weddings
Friends travelling together
Husky sledding

Don’t go if:
You expect all the rooms to be different
You like a big group experience

Book with us

Snow Village, Lainio, Finland











In a nutshell:

A fun and colourful ice hotel with beautiful sculptures and a winter wonderland outside. The ice hotel rooms are all unique, but quite simple and the hotel itself feels small and personal. The Finlandia vodka shots in ice glasses are a nice touch and we find that clients enjoy the log restaurant and extending their stay in the tepee cabins which are perfect for couples. Winter weddings are also available at the Snow Village and usually work especially well if you will be bringing guests along with you.

Great for:
Winter weddings
Skiing in Yllas Ski Resort

Don’t go if:
You are looking for a high-end exclusive package

At Magnetic North Travel, we can customize each vacation at the ice hotel to suit your requirements. Choose from our selection of winter adventures, flexible travel dates and tour extensions. We’re here to help create the perfect trip for you. Contact us now.




Hotel Review – Malangen Resort Norway

May 8th, 2014

Malangen Resort Hotel Troms Norway Northern lights holiday short break

When the team at Magnetic North Travel first visited Malangen Resort (or Malangen Brygger as it was previously known), the hotel welcomed mainly business travellers in the warmer months. We couldn’t help but think that the 180 degree view of the fjord, high standard accommodation and close proximity to the city of Tromso justified a year round demand that could be met by the increasing number of leisure travellers to Northern Norway looking for an Autumn or Winter cabin short break. It felt a little bit like uncovering a small pot of treasure that needed a little work to make it shine. And that’s what we did.

Working with the resort since 2010 has meant challenging them to move away from the business market and put together some fabulous holiday packages for independent leisure travellers. Since then we have offered self-drive holidays to the resort – even in deepest winter. Clients have been attracted to the luxury accommodation with the possibility of eating at the hotel’s restaurant and using the spa facilities (which have a fantastic fjord view). Now with the completion of a sub-fjord tunnel, drive-time from Tromso city and airport is just an hour without requiring a ferry crossing. The icing on the cake has been a recent management take-over who has injected a new lease of life into the resort and working all hours of the day to improve their service for leisure and small group travellers. This means that we’ve been able to put together a short break programme without requiring car hire and we can also offer guests some great winter activity options direct from the resort.

Malangen Resort cabins Norway Holiday Short Break

The cabins and apartments have been most popular as guests are rewarded with seclusion and fantastic fjord views with the option to go self-catered or use the hotel’s restaurant. There are various standard of cabins and apartments. For honeymoon couples, the luxury cabins have been really popular with their wide terraces and luxury interiors. All of the accommodation options feature modern Scandinavian design but complement the setting with their more traditional exteriors painted in the red Rorbu fishermans cabin style or a sleek oak finish for the luxury cabins. The cottages work perfectly for families with children with separate bedrooms and space to spread out. There is also a nearby play park to keep the little ones amused.

Malangen Resort Hotel Troms Norway Northern lights holiday short break

If you are travelling in the summer, car hire is a must. You’ll have the freedom to return to Tromso for the day or evening, as well as explore the local area which includes the island of Senja. It’s just stunning during midnight sun season (June-August). With the back drop of the mountains and islands, Malangen Fjord is perfect for adventures on the water. Canoeing and kayaking on the sheltered waters are both great to do in the summer and you can also charter your own sail boat for an afternoon or midnight sun cruise. There are also some easy biking and hiking trails near to the accommodation.

Malangen Resort Norway Holiday Short Break
In the winter, we can arrange adventures for all ages including dog-sledding, snow shoeing, ice-fishing and Northern Lights tours directly from the resort. Further afield snow mobileing, reindeer sledding and overnight wilderness camps are possible to arrange. We’ll help to tailor the trip to suit your group, travel dates and preferred choice of activities and adventures.

We’re excited about our summer and winter programmes at Malangen Resort as it enters a new phase of its existence. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about packages at the resort.

Malangen Resort Hotel Troms Norway Northern lights holiday short break dog sled

A three night Northern Lights package is £1319 (available from October to April). The price includes:

• Return transfers from Tromso city or airport at designated times (morning or evening)
• 3 night’s hotel or apartment cabin accommodation
• Half board (breakfast and 2-course dinner)
• Chance to hunt the Northern Lights each night (optional)
• Aurora Alarm service
• Day time husky sledding (including transfers, warm clothing, lunch)
• Day time ice fishing excursion (including warm clothing, lunch)
• Financial Protection
• Travel support (before your departure and during your trip)
• Personalised trip notes, kit list, travel documents and pre-trip inspiration

Please find out more at this link and to check availability